What Is Joker Card Meaning in Alice in Borderland? Explained

What Is Joker Card Meaning in Alice in Borderland

What Is Joker Card Meaning in Alice in Borderland? Ending Explained – The second season of the Netflix original series “Alice in Borderland” exposes how arrogant and hypocritical people can be. Our society is critiqued in its narrative, exposing the folly of human-made institutions. The second season picks up where the first one left off. After winning the games, Arisu, Usagi, Kuina, Chishiya, and Ann awaited what more lay in store for them. They were informed that even though they had all of the Number Cards in the deck, the Face Cards were still to be gathered. So let’s see what kinds of difficulties Face Cards put in front of the players and whether they can return to their real lives after winning the games.

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Alice in Borderland Season 2 Recap

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Recap

The events immediately following the players’ victory over the King of Spades are picked up in the season’s last episode of Alice In BorderlandArisu and a wounded Usagi ultimately meet Mira, the games master who stands in for the Queen of Hearts, the last face card still to be collected, as most of the remaining players are left bleeding out and on the point of death.

Mira’s game is surprisingly straightforward, in contrast to the violent and dangerous difficulties that Arisu and Usagi are accustomed to facing. Arisu only needs to play three rounds of croquet to win. He only needs to complete the game; he is not even required to win. As Mira pauses for time and prolongs the game as much as she can as Usagi’s wounds continue to bleed profusely, it quickly becomes apparent that she is not playing fairly.

Mira stops the game after two rounds so that she, Arisu, and Usagi may all have tea together. Arisu questions Mira during the break about what has happened to them and whether they will ever have a chance to return to the outside world. After telling a few lies, Mira admits that Arisu is being treated by her and is at a mental health facility.

She asserts that the other players are patients he has met in the hospital and that he created the Borderlands universe as a coping technique after losing his pals Karube and Chota in a car accident.

Although there is ‘some’ truth to this, as we later discover, it turns out to be just another lie told to buy time and convince Arisu to stop playing croquet. Usagi is ultimately compelled to cut her own wrist in order to awaken Arisu from the hypnotic state that Mira has put him in and allow him to complete the game. Finally, the game of croquet is over, and Arisu asks Mira once again to describe this location. Mira responds incoherently, claiming that he will soon be given two options before she is shot with a laser and murdered, stopping the fatal games.

All of the remaining players now have the option of accepting permanent residency in this mysterious land and possibly taking the place of the now-dead game masters or declining and leaving. The final face card has been beaten. Except for Banda and Yaba, who eagerly accept the offer, almost all of the “barely” remaining players—including Arisu, Usagi, Kuina, Chishiya, Aguni, Heiya, and Niragi—refuse it. Ann is left in a coma after seemingly passing out in the Borderlands.

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Ending Explained

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Ending Explained

Only Arisu and Usagi were capable of walking and carrying out basic tasks. While battling the King of Spades, every single one of the others sustained severe injuries. They prepared for the ultimate challenge in the final episode of “Alice in Borderland,” where the queen of hearts was waiting for them with a different game. Arisu and Usagi understood they had to win at all costs to return to their own world. The Queen of Hearts was Mira Kano, a former board member during Hatter’s rule who had also designed the previous game.

She instructed both players in a straightforward game of croquet, saying that if they completed all three rounds without leaving or forfeiting the match in the midst, they would prevail in the final conflict. The knowledge of whether or not the game was won or lost had surprised Arisu and Usagi much. They had only needed to succeed and stay alive in every game they had played. They could not comprehend how it made sense or what the specific obstacle they had to overcome was. Mira had chosen to manipulate both of the players’ minds since she was a cunning conspirator.

Their mental toughness would be put to the test, not their physical strength or endurance. Mira stopped for tea after a few matches of croquet. Usagi was heavily bleeding after being hurt during the battle with the King of Spades, thus Arisu was eager to complete the game. After finishing the game, Arisu kept pleading with Mira to let them return to their home world.

After some hesitation, Mira also agreed to his request, but she gave him a heads-up that what she was going to tell him would surprise him. Mira’s first hypothesis was that they were in a future of around 1000 years, when rapid technological advancement had altered the landscape of the Earth. Mira asserted that people could manipulate genes and develop treatments for fatal conditions like cancer.

She said that technological advancements had rendered all-natural calamities obsolete and, in essence, that people had attained immortality. Arisu was put in a virtual reality simulation, according to Mira, and he became so absorbed in it that he forgot it was all a simulation. Mira claimed that she was the system’s administrator and that Arisu repeatedly played the game because he was missing the dopamine high that humans in general used to experience when their survival was in danger.

Mira informed Arisu that she was joking before he could process the startling discoveries. Arisu and Usagi did consider the prospect of it happening, even if it was just for a brief minute, because it was not unlikely, given the weird occurrences that had occurred in their life.

The second hypothesis by Mira was that the Earth had been assaulted by extraterrestrials who could erase the memory of the whole human population. Mira claimed that there was a rumor going around for a while that the so-called civilization’s elites had established an illicit society where they forced Androids to play a game and placed bets on them.

Mira claimed that Arisu, Usagi, and the rest were nothing more than androids who had been placed in the area for fighting and given false memories. Angered, Arisu questioned Mira if she was telling the truth or if she was just playing a trick on him. Mira claimed that she was making jokes with them once more.

Arisu was so profoundly affected by Mira’s third and final idea that he was almost persuaded to comply with Mira’s request. Arisu began seeing Mira, a therapist, after he lost his pals in the accident, Mira claimed. She mentioned Usagi’s admission to the same hospital after losing a close family member. Mira claimed that they had grown close and formed a solid emotional connection, becoming like two peas in a pod.

Arisu returned to his past and witnessed his companions being slaughtered while crossing the street right in front of him. As soon as Karube and Chotu died, Arisu began to feel bad and blamed himself. Mira persuaded Arisu that he had invented these innocent games in his imagination to distract himself from his own emotions. She informed him that everything was a delusion and that nothing actually existed. Mira claimed that Arisu wanted to know the truth about the games since he had forgotten that they were made up stories. She informed him that he was contradicting himself because of the situation.

His quest for a sense of direction in life and his ambition to learn the truth about this game industry were intertwined. Usagi stepped in and informed Arisu that Mira was misleading him and only wanted the game to end. Usagi and Arisu were being forced to surrender the game by Mira, who had sort of mesmerized both of them into thinking it was a hoax. Her efforts were almost effective, until Usagi derailed them. To prove to Arisu that she had been with him the entire time and was essentially alive and honest, she slit her wrist. He was reminded of all the enjoyable times they had shared by her.

She reminded him of how naively he had assured Usagi that he would shield her from all dangers and stick by her no matter what. Just in time, Arisu regained his composure, and Mira conceded defeat. Even though Mira was aware that winning the game of croquet would result in her being killed by the laser beam, she couldn’t help but be moved by Usagi and Arisu’s lovely friendship. All of the survivors were given a choice to accept the offer and return to their home world when the announcement was made following the conclusion of the last game.

Arisu, Usagi, Aguni, Kuina, Ann, Akane, Chishiya, and even Niragi turned down the invitation to live in Borderland permanently and returned to their homes in the outside world. Once in their real world, they lost all memory of what had happened in the Borderland. We observed that a meteor had actually struck and caused significant damage in the real world. Many people had suffered serious injuries, and many others had died.

When Arisu and the others realised they were all at the same hospital, they experienced a sense of déjà vu. Akane, who also lost a limb in the real world, witnessed him from outside while Aguni was in a coma. Chishiya and Niragi talked while lying on their mattresses next to one another about how they had not been very decent people and how determined they were to change that right away. Near a vending machine, Usagi encountered Arisu, who fell head over heels for her right away.

A deck of cards that was lying on the table was blown away by a blast of wind around the end of season 2 of “Alice in Borderlands.” The series ended with a cliffhanger, and the final image we saw before the screen went black was of a joker card.

Joker Card Meaning in Alice in Borderland

What Is Joker Card Meaning in Alice in Borderland?

The Joker is regarded as a wild card of the highest kind, so perhaps Shinsuke Sato and his writing staff wanted to give us a preview of what Season 3 of “Alice in Borderland” will bring. The Joker card is a fitting representation of the idea that every ending portends the arrival of a fresh beginning. It’s feasible that the players would soon return to the arena and take on the difficulties head-on if this was just the start of another gaming binge. One thing is certain: the games’ quality will be significantly higher than what we saw in Season 2 of “Alice in Borderland.” Uncertainty exists on whether there were further ways to travel to the borders besides having a near-death experience. Another possibility is that some extraterrestrial creatures were altering reality and shaping it to fit the story.

Alternately, it’s also conceivable that a meteor actually struck Tokyo, and those who were about to perish went to the Borderland before a decision could be made about them. Borderland served as a holding place while deciding whether to keep the guests there permanently or send them back to earth. Although there are numerous ideas and hypotheses about what takes place in that transitional area, the television show “Alice in Borderland” demonstrates that guests are forced to participate in several activities before being offered the option to stay or return. Therefore, it’s feasible that no one would have left the virtual world if Arisu, Usagi, and the other players hadn’t triumphed in the games.

Season 2 of Alice In Borderland is currently streaming on Netflix.

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