Michael Woodby Murder Case: Where is Kevin Lee Waggoner Today?

Michael Woodby With Wife

After a three-year conflict, Waggoner fatally shot his neighbour, Michael Woodby, in September of 2013. Authorities said Woodby was shot while strolling in the 500 block of Highway 370 amid an altercation between the two guys. Kevin Lee Waggoner was sentenced to 18 years in the Tennessee Department of Corrections’ custody with no possibility of parole by the Judicial District Criminal Court.

Gunshots broke out in a Luttrell, Tennessee neighbourhood in September 2013, finishing off a series of feuds between two neighbours. Michael Woodby had been slain, and the authorities had figured out who had done it. ‘Fear Thy Neighbor: Bang Goes the Neighborhood‘ on Investigation Discovery focuses on Michael Woodby’s rivalry with his neighbour, Kevin Lee Waggoner, as well as the subsequent trial. So, shall we investigate what transpired?

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Michael Woodby Murder Case

What Caused Michael Woodby’s Death?

Michael Andrew Woodby was born in the month of November in the year 1967. He was characterised as a loving father and grandfather, and he was a Luttrell native. The 45-year-old was married to Theresa Woodby, and the couple and their newborn grandchild moved into a new home in Luttrell in August 2010. However, a little more than three years later, the Woodbys were faced with tragedy after a 911 call prompted authorities to hurry to the area.

On September 16, 2013, shortly after 10 p.m., authorities discovered Michael’s bullet-riddled body in a ditch near their home. He’d been shot in the chest and forearm four times. Michael’s right lung and heart were both wounded by the bullets.

He was shot from a distance, according to evidence found at the crime scene. While the shooter made the 911 call, authorities now had to determine out how the incident happened.

Kevin Lee Waggoner
Kevin Lee Waggoner

Who Killed Michael Woodby and Why?

Kevin Waggoner and his family resided across the highway from the Woodbys. Kevin had a gun business on his land and lived with his wife, son, and daughter at the time. Both had a pleasant relationship at first, but things quickly began to alter.

According to Theresa, Michael was once hospitalised for a heart problem, and as a result, he asked Kevin to stop shooting weapons for a few weeks for his health. Kevin, on the other hand, allegedly yelled at Theresa’s husband and refused to stop firing.

Kevin and his family utilised firearms on their farm on a regular basis. One witness in the vicinity stated that she felt like she was living near a shooting range. From there, Kevin and Michael’s feud grew even more heated.

The police were called multiple times, and the Woodbys’ replies ranged from begging to be left alone to yelling and cursing at the Waggoners, according to court filings. In addition, Kevin and his family would record their neighbours on a regular basis, making them feel uneasy.

Michael had thrown pebbles at one point and threatened the Waggoners at other moments. The enmity between the two families was evident in the films, with Michael referring to Kevin as a paedophile at one point. Kevin shot Michael and then called 911, bringing the years-long rivalry to a head.

Kevin claimed the animosity began when he refused to sell a pistol to Michael because his neighbour was a convicted felon after being apprehended. Michael allegedly threatened to kill his son, according to him.

Kevin said that he fired the shot in self-defense. He stated that while he and his son, Kolton, were going down the road, Michael approached them with a stick and attacked them. Michael allegedly struck Kolton in the neck, according to Kevin. “I kept ordering Michael to leave,” he said, “but he disobeyed those demands.” I had my Glock 19 9mm on me (in a holster under my shirt), and I had no alternative but to defend myself and my son.”

Kevin provided many news sites videos and restraining orders detailing the feud between the two neighbours around a week before the murder.

Where is Kevin Lee Waggoner now
Kevin Lee Waggoner, aged 45, was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

What Happened to Kevin Lee Waggoner and Where Is He Now?

Kevin’s claim of self-defense, on the other hand, did not convince the prosecution. According to them, forensic evidence proved Michael Woodby was shot from a distance rather than at close range, as Kevin claimed. The first trial ended in a mistrial when the jury was unable to reach a consensus after two days of discussion.

After the second trial in August 2016, Kevin was found guilty of second-degree murder. Kevin Lee Waggoner, aged 45, was sentenced to 18 years in prison a few months later. He is currently detained at the Northwest Correctional Complex in Tiptonville, Tennessee, and is slated to be freed in 2031, according to records.

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