Selling the OC: Who Is Lisa Helou? Everything We Know About Gio Helou’s Mom

Who Is Lisa Helou

Who Is Lisa Helou? Everything We Know About Gio Helou’s Mom – The “Selling Sunset” spin-off “Selling The OC” was just released on Netflix, and the drama already enthralls fans. But even though it’s unclear if Alex Hall is a good or bad guy, everyone agrees that season two is necessary.

The show features prominent realtors and is very dramatic. In addition to well-known Orange County realtors, the show also includes some of their real estate-related parents.

Gio Helou’s mother, Lisa, is well-known in the real estate field, much like Tyler Stanaland, whose father, John Stanaland, is a well-known entrepreneur. She not only has her own desk in the office, but she also does. This demonstrates that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree in Gio’s situation. Evidently, his mother served as an inspiration for his passion for sales. What about Lisa Helou? She makes numerous appearances on the show despite not being a main cast member. To learn more about the star of Selling the OC, keep reading.

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Who Is Lisa Helou? What Is Her Profession?

The Oppenheim Group, the brokerage run by Jason and Brett Oppenheim, employs Lisa and Gio Helou. Lisa has also accomplished several multi-million dollar real estate transactions, like her son, since receiving her license in 1976.

“Selling the OC” star Lisa is married to Carl, a housebuilder who lives on the Balboa Peninsula. They are Balboa Peninsula Point Association members. You can catch them riding motorcycles or cruising on their Duffy boar when they’re not hard at work.

Lisa, who is from LA, attended California State University in Los Angeles and graduated there. With her valuable and well-proven skill set, the Selling the OC star also puts her best foot forward regarding her clientele. She emphasizes morality and honesty a lot.

In Selling the OC Episode 3, Gio and Lisa meet at a nail shop. While enjoying champagne and paraffin wax during his pedicure, Gio confides in Lisa about what makes him anxious at work. Gio’s declaration that his “mom is a total boss” makes it clear how close the two are.

He continued by saying Lisa had been selling homes in the OC for a long time. Gio learned everything Lisa knew about the real estate industry from her. Lisa properly advised Gio to push even harder and start making unsolicited bids even though he was agitated about the real estate market situation during their pedicure session.

Lisa never misses an opportunity to share family photos, especially with her coworker and son Gio. To attract her audience, she makes an effort to stay current with social media trends.

Lisa stated in her LinkedIn profile:

I have a lot of knowledge in sales and Customer Service. I am self motivated and goal oriented and always striving to better myself. Always seeking growth in life, work & personal relationships.

She added further:

My goals are to excel and make it my own business. As an entrepreneur realtor I would love nothing more than to be able to help others succeed in finding their dream home, where all memories begin!

Lisa worked as a Global Luxury Advisor for Engel & Völkers Newport Beach between 2015 and 2018, according to LinkedIn. Later, she served as a Luxury Agent at Coldwell Banker Global Luxury from 2019 to 2021. Lisa has worked as a relator for The Oppenheim Group since February 2021.

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Lisa Helou Net Worth

In 2022, Lisa Helou had a $15 million net worth. She also spent twenty years working as a real estate agent.

Additionally, when she was employed by Engel & Volkers, she made headlines when she sold Corona del Mar’s most expensive house for $1,808,000. In exchange for payment, she provided the items to the CEO of MedXM.

She obtained a license to market real estate in 1976. She had her own real estate business and marketed houses in the San Gabriel Valley for 15 years.

After relocating to Newport Beach in 2011, Lisa decided to work at the local Engel and Volkers office. While working with her daughter Fionna, she concentrates on the Balboa Peninsula, Lido Isle, Corona Del Mar, and Newport Heights regions.

She also collaborated with architects and contractors. She has experience marketing entire neighborhoods and new homes.

The Lisa Helou Family: Who are they?

Lisa was raised in America and was born in an American household. Every time she needed assistance or attention, her family was there to provide it.

She has extensive expertise in both sales and customer service. She is goal-oriented, driven by herself, and constantly working to improve.

She always sought ways to enhance her personal life, professional career, and interpersonal relationships. She aspires to succeed and to start her own company.

She would also adore nothing more than to become a prosperous real estate agent and assist individuals in finding the homes of their dreams, where memories are created.

The age is 34. Realtor Gio Helou was born in the United States on March 20, 1988. He deals with pricey, upscale residences. He is a representative for Jason Oppenheim. In fact, we learned that he was the first employee to join the Oppenheim Group’s Newport Beach office.

He rose to fame after appearing on the reality series “Selling the OC” in 2022. People believe it to be a spinoff of “Selling Sunset” by The Oppenheim Group, which received its second season in 2022.

This new show will have drama, tears, and even some juicy moments because it follows the personal and professional lives of 11 agents. You should give it a shot if you enjoy drama-filled reality TV.

Lisa Helou Plastic Surgery

What Is Lisa Helou’s Age?

Gio Helou, who is currently 34 years old, was born on March 20, 1988, in Southern California, USA. His mother, Lisa Cantagallo Helou, is an excellent real estate broker. As we learned through Instagram, Giovanne has two sisters, one younger and one older. So, according to this, Lisa Helou should be at least 67 years old.

Lisa Helou Plastic Surgical

Since they saw Lisa on Selling the OC, fans have inquired on Twitter and Reddit about what surgery she has undergone.

Being from Southern California, it is not surprising that the mother and agent may have undergone some cosmetic surgery; nonetheless, it appears that the majority of people believe it to be Botox. Even if she hasn’t, we can’t claim that she doesn’t look fantastic.

One person said about Gio’s mother “Gio’s mom from Selling the OC… girllllll yikes,” and “I was shocked by how much Botox she had,” by another.

A little Botox and filler here and there never hurt anyone, but Lisa hasn’t confirmed that she’d had surgery.

You can watch Selling the OC on Netflix with subscription.

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