Is There a True Story Behind FX’s ‘Snowfall’ TV Series?

Is Snowfall Based on a True Story

Snowfall‘ is a crime drama TV series created by John Singleton, Eric Amadio, and Dave Andron.

The show transports viewers to 1983 Los Angeles and follows the lives of four main individuals as they become immersed in the crack epidemic.

Franklin, a teenage power-hungry drug dealer, Gustavo, a Mexican wrestler and part of a crime family, Teddy, a sophisticated CIA operative, and Lucia, the niece of a Mexican crime leader, are among them.

Snowfall‘ illustrates the impact of drugs on communities as well as the actions of the key people involved in their acquisition and dissemination in minute detail. Furthermore, it digs into the protagonists’ familial dynamics as well as how their fates are linked.

Fans of the show are eager to see if it is based on a true storey because of its realistic portrayal of the 1980s.

Here is the answer to every one’s inquiry, without further ado.

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Is Snowfall a True Story

Is ‘Snowfall’ TV Show Based on a True Story?

‘Snowfall’ is based on a TRUE STORY partially. It describes how, in the late 1980s and 1990s, a large spike in crack cocaine use across the United States led to an increase in crime and violence in cities, as well as a severe criticism of law enforcement.

At an ATX Festival panel in June 2017, late creator John Singleton discussed how he drew inspiration for Franklin’s persona from his own childhood. “This reminds me of my formative years… He stated, “It altered my life.”

The celebrated African American filmmaker grew up in South Central and went to Tarzana High School for a year. To design the show’s theme, he used a comparison between his classmates and neighbouring kids.

“Kids from the slums smoked pot, and my junior and senior high school classmates did coke,” he continued. However, this was before crack, so it was interesting to observe how the transition went when that drug became available to individuals in the ‘hood.”

He also said that Franklin is named after a fictional character from the ‘Peanuts’ comic strip.

Except for Franklin, the rest of the individuals and their stories are based on first-hand accounts and oral histories from persons who lived through those times.

“There are those who have experienced this. We needed to bring in people who could talk on the subject. “We brought in advisors who were well-versed in every aspect of it,” Singleton explained.

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These personal accounts helped to shed light on a little-known aspect of the CIA’s role in the crack epidemic.

Teddy McDonald, played by actor Carter Hudson, is a CIA employee who starts an off-the-books operation to assist the Nicaraguan Contras in the film “Snowfall.”

“I didn’t know any of it, and then when I found out, I was scared,” Hudson said of his intensive preparation for the role. I feel like we should be talking about this every day after reading the books and viewing films.

The fact that the CIA was operating unlawfully in the United States is surprising, appalling, and terrifying… We don’t discuss it, and it’s regarded [nearly] a fringe conspiracy theory at times, and it’s insane.”

Singleton revealed the sources they used to acquire authentic tales during a panel discussion at the Television Critics Association in January 2017.

Luis J. Rodriguez, the Los Angeles Poet Laureate, was once a gang member and drug addict in the 1960s and 1970s. Furthermore, for the historical spy thriller TV series ‘The Americans,’ information gained from the same sources was used to expand the CIA storey.

Singleton also addressed the terrible reality of African American neighbourhoods in 1980s Los Angeles, which are at the heart of ‘Snowfall.’

“Suddenly, folks who didn’t have any money gained access to capital.” They didn’t care if they killed someone in the neighbourhood, but grandmothers and aunts would rally behind a key character in the community and offer assistance.

“Some of these people would serve 15 to 20 years in prison,” he said. Further recalling those terrible times, he explained how the crack epidemic heightened people’s anxieties and prompted them to take further safety precautions.

Several people, including Rick Ross, a legendary Los Angeles drug lord in the 1980s, have come forward to claim parallels between their lives and the play.

Lord Jamar claimed in his March 2021 podcast that John Singleton drew inspiration for Franklin’s characters from his storey. Despite parallels between his life and the character’s, Singleton’s charges were never substantiated, as he died in 2019.

As a result, we can conclude that ‘Snowfall‘ is a remarkable semi-fictional account of true events and experiences, brought to life by the efforts of the creators, cast members, and several advisors who came on board to share their stories.

Rather than focusing on a single individual, it depicts the entire period in general and underlines the impact of drugs, particularly on minority communities.

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