‘Lies and Deceit’ Season 2 Release Date, Cast And Plot

'Lies and Deceit' Season 2 Release Date

Lies and Deceit‘ (originally titled ‘Mentiras‘) is a Spanish thriller drama show developed by Curro Novallas. It is an adaptation of the British series ‘Liar.’

It tells the storey of a possible rape case and inspires self-reflection in the audience through its realistic storytelling.

The series is set in Mallorca and follows the dispute between Laura Munar, a high school literature teacher, and Xavier Vera, a well-known physician, when the former fears that she was drugged and raped after dinner with the latter.

Unfortunately, it’s her word vs his, and the audience is left wondering who is telling the truth.

Even though the previous series earned mixed reviews from fans and reviewers, the creators of new show decided to take on the challenge.

The Spanish show’s first episode received a lot of attention for its intriguing storyline. Even the brilliance and ingenuity with which it was created are reflected in it.

The sitcom premiered in Spain in April 2020, followed by an international premiere on Netflix in March 2022.

With so many people liking the season 1, it begs the issue of whether or not a second season will be released.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about it, we’ve got you covered!

'Lies and Deceit' Season 2 Plot

Release Date for Season 2 of Lies and Deceit

Season 1 of ‘Lies and Deceit‘ was released on Netflix in its entirety on March 4, 2022.

The first season was streamed on Atresplayer Premium in its home country (Spain) from April 19, 2020, to May 24, 2020, ahead of its appearance on the streamer.

The first season is divided into six episodes, each lasting 45-51 minutes.

Here’s all we know about the second season thus far. As of now, no cast or staff members have issued an official remark regarding the renewal or cancellation of this suspense show.

However, when we consider the favourable reception the series received from fans and reviewers, as well as the show’s ambiguous ending, we can conclude that the show is more likely to be renewed than cancelled.

Furthermore, the British drama from which this series is a remake lasted two seasons, which might be the case with the Spanish thriller as well.

Given that the show is now reaching a broader audience thanks to Netflix, there may be more demand from fans.

So, if the thriller gets renewed by the summer of 2022, ‘Lies & Deceit’ season 2 should be available on Netflix sometime in the second quarter of 2024.

'Lies and Deceit' Season 2 Cast

‘Lies & Deceit’ Season 2 Expected Cast Detail

Despite the fact that the second season has yet to be announced, there is always an opportunity for speculation as to which performers will keep their roles and return for the series’ next episode.

Laura Munar, a high school English teacher who claims to have been sexually abused, is played by Angela Cremonte.

Javier Rey, on the other hand, portrays Xavier Vera, a well-known surgeon who is accused of rape.

It is indicated that Xavier is dead at the end of season 1; however this could just be another ploy of his to get away from the allegations.

As a result, if there is a season 2, Rey may reprise his part.

  • Miquel Fernández (Iván),
  • Manuela Velasco (Catalina Munar),
  • Itziar Atienza (Daniela Bauzá)

In addition, there’s a chance that some new faces will appear if new characters are introduced.

What is the Plot of ‘Lies and Deceit’ Season 2?

Laura strives to establish that her charges and claims are not lies or empty claims in the first season, while Xavier tries to prove his innocence. Throughout the season, they both try to prove that they are telling the truth and that the other is lying.

The viewers are left with the mystery or fake death of Xavier in the season finale, allowing space for a variety of interpretations.

The second season, if and when it is broadcast, is likely to disclose the truth about Xavier’s unexpected and rumoured death.

Is he really dead, or is he merely pretending to be dead to avoid facing the consequences of his actions? If he is actually deceased, viewers should expect to discover more about the assailant who killed him.

Furthermore, we may uncover the truth about what happened on the night Laura and Xavier had supper together.