Michella Welch and Jenni Bastian Murders: Where is Detective Lindsey Wade Now?

where is Detective Lindsey Wade now

Lindsey spent the final three years of her 14-year career as the Tacoma Police Department’s cold-case detective, investigating sex crimes, child abuse, missing persons, and homicides.

Due to the killings of Michella Welch (12) and Jennifer Bastian (13) within five months in 1986, the entire city of Tacoma, Washington, transformed from casual and easygoing to exceedingly cautious. After all, as NBC’s “Dateline: Evil Was Watching” shows, the young girls were kidnapped in broad daylight from public parks, never to be seen or heard from again.

Thankfully, the tenacity of detectives like Lindsey Wade helped bring these cases to a respectable conclusion — and now, if you want to learn more about her, here’s what we know.

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Lindsey Wade

Who is Detective Lindsey Wade, and How She Solved Cold Cases?

Detective Lindsey Wade is a lifelong Tacoma resident, which means she has always known about serial killer Ted Bundy (from her hometown), as well as Michella and Jennifer. They appear to have inspired her to pursue a career in law enforcement, especially because she was just 11 years old and a frequent park-goer at the time of the 1986 crimes.

Personal fear, wicked behaviours, and sinful individuals became, regrettably, something she became accustomed to at an early age, inspiring her to strive hard to improve her community.

On ‘Dateline,’ Lindsey stated, “I just remember it being incredibly scary to me as a small child.” “It was terrifying, not only for me, but for everyone… It was something that I would think about whether I was out riding my bike or walking through a small trail to get to school or something like that.”

That’s why, at the age of 21, she joined the police department and quickly ascended through the ranks to become the city’s third female homicide detective before joining the cold case task force.


What Happened to Detective Lindsey Wade and Where Is She Now?

Detective Lindsey Wade was openly preoccupied with the 1986 investigations stated above, so it’s no wonder that she only retired in 2018 after completing them (with concrete arrests).

She worked for the Tacoma Police Department for 21 years, dealing with not only terrible rapists and cold-blooded killers, but also sex crimes and crimes against women. The latter are areas in which she has always had a strong interest. Thus she continued to work in them even after leaving the police force.

Following her retirement, Lindsey worked as a Senior Investigator at the Attorney General’s Office on the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative before working with the state to pass the Jennifer and Michella’s DNA Law.

As a result of her expertise in the field of real crime, she is now a public speaker and hopes to release not only a memoir but also a podcast with co-host Mike McCann called “Anatomy of a Cold Case” in the near future. Furthermore, the proud wife and mother recently joined the world of Washington real estate as a Redfin licenced agent.

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