Karen Navarra Murder Case: Is ‘Anthony Aiello’ Alive or Dead? Why He Killed Karen Navarra?

Karen Navarra Murder Case

On September 13, 2018, 911 operators in San Jose, California, got a harrowing call from a woman who claimed to have discovered her coworker dead.

Karen Navarra, 67, was found collapsed in her chair when first responders arrived on the scene. She was holding a kitchen knife and had a slit in her throat, which was the cause of her death.

Caught in the Net: Heart Rate & Time,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, paints a detailed picture of the murder and demonstrates how a Fitbit device proved crucial in the subsequent investigation.

So if you’re intrigued by this case and want to know if Karen’s killer is still alive, we’ve got you covered.

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Karen Navarra
Karen Navarra

‘Karen Navarra’: How Did She Die?

Karen Navarra, who was 67 years old at the time of her murder, was a well-respected member of society.

Her coworkers couldn’t stop complimenting her open-heartedness while she was working as a pharmacy technician at a nearby San Jose hospital.

Karen, according to friends and family, was a generous person who always went out of her way to help others.

Karen was referred to as a fantastic friend by one of her coworkers, who stated that she had assisted her in settling in following her migration to the United States.

Her loved ones are still trying to come to terms with the horrific tragedy, and the loss of such a precious life was genuinely terrible.

Karen was a hard worker, but when the 67-year-old continued missing work without explanation, most of her coworkers were concerned.

They even attempted to contact her, but the phone continued to ring. That’s when a coworker went to check on Karen in person and was shocked by what she discovered inside the house.

Karen was discovered slumped over a chair with a kitchen knife clutched in her hand after she dialled 911. She died as a result of a deep slit in her throat, as established by an autopsy.

Despite the fact that the neck wound appeared to be self-inflicted, a thorough medical examination soon found lesions on Karen’s head and face that she could not have caused herself.

As a result, the police began investigating the crime scene after determining that it was a homicide. They discovered a half-eaten pizza near the victim’s feet, as well as a Fitbit on her wrist that indicated the date of death as September 8, 2018.

Anthony Aiello
Anthony Aiello, 90, arrested for the murder of victim Karen Navarra. Suspect Aiello is the stepfather to victim Navarra.???

Who Killed Karen Navarra And Why?

The investigation into Karen’s death was initially delayed since the police had few leads to follow or witnesses to interview. Most people were taken aback by such a horrific attack on someone who was well admired.

Officers were given a major break when they noticed Karen’s Fitbit was still on her wrist. She died five days before her body was discovered, according to the gadget, and her death time was recorded as 3:28 p.m.

Following that, authorities realised Karen’s driveway was precisely captured on a neighbour’s porch CCTV camera.

Officers acquired the tape from September 8 after obtaining a warrant and discovered that a grey automobile was parked in her driveway around the time of the murder.

The vehicle had been there since early afternoon and had left shortly after the assassination.

Law enforcement investigators discovered that the car belonged to Karen’s 90-year-old stepfather, Anthony Aiello, after additional examination.

Despite this, when questioned, Anthony denied any involvement in the crime and maintained his innocence. Authorities, on the other hand, were not convinced and conducted a thorough search of Anthony’s home after obtaining a warrant.

During the search, the officers stumbled into a garage where they discovered a blood-splattered camouflage jacket and a bloodied t-shirt.

The police arrested Anthony Aiello for murder after determining that the blood was Karen’s.

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Where is Anthony Aiello

What Happened To Anthony Aiello? Is He Alive or Dead?

Anthony maintained his innocence and pled not guilty after being arrested. However, Anthony became ill and was shuttled between the jail infirmary and a local hospital as he awaited his trial, and the matter was never brought to trial.

Anthony had diabetes and congestive heart problems, according to sources, and his medication dosage had been quadrupled since his incarceration.

On September 10, 2019, Anthony Aiello died in a hospital while still being held in jail custody. The investigation was formally ended despite the fact that the cause of his death remains unknown.