Megan Parra Murder: Where Is Killer Husband Dustin Parra Now?

Megan Parra Murder - Where Is Killer Husband Dustin Parra Now

Megan Parra Murder – The strange death of Megan Parra was looked into by CBS’s 48 Hours, which brought attention to the disturbing circumstances of her death. Megan’s case is broken down in the show called “The Suspicious Death of Megan Parra.” It shows how the investigations led to shocking results seven years after she died. We talk about Megan Parra’s life and the investigations that followed. These investigations have made people wonder how she died and Where Is Dustin Parra, Megan Parra’s husband, Now.

Who was Megan Parra and How Did She Die
Megan Parra, (in left,) with her parents Steve and Missy Ducote.

Who was Megan Parra and How Did She Die?

Megan Parra, a mother of two, was only 29 years old when she died in a terrible accident. Her family would be sad for a long time. On that awful summer morning in 2014, Steve and Missy Ducote found Megan lying on the living room floor of their home in Cottonport, Louisiana. There was a lot of blood around her head from being shot and killed. Megan had two young boys and worked as a nurse. People thought she had killed herself at first. But both of her parents work in health care, and they began to doubt what the police said. This started a chain of events that made us look at the case differently.

Suicide was first thought to be the cause of death, but the Ducote family noticed some oddities that made them doubt that. Dr. Missy Ducote, Megan’s mother, tried to save her life, but Megan died the next day in a Lafayette trauma center. At first, the case was closed as a suicide, which was backed up by an autopsy and a one-page police report. However, Megan’s parents were still not sure how she died.

Where Is Killer Husband Dustin Parra Now
Dustin Parra

Where Is Killer Husband Dustin Parra Now?

When Dustin Parra, Megan’s husband and the father of their two boys, was named as a possible suspect, the case took a sharp turn. Dustin is a nurse, just like his wife. Before he was charged in October 2021, seven years after Megan’s death, he was well-known.

In a surprise turn of events, Dustin Parra admitted to killing someone while careless in March 2023. The first charges, which were second-degree murder and obstruction of justice, were much worse than this one. Dustin agreed to say some critical things about the case as part of this deal. Also, he said that his marriage was very stressful and that he and Megan had a big fight the morning of June 28, 2014. Megan cursed at him and said she would leave during this fight.

Dustin told them he had a gun on him during the fight. After the fight, Megan was killed when the gun went off. He left the house and didn’t come back until Megan’s dad called. Dustin was sent to prison for five years for this. From what the Louisiana Department of Corrections knows, he now serves his time at the Dixon Correctional Institute.

The case quickly changed from suicide to a negotiated plea for negligent murder. This has made people, and Megan’s family feel a lot of different emotions about her death. People were curious about what happened that day that killed Megan and whether full justice had been done.

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