The Righteous Gemstones: Is The Cape and Pistol Society Really Exist in Real Life?

Is The Cape and Pistol Society Really Exist in Real Life

Is The Cape and Pistol Society Really Exist in Real Life? – The Righteous Gemstones, created by Danny McBride and premiering on HBO on August 18th, 2019, was an American crime comedy show about an influential but flawed televangelist family, featuring Danny McBride himself alongside John Goodman, Edi Patterson, Adam DeVine Cassidy Freeman, Tony Cavalero, Tim Baltz Skyler Gisondo Walton Goggins among others. After its initial success, the HBO show was renewed for another season which premiered January 9th, 2022; and finally, in January 2023, when its third season made its grand appearance – finally debuting June 18th, 2023!

Season 3 of The Righteous Gemstones gives viewers an honest portrayal of the Gemstone family, an ultra-wealthy megachurch pastors’ family dynasty with rich roots and deep pockets. We see their daily struggles against crises and scandals while trying to spread their gospel with extravagant means. After Eli Gemstone (John Goodman), the family patriarch, steps down, his three adult children must learn how to continue running the business as it was founded.

Jesse (Danny McBride) struggles with immaturity that undermines his leadership abilities. In contrast, Judy (Edi Patterson) works to hide an extramarital affair while on tour for Christian music. At the same time, Kelvin (Adam DeVine) experiences various degrees of success when trying to legitimize his youth pastor activities.

Eli tries to enjoy his retirement without involving family issues, yet his efforts fall short of his goals. Furthermore, it should be noted that Eli belongs to the Cape and Pistol Society which holds significance among Evangelical Christians. However, I need precise information about such an organization’s existence within Evangelical Christianity specifically. Such groups and societies emphasize distinction and recognition among their members.

The Cape and Pistol Society in The Righteous Gemstones

Is The Cape and Pistol Society Real?

Season 3 opens with Eli, who has become an esteemed member of the Cape and Pistol Society, attending one of their formal gatherings. The society comprises individuals who wear fancy capes and carry antique handguns, serving as a typical social club but with its own distinct aesthetic.

As the story develops, more insight is given into this secretive group and its peculiar rituals. This show does not provide many details about its origins or purpose in season one. As time progresses, however, more is revealed about them and their activities.

Jesse learns of his father’s acceptance into the Cape and Pistol Society when preparing to attend his induction ceremony. He knows they represent some of the “most elite ministers and pastors” within evangelical Christianity. Jesse takes great pride in having been accepted at an earlier age than him.

But Jesse’s disruptive behavior quickly creates tension within the society. His use of inappropriate language in the presence of Eli and other members is strictly forbidden, while his aggressive encounter with one of Simkins’s siblings from a rival megachurch family only further compounded matters. As a result, a “White Slap” from society ensued, reminiscent of Squid Game with scary masks and haunting children’s chorus as punishment.

Now comes the crucial part: The Cape and Pistols Society depicted in the show is solely fictional; no tangible evidence exists to link any real church or secret society with openly carrying firearms or engaging in slapping ceremonies with it.

However, specific unsettling facts add realism to this concept. According to a PRRI study, White Christians (particularly evangelical Protestants ) were more likely to own guns than other religious groups.

Though depicting the Cape and Pistol Society may be fictional, its inspiration comes from real-world elements that are both shocking and perplexing.

Fans of The Righteous Gemstones can catch a brand new episode every Sunday evening at 10 p.m. EST on HBO.

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