Is The Lifetime’s ‘Safe Room’ Movie Based on True Story?

Is The Lifetime's 'Safe Room' Movie Based on True Story

Lifetime’s ‘Safe Room,’ directed by Boris Kodjoe, is a thriller about a newly widowed mother named Lila Jackson who finds herself in the company of deadly invaders after her autistic son Ian films a video of them breaking into the house across the street.

As Lila thinks of a means to safeguard Ian and herself, they seek sanctuary in a panic room established by her late husband.

The thrillers on Lifetime have compelling plots and an unpleasant level of eeriness due to the way they are shot.

The majority of ‘Safe Chamber’ takes place within a room where Lila and her son hide from attackers.

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Lifetime's 'Safe Room' Movie Based on Real Story

The Plot of the ‘Safe Room’ Movie

“The Lifetime thriller, Safe Room, revolves on recently widowed Lila Jackson (Nicole Ari Parker) and her 14-year-old autistic son Ian (Nik Sanchez),” according to the official synopsis.

Lila is grateful to their friendly neighbour Neil (Boris Kodjoe), who has been watching after for them since her husband’s death.

However, Lila becomes embroiled in a deadly struggle to protect her son from intruders Dominic (Mackenzie Astin) and Rocco (Drea De Matteo), who will stop at nothing to retrieve the video evidence of the crime and silence them after Ian accidentally witnesses a break-in in the house across the street and records the horrific murder of the homeowner.

Lila and Ian must use all of their power and knowledge to thwart the attackers and defend themselves while hiding in a makeshift panic room made by her late husband.”

Lifetime's 'Safe Room' Movie Cast Details

‘Safe Room’ Movie Cast Details

  • Nicole Ari Parker as Lila Jackson
  • Nik Sanchez as Ian
  • Mackenzie Astin as Dominic
  • Boris Kodjoe as Neil Hargrove
  • Monica Calhoun as Officer Armani
  • Drea de Matteo as Rocco
  • Julito McCullum as Repairman
  • Junie Hoang as Ann Kim

Lifetime's 'Safe Room' Movie

Is The Movie “Safe Room” (2022) Based On A True Story?

‘Safe Room’ isn’t based on a real story, to be sure. Boris Kodjoe directed the film, which was written by Nneka Gerstle and directed by Nneka Gerstle.

Lifetime thrillers are frequently made up of stories that people may relate to on an instinctive level. ‘Safe Room’ is essentially a home invasion film about a single mother and her son who are unexpectedly thrust into life-threatening danger.

Because home invasion crimes have continued to reach us through the press and social media, this genre has grown in popularity over time.

These stories have become a popular subgenre of fiction because of how deeply they affect us.

Home is meant to be our safest place more than anywhere else, but when it is endangered, the experience can leave a person scarred for life.

Producers and filmmakers have attempted to address societal and cultural anxieties as well as reach out to viewers through fiction.

Dawn of the Dead,’ ‘The Strangers,’ ‘Hush,’ and ‘Us‘ are a few films with comparable themes.

The portrayal of autism in ‘Safe Room’ is another essential feature. RespectAbility was contacted by Lifetime for this film to ensure that Ian’s role was depicted as realistically as possible.

RespectAbility is a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering and advocating for people with disabilities.

In fact, Nik Sanchez, who plays Ian, is on the autism spectrum, which adds credibility to the story.

‘Safe Room’ is so socially and culturally significant, despite the fact that it is not a True Story.

“Safe Room,” a Lifetime thriller, will premiere on Saturday, January 15, 2022, at 8/7c. So don’t forget to tune in.