What Was Jeffrey Dahmer’s Job? How Did Jeffrey Earn Money?

What Was Jeffrey Dahmer Profession

What Was Jeffrey Dahmer’s Job? How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Earn Money? – The gruesome and horrifying killings carried out by notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer are painstakingly recreated in Netflix’s documentaryMonster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” However, the offender would need to have a certain amount of money to carry out such careful schemes one after the other. Additionally, Jeffrey committed crimes using various implements and instruments that cost money to operate and purchase. Was there enough time for the serial killer to hold down a day job, though, as he was murdering victims one after the other? Let’s investigate Jeffrey Dahmer’s sources of income, shall we?

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What Was Jeffrey Dahmer’s Job

What Was the Work of Jeffrey Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer’s work for most of his free adult live may surprise viewers. Moreover, Jeffrey held a job as a mixer at the Milwaukee Ambrosia Chocolate Factory from the end of his murderous rampage until his capture. It’s interesting to note that Jeffrey, who had been unemployed for nearly two years, finally found work as a mixer in January 1985. He was living with his grandmother Catherine at the time in West Allis, Wisconsin, and because Catherine was the only person he had any sympathy for, he actively looked for work at her urging.

Interestingly, Jeffrey was able to carry out his horrible actions undisturbed thanks to the timing of his job, which allowed him to stay free for the majority of the day, up to 11 p.m. In reality, he worked six nights a week from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., with Saturdays off for the serial murderer. Jeffrey allegedly took time out of work if he needed to work on a body or dispose of evidence.

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Earn His Money

What Sources of Income Did Jeffrey Dahmer Have?

Before his parents sent him to Ohio State University to specialize in business, Dahmer committed his first murder shortly after graduating from high school in 1978. However, by the end of the year, Jeffrey had dropped out because he was unwilling to study and had a drinking problem. Jeffrey enlisted in the American Army in January 1979 and was even assigned as a combat medic to Baumholder, West Germany.

However, Jeffrey’s drinking continued to plague him, and the army determined he was unfit for duty, resulting in his honorable release in March 1981. Jeffrey left the Army and went to Miami, where he could get a job as a delicatessen at a sandwich restaurant. But because he was paying for a hotel room in Miami, he quickly ran out of money and decided to go back to his father and stepmother in Ohio.

His father was worried about Jeffrey’s future and hoped that his grandma might be able to have a positive impact on the young man. As a result, Jeffrey was sent to live with his grandmother in December 1981. By the beginning of 1982, the serial killer had already started working as a phlebotomist at the Milwaukee Blood Plasma Center. However, Jeffrey could only keep this employment for 10 months before deciding to take a two-year hiatus from the workforce. But his grandma persisted in encouraging him to seek out further employment; thus, in January 1985, Jeffrey enlisted in the Milwaukee Ambrosia Chocolate Factory as a Mixer.

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