Lifetime’s ‘The Walls Are Watching’: Is it a True Story? Filming Locations and Cast Details

Lifetime’s The Walls Are Watching Based on a True Story

Lifetime’s Movie ‘The Walls Are Watching’ (2022): Is it a True Story? Where Was it Filmed? Who is in the Cast? Let’s dig out all information. The Walls Are Watching is a thriller film from the United States. The film’s core cast includes Branscombe Richmond, Lana McKissack, and Brandon Ford Green. Brian Herzlinger directed the film. Jay Black and Brian Herzlinger penned the script.

Erica and Mitch, a newlywed couple, have recently purchased a home in the film. It’s the ideal way to begin their new life together. It would be if they didn’t have to deal with Theodore, at least. The elderly man begins to terrorise the couple, accusing them of robbing him of his home.

Director: Brian Herzlinger
Editor: Daniel Duncan
Writers: Jay BlackBrian Herzlinger

It’s a terrible situation for the two of them, because Theodore knows considerably more about their home than they do. He even goes so far as to search the house for them. Erica and Mitch may not only lose their home, but perhaps their life, if they aren’t careful. Theodore isn’t a man to be trifled with, and he’s determined to reclaim his home by any means necessary.

The film’s thriller plot is full of frightening and horrific aspects that keep the audience on the edge of their seats until the very end. The gripping quality of the plot is enhanced by the dark undertone and stunning images. This will undoubtedly keep you guessing about the places in the Lifetime film. Furthermore, the story touches on some realistic themes, making you wonder whether ‘The Walls Are Watching’ is based on fact or not. So, give us a chance to dispel all of your doubts!

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Is There a True Story Behind 'The Walls Are Watching' Movie

Is There a True Story Behind ‘The Walls Are Watching’ Movie?

The Walls Are Watching,’ on the other hand, is not based on a factual story. Jay Black and Brian Herzlinger, who also serves as the film’s director, have created a fascinating and captivating story. ‘Meet My Valentine,’ a romantic comedy co-written by the two, is one of their other films. Jay collaborates with Brian as they come up with a unique plot that matches the genre brilliantly, based on his previous expertise in writing thrillers.

Characters in the Lifetime film go evil in the face of adversity, illustrating how unpredictable individuals can be, especially when they have nothing to lose. Even stranger things have happened to people in real life; thus these themes are not unheard of. There have been a number of films with protagonists who succumb to the dark side after losing something essential to them; Harvey Dent in ‘The Dark Knight‘ is a good example of this.

Harvey Dent, like Theodore in ‘The Walls Are Watching,’ suffers from a psychological breakdown as a result of the shock of not just physical but also mental sorrow following his love’s death. As he loses his sense of good and wrong, the loss functions as the last nail in the coffin of his old values. As a result, films and people like these serve as a warning that such terrifying scenarios might occur in real life.

Furthermore, the cast members’ outstanding performances add to the allure of the supposedly authentic story. As a result, despite touching on a few true topics, the storyline and characters in ‘The Walls Are Watching’ are not based on fact, contrary to popular belief.

'The Walls Are Watching' Filming Locations

‘The Walls Are Watching’ (2022) Movie Cast Details

Theodore is played by Branscombe Richmond in the Lifetime film. He has been in a number of films and television shows during his long career in the industry, so he may be a familiar face. He is most known for his role as Bobby Sixkiller in the TV show ‘Renegade.’ Lana McKissack also plays Erica, one half of the newlywed pair in the Lifetime show. ‘A Christmas Movie Christmas,’ ‘Countdown,’ and ‘Dark/Web,’ to name a few, are among her credits.

In addition, Brandon Ford Green plays Erica’s husband, Mitch, in the thriller. He is an actor and director who has appeared in films such as “I’m Dying Up Here,” “The Holiday Fix Up,” and “Good Grief.”

  • Branscombe Richmond as Theodore
  • Barry Pearl as Auctioneer Sims
  • Rachel Binsfield as Realtor
  • Lana McKissack as Erica
  • Anthony Starke as Detective Ivie
  • Brandon Ford Green as Mitch
  • Maura M Knowles as Tracy
  • Tricia Trotter as Tori
  • Megan Henry Herzlinger as Dispatcher
  • Michael Perl as Dan
  • J.P. Manoux as Banker
  • Nate Albright as Police Officer

‘The Walls Are Watching’ (2022) Movie Filming Locations

Because the film’s production company, Fade to Black Films, is based in Los Angeles, and because the majority of Lifetime films are shot in and around the city, it’s safe to assume that ‘The Walls Are Watching’ was also shot there, possibly at a production studio and possibly a few other locations in the state.

The main filming appears to have taken place in early 2022, specifically in January. Here are the exact details about the areas that you might be interested in!

Los Angeles (California)

The production crew for ‘The Walls Are Watching’ appears to have set up shop in Los Angeles and taken use of the city’s vast and varied scenery. Los Angeles, often known as the City of Angels, is home to a lot of opulent private residences in wealthy areas, beautiful beaches, a stunning cityscape, and several major film studios.

All of these characteristics combine to make the huge South Californian metropolis one of the most important movie centres, with numerous filmmakers using it as a production location.

When it comes to production studios in Los Angeles, numerous well-known names such as Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Brothers Pictures, and others call the city home. The fact that most of these studios are so advanced and well-equipped that they can stand in for nearly any location across the world, be it a town or city in the United States or a foreign site, adds to the impressiveness of the production complexes.

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