Linda Wittmier and Terry-Jo Howard: Where Are They Now?

FIle Photo of Terry and James
FIle Photo of Terry and James

Evil Lives Here: In the Lion’s Cage,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, explores suspected serial murderer James Randall’s horrible atrocities against women and the events that followed his arrest.

First, he was found guilty of the murders of Wendy Evans and Cynthia Pugh. Linda Wittmier and Terry-Jo Howard, two of his ex-partners, appear on the episode.

Both women tell their stories about what happened while they were living with James and how they managed to get out of it. So, how about we learn more about them?

Linda Wittmier and Terry-Jo Howard: Who Are They?

Linda met James at a pub, and the two exchanged phone numbers before beginning to date.

They married in June 1979, and according to Linda, the relationship appeared wonderful at first. They even had a son and a daughter together.

However, she stated on the show that James’ sexual behaviour altered at some point and that he wanted to choke her. Linda shrugged it off because she was in love with him at the time.

Linda, on the other hand, claimed that James had raped her numerous times. James once came home in 1986 and demanded sex after closing the window, she claimed.

“I tried pushing him away,” Linda said at his trial, “and he continued urging me, ‘You better have sex with me because no one’s going to hear us.'”

During the incident, he was also choking her. Linda and her children left James the following day.

However, James tracked her down a few months later, stopping her on a highway when she was driving with the kids.

Linda Wittmier and Terry-Jo Howard
Linda Wittmier and Terry-Jo Howard

Linda was kidnapped and tied up by James, who then suffocated and raped her. Linda persuaded James to let her go and promptly reported the incident to the police, according to the episode.

As a result, James was found guilty of kidnapping and sexual battery and sentenced to up to seven years in prison.

James travelled to Florida after being released on probation, where he met Terry-Jo Howard, a sex worker at the time, in February 1994.

Terry and James went to Palm Harbor, Florida, and lived together. Terry wasn’t in town when Wendy Evans and Cynthia Pugh were allegedly murdered, according to the authorities.

At James’ trial, Terry testified that he was a loving man who helped her get off drugs and encouraged her to return to school.

Terry, on the other hand, mentioned his desire to choke her during sex, which she agreed to.

“I didn’t want him to go without what he needed and then murder me two years later,” she added. I wanted him to be in charge of it.”

Terry went on to say that when she stopped displaying fear, James ceased choking her during sex.

While discussing an altercation they had, she alluded to his aggressive tendencies. Terry claimed James choked her and pushed her against a wall, forcing her to pass out. He was having sex with her when she regained consciousness.

James was eventually found guilty of the murders of the two ladies and sentenced to life in prison.

Terry-Jo Howard

Linda Wittmier and Terry-Jo Howard: Where Are They Now?

After James was convicted, Linda remarked that she felt a lot safer. She discussed moving forward in her life and turning over a fresh leaf following the horrible events on the episode.

She has since remarried and now resides in Tacoma, Washington.

Terry, on the other hand, stated on the show that a life sentence was insufficient and that James deserved to die as a result of his conduct.

She also appears to be in much better spirits today. Terry seemed to be enjoying retirement after a brief spell as a motel clerk a few years ago.

She appears to be married and resides in Fort Pierce, Florida.