John Galton Murder Case: Who Killed Him and Why?

John Galton Murder

John Galton Murder: How Did John Galton Die? Who Killed John Galton? – An anti-establishment group that arranges events in the violent retreat and holds seminars on subjects like how to earn money with cryptocurrencies was shaken by the shooting death of an American anarchist named John Galton at his home in the Mexican resort of Acapulco.

On social media, Lily, who identified herself as John’s partner, claimed to have seen the shooters’ heads directly for John and his 43-year-old friend Jason Henza. Henza managed to get to a private hospital despite having gunshot wounds to her hand, leg, and armpit. According to the hospital, he left that day. At the house, authorities in Mexico discovered marijuana plants, glass pipes, and equipment for processing drugs.

HBO’s The Anarchists,” a six-part documentary that dives deeply into a peculiar and tragic chain of events centred around a libertarian group, is as engrossing as it is perplexing. That’s because it concentrates on John Galton, a US drug fugitive who was killed unexpectedly in 2019, in addition to the actuality behind the Anarchapulco anarcho-capitalist convention.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered if you want to know more about the latter, including the circumstances surrounding his death, the subsequent investigations, the causes, and the various suspects.

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How Did John Galton Die

John Galton’s Cause of Death

In an apparent homage to the individualist protagonist in Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged,” the guy is known as John Galton, 26, perished in one of the most heinous ways imaginable in Mexico. Around three years before, he and his girlfriend, “Lily Forester” had entered the country without passports or any other official documentation in order to escape charges that could have resulted in a 25-year prison sentence.

The anarchists were able to pay the rent on the house in a sketchy neighborhood above Acapulco by using their abilities and internet presence, but things were about to change. The couple had just finished dinner with their friend and fellow anarchist, Jason Henza, on February 1, 2019, when a bunch of armed men barged into their cosy home and started shooting.

While the latter had been shot three times, Lily had been shielded from the hail of bullets by her companion, who had purposefully taken the brunt of the attack. John died as a result right there at the site, next to the entrance gate, and tragically, no one was able to save the compassionate drug liberalisation supporter and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Who Killed John Galton

Who Killed John Galton and Why?

Several theories about who or which gang might have committed John’s murder surfaced shortly after it happened, but the precise identity of the perpetrator(s) remains unknown. In the terrifying video she hastily posted on social media, Lily pleaded, “If anybody’s listening, please.” “Right after we finished dining, someone arrived and shot John and Henza.

I was inside the house when I discovered John had died at the gate. In the next room, Henza is perishing. Help! I really need it. Someone, please arrive. Even Jason Henza has made a video for himself, which is shown below.

In spite of being drenched in blood, Jason continued, “I just wanted to say I love you.” “We came under attack. I have three gunshot wounds. I’m not doing very well… I wish I could take action. I am at John and Lily’s. I believe it is a reaction. I cherish you. I had to leave. Thankfully, he lived and recovered quickly, but his retaliation response aroused some concerns, particularly given how clearly personal the shooting was.

In fact, according to a few stories, Lily has publicly accused another ex-pat anarcho-capitalist of employing local hitmen to ensure the death of her devoted, long-term companion. So far as we can tell, John Galton’s murder is still mostly unsolved, even though the Guerrero State Police claim that cartel involvement is the most plausible possibility. However, since their residence included a fully functional marijuana laboratory, according to the records, it’s plausible that neighbourhood traffickers chose to reclaim their territory in the only way they knew how.

There are even claims that John personally instigated the violence by confronting neighbourhood goons who had earlier rammed a car into his front fence, but again, nothing has been verified.

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