Is There a True Story Behind ‘My Wonderful Life’ (2021) Movie? Its Filming Location Details

Is My Wonderful Life Based on a True Story

My Wonderful Life,’ or ‘Moje wspaniale zycie,’ is a 2021 (distributed on digital platforms in 2022) Polish comedy-drama film directed by Lukasz Grzegorzek (‘A Coach’s Daughter‘).

Joanna “Jo” Lisiecka (Agata Buzek), a high-school teacher who is dissatisfied with her life, stars in the film. She gives her everything to be a good wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, and educator, yet she seems to get very little in return.

She’s having an affair with another teacher at her school, Maciek (Adam Woronowicz). Witek (Jacek Braciak), her spouse, is the school’s headmaster.

When someone starts blackmailing Jo about her affair, her life becomes even more complex.

My Wonderful Life,’ set in the Polish village of Nysa, is a dramatic, loving, and amusing film about life, love, and the search for personal happiness.

This is what you need to know if you’re wondering whether it was shot on-site or elsewhere, and how much of the plot is based on true events.

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Is My Wonderful Life a True Story

Is ‘My Wonderful Life’ (2021) Movie Based on A True Story?

My Wonderful Life‘ is NOT based on a TRUE STORY, so don’t expect it to be. Grzegorzek authored the storey for the film and directed it.

Natalia Grzegorzek, his wife, is the film’s producer. Grzegorzek was born and raised in Nysa, a Polish city in the Opole (or Opolskie) voivodeship.

Nysa was one of the territories lost to Poland after World War II. As a result, the city’s population is diverse, including Poles, Czechs, and Germans.

Grzegorzek is a Polish immigrant from Ukraine. He went to the same school that is depicted in the movie and lived close to where Jo takes her English classes.

His time in Nysa aided him in the development of his characters. He also allegedly indicated that the personalities of Jo and Witek were created with Buzek and Braciak in mind.

The region’s cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity, according to Grzegorzek, shaped who he is. He and many others from comparable backgrounds feel as if they have no roots as a result of this atmosphere.

This can also be seen in Jo’s portrayal. Because her circumstances are unable to supply her with a moral compass, she must seek one inside herself. Because of its characters, place, and storyline, ‘My Wonderful Life‘ may appear to be based on a genuine storey, but it is ultimately a work of fiction.

Filming Locations of ‘My Wonderful Life’ 2021 Movie

In the summer of 2020, ‘My Wonderful Life’ was primarily shot on location in Nysa, Poland. Several cast and crew members used their social media accounts to publish images from the set. Let’s take a closer look at some specific sites.

‘Nysa’ in Poland

The main filming location for ‘My Wonderful Life’ was Nysa.

The city is part of Poland’s “Recovered Territory” from World War II. Following Germany’s surrender, the Oder-Neisse line was established as the new German-Polish border, with Nysa falling on the Polish side. The city’s German population was overwhelmingly expelled from Poland.

Nysa is a town in Poland’s southwest, on the banks of the Eastern Neisse River. It is the seat of the same-named county’s government.

Nysa is one of the oldest cities in the Silesia region of Central Europe, having been founded sometime in the eleventh century.

Agricultural produce, mechanical production, metal works, and construction materials were once major industries in the city. ZSD, a well-known Nysa delivery-vehicle manufacturer, was closed down in 2002, affecting a major percentage of the city’s population.

Nysa, on the other hand, is a city rich in natural and architectural beauty that has the potential to become a popular filming location.