Jayson Sack Murder Case: Where is Joel Atkin Now?

Jayson Sack Murder

Jayson Sack Murder: Where is Joel Atkin Today? – This week’s episode of Investigation Discovery’s Reasonable Doubt season 5 episode 4, “Bringing a Gun to a Fist Fight,” focuses on Joel Atkin’s 2009 death of Jayson Sack over a minor traffic issue and will be examined in greater detail.

The two investigators who reexamine contentious murder cases to aid the families of those convicted of the crimes are defense attorney Fatima Silva and retired homicide detective Chris Anderson. The two then decide whether to file an appeal or accept the decision for all time.

Joel Atkin will appear in the future episode. Joel Atkin, who was accused of shooting Jayson Sack on April 25, 2009, made a tragic mistake that led to his imprisonment in state prison. Atkin is imprisoned for a 17–34 year sentence.

Atkin’s family hopes the investigators will back their efforts to liberate him since they believe he killed Jayson Sack in self-defence. So, if you are curious about what happened in Jayson Sack’s murder and where his killer Joel Atkin Now is, keep reading.

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How Did Jayson Sack Die

How Did Jayson Sack Die?

Jayson R. Sack, 30, of Erie, passed away on April 25, 2009, as a result of ensuring the safety of his family members and children. He was born on January 30, 1979, in Erie.

Jay has spent the last four years working at Erie General Tire Co. He previously served in the American Army. Jay enjoyed weightlifting, 49ers football, NASCAR, and Tony Stewart. He also enjoyed tinkering with cars. He cherished time with his family beyond anything else.

His grandfather Harold L. Sack; his nieces and nephew Izzy, Madison, and Alyssa; his mother Colleen Sack; his father Kevin and stepmother Sandy Sack; 2 brothers Vinny Sack (fiancé Mandy Salas), Joey Szczechowski; a sister Melissa Ferraro; his fiancé Rachael Cipolla; 2 children Jayden and Xavier; and his grandfather Harold L. Sack are among the

On April 25, Jayson and his kids attended a family BBQ at his brother’s house. When Jayson returned to his car to roll down his windows, another car pulled up, and he got into a fight with the driver. The veteran shot once in the lower right abdomen, exiting from his lower left back, to bring everything closer. Jayson passed away despite efforts to revive him. A.357 Magnum was the weapon that was used.

Who Killed Jayson Sack
Joel Atkin

Who Killed Jayson Sack and Why?

Joel Atkin, who was 23 then, had graduated from Mercyhurst North East’s criminal justice department in 2007. He stated that he shot Jayson Sack, 30, in self-defence in 2009. An Erie County judge stated that Atkin killed Sack because he didn’t comprehend his right to self-defense, even though he was charged with “accidental” murder.

According to a detective, Atkin instantly surrendered and started discussing the shooting at the scene, saying to the officer that he understood his rights because he was a criminal justice major.

According to testimony given during the trial, Atkin stopped his car in the middle of the street, got out, and started arguing with Jayson Sack after the latter left a family picnic to roll down his car window. According to one witness, Joel Atkin allegedly stopped his car after Jayson Sack shouted at him to slow down.

Where is Joel Atkin Now
Joel Atkin received 17–34 year jail term.

Where is Joel Atkin Now?

Joel Atkin, who is accused of shooting Jayson Sack on April 25, 2009, was charged with first-degree murder, as was already mentioned. Police said that Atkin shot Sack after the man told him to stop speeding through a neighborhood while standing in the way of his car.

Joel Atkin had a loaded rifle on him that day when he was performing errands in a calm part of the city. He had a.356 magnum that he was legally allowed to carry. Instead of ignoring Sack’s cries for Atkin to slow down, the latter shot the latter.

According to Sack’s brother, who saw the shooting while on a picnic at his house, Atkin had plenty of time to make the proper choice and leave the altercation. Instead, Atkin killed Jayson Sack before making up a tale to cover his tracks.

Judge Ernest J. DiSantis Jr. gave Joel Atkin a 17–34 year jail term for killing Sack after an altercation that began with a traffic issue in the 2200 block of East 20th Street. He was also required to pay $5,134 in reparations to cover Sack’s funeral expenses and court charges.

Joel Atkin was found guilty in January 2010 by an Erie County jury of attempted aggravated assault, third-degree murder, and recklessly endangering others. Joel Atkin’s relatives and friends begged for leniency, pointing out his function as a mentor to young athletes on wrestling teams and his role as a father figure to his younger brothers.

Jon Pushinsky’s attorney also pushed for a sentence in the reduced category, which would have required a minimum of six and a half years in state prison. He also projected that Atkin might make a beneficial contribution to society and would never commit a similar crime.

As for Atkin, he asserted that Sack approached him and physically attacked him after he stopped his car because he thought he had hit something.

Atkin also apologised profusely to the Sack family. He stated: “I understand the finality of what I have did and the fact that it cannot be changed.”

In Investigation Discovery’s Reasonable Doubt, Chris Anderson, a retired homicide investigator, and Fatima Silva, a criminal defence lawyer, assist frantic families in seeking closure or justice after a loved one has been falsely convicted of murder.

The two look into fresh cases and track new developments, such as new witnesses and evidence, in each episode of the show to either prove the defendant’s innocence or show that the guilty judgement was accurate. According to prison records, he is still detained at the State Correctional Institution-Albion in Pennsylvania’s Erie County.

Regarding the US criminal justice system, Reasonable Doubt takes a sobering, objective, and passionate look at how people are occasionally wrongfully convicted or not charged with their crimes. Bringing a Gun to a Fist Fight is the name of the forthcoming episode, which will air on Investigation Discovery on Tuesday, August 30 at 10:00 PM EST.

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