Is Vanessa Simmons Still Living With Michael Wayans?

Is Vanessa Simmons Still Living With Mike Wayans

Vanessa Simmons is an actress, television host, and entrepreneur who has appeared on MTV’s Run’s House‘ and WE tv’s ‘Growing Up Hip Hop.’

Joseph Simmons, AKA Rev. Run, one of the founding members of the legendary hip-hop group Run-DMC, is her father. In addition to hosting and judging ‘Project Runway: Threads,’ the famous television personality runs the exclusive footwear line Pastry with her sister Angela Simmons.

She also owns the Sugar Me skincare line and the Glitter and Lace apparel company.

Simmons has been married to Michael Wayans for a long time. Wayans is recognised for his roles in the films Blankman‘ and ‘Dance Flick,’ as well as the TV show ‘My Wife and Kids.’

He is the son of comedian Damon Wayans Sr. and a talented music composer who wrote the theme music for the TV miniseries ‘The Underground.’

Fans are concerned about how Simmons and Wayans are doing now because they are barely in the press about their relationship. Here’s what we’ve learned thus far!

Are Vanessa Simmons and Michael Wayans

The Journey of Vanessa Simmons and Michael Wayans

Vanessa and Michael started dating in 2005, and while nothing is known about how they met, they both appear to be supportive of one another.

Ava Marie Jean Wayans was born on February 13, 2014, and the couple has been equally involved in her upbringing since then.

Vanessa also shared this adorable photo of Michael and their kid on Instagram in January 2015.

Despite the fact that Michael is an actor from a family of well-known film and television characters, he declined to appear on ‘Growing Up Hip Hop‘ with Vanessa.

Vanessa also mentioned in an October 2017 interview that she prefers to have a low profile because it is difficult to put one’s life in the public realm because it attracts judgement.

As a result, she wanted to keep Ava safe for as long as she could. Vanessa came to the conclusion that putting public scrutiny on a relationship can lead to disaster; therefore she and Michael chose to keep out of the spotlight.

Is the couple still together, or is trouble brewing in paradise?

Is Vanessa Simmons Still Living Together Michael Wayans?

Yes, Vanessa and Michael are still together and have been in a committed and serious relationship for nearly 17 years.

It’s a little difficult to share much about their current activities because they’re so private about their personal life.

While Michael has kept his social media accounts secret, Vanessa has likewise avoided publishing photos of the two of them together.

However, on Father’s Day, she does share sweet photos of him and Ava, such as this one.

Regarding wedding plans, Vanessa said in an interview with Entertainment Online in August 2017 that she and Michael had considered getting engaged.

“Dealing with a 3-year-old is quite tough,” she said of having more children, “but I think eventually yes [we will have more children] after Mike and I tie the knot.”

Furthermore, she underlined the significance of open and honest communication, as well as being structured as partners.

Vanessa is currently working as an executive producer and regular cast member on the television series ‘Monogamy.’

Ava, who is seven years old, has joined the business world by founding the Glitter and Lace apparel line with her mother.

The bright young lady even works for Pastry as the youngest Junior Designer. Michael is a supportive partner and parent who assists Vanessa in balancing work and home life.

Despite the fact that Vanessa and Michael have yet to declare their plans to go down the aisle, they are still co-parenting their daughter well.

They’ve made a conscious decision to keep their identities hidden, and we wish them happiness in the future.