May Greineder Murder Case: Where is Dirk Greineder Today?

May Greineder Murder

May Greineder Murder – A Wellesley doctor was charged with murdering his wife in 1999, and his secret life with prostitutes was revealed. In the year 1999, it was Halloween morning. Dr. Greineder, an allergist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and his wife Mabel, whom he affectionately referred to as May, went for a walk around Morses Pond in Wellesley with their dog. Greineder claims he left Mabel to rest and found her deceased body bludgeoned and stabbed when he returned. Dirk Greineder has been imprisoned for more than 20 years for a crime he claims he did not commit.

Mabel “May” Greineder was viciously attacked and killed on an early morning walk on Halloween 1999. Despite his claims to the contrary, the evidence seemed to be mounting against her husband, Dirk, at the time.

Married With Secrets: Cold Blue Blood‘ on Investigation Discovery focuses on May’s murder and the circumstantial evidence pointing to Dirk. So, how about we find out what happened in this case?

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Mabel "May" Greineder
Mabel “May” Greineder

What Caused May Greineder’s Death?

Everything in Mabel “May” Greineder’s life looked to be going swimmingly at first. For nearly 30 years, the nurse had been married to Dirk Greineder, a well-known doctor. They had two children and a son together, all of whom were pursuing their ambitions. May was a stay-at-home mom while the kids were growing up, but she went on to get an advanced degree in health care later. The couple lived in Wellesley, a wealthy suburb in Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

Dirk contacted 911 franticly on the morning of October 31, 1999, to tell them that his wife had been attacked and was perhaps dead. The couple had been strolling their dog near their home on a trail near Morse’s Pond. The 58-year-old was discovered with her pants down, and her shirt pulled up. May was stabbed in the chest and had severe blunt force trauma to her head. Her throat was cut.

Dirk Greineder
Dr. Dirk Greineder

Who Killed May Greineder and Why?

May had strained her back while walking, and Dirk Greineder had asked him to continue walking with their dog. However, the dog returned to his wife later, and he claimed to have discovered her bloodied and injured. Dirk added that after checking her vitals, he ran to seek assistance and was eventually able to dial 911.

Authorities discovered Zip Lock bags, lighter fluid, and latex gloves in the area after securing the crime scene. A knife, a hammer, and a glove were discovered in one storm drain, while a second glove was discovered in another gutter.

The authorities discovered a hidden parallel life Dirk led as part of the investigation. The Greineders’ marriage was on poor footing, according to the prosecution, and Dirk had been unfaithful. His computer kept track of his visits to pornographic websites. Furthermore, the weekend before May’s death, Dirk was in New Jersey for a medical conference and called an escort service, according to phone records.

More evidence pointing to Dirk’s extramarital encounters surfaced. He had contacted another couple who were into swinging a week before the murder. In addition, the authorities discovered other emails from Dirk to other women, including one from the day after May’s death, in which he contacted a woman.

Some of the evidence from the crime scene began to point to Dirk as well. The Zip Lock bags were identified as belonging to them, and the lighter fluid was purchased at a store frequented by Dirk.

Dirk allegedly murdered his wife in order to conceal his previous connections, according to the prosecution. They claimed he was wearing gloves at the time of the incident, citing the lack of blood on his hands when the cops arrived.

Dirk was most likely a match for the evidence found on the gloves and knife in the storm drain, according to DNA research. The blood on Dirk’s shoes came from the attack, and the blood on his jacket came from him dragging May off the route, according to a blood spatter specialist.

The authorities discovered a receipt for nails at the Greineders’ residence, which was tracked to a local hardware store. The following item on the store’s register was a hammer, the same type that was used to murder May. Dirk testified in his own defence and declared his innocence during the trial. He admitted to having extramarital affairs, but said May had lost interest in sex a few years ago. He seemed to imply that May was aware of his secret life.

Dirk Greineder
Dirk Greineder was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

What Happened to Dirk Greineder and Where Is He Now?

The defence attempted to poke holes in the prosecution’s theory by questioning the credentials of the blood spatter expert. Colin, May and Dirk’s son, testified that he may have purchased the nails and that his mother assured him that their marriage was fine. In June 2001, however, a jury found Dirk guilty of first-degree murder. Sixty-year-old, Dirk Greineder was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Dirk has maintained his innocence and now works on prison reform with his children. He disputed the prisons department’s decision not to give him parole due to alleged medical issues in November 2021. Dirk is still detained at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution at Norfolk in Norfolk County, according to records.

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