Mind Your Manners: Does Sarah Jane Ho Married or Dating?

Does Sarah Jane Ho Married or Dating

Does Sarah Jane Ho Married or Dating? – Etiquette expert Sara Jane Ho works with clients in Mind Your Manners to help them become the best versions of themselves. Ho teaches them how to use the appropriate fork for each meal course, but she also stresses the importance of being considerate of other people and making them feel at ease around you. As part of her finishing school in Beijing, she instructs four clients who wish to improve their manners.

Chinese educator Sara Jane Ho is from Hong Kong. In 2013, she established the Institute Sarita, a finishing school with its main campus in Beijing, China. She started a second school in Shanghai in May 2015.

Many people are interested in learning more about Sarah’s life off-screen and away from etiquette class since she is currently in the Netflix spotlight. Sarah, does she have a husband? Has she found a partner? Has she ever had kids? Let’s find out.

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Does ‘Mind Your Manners’ star Sarah Jane Ho have a Husband?

Sarah does have an Instagram where she publishes enlightening behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life in and out of the spotlight. Sarah, as usual, keeps her actual personal life, well, reasonably private!

Sarah occasionally blogs about her parents and how much they mean to her, but she never discusses her love life, and there is no sign of a future marriage anywhere.

Does that imply Sarah isn’t married, necessarily? Not quite. She could decide to keep that aspect of her life private, which is quite acceptable.

Ho attended the German Swiss International School in Hong Kong, Phillips Exeter Academy, and Peak School for his primary and secondary education. She received an MBA from Harvard Business School while studying English literature at Georgetown University, and she currently serves on the College Board.

According to the BBC, Sarah is the creator of Institute Sarita, which was dubbed China’s first finishing school.

What are Sarah’s Course fees?

The Institute Sarita charges $3,200 to $16,000 for Sarah’s courses. 2015 saw the opening of a second Institute Sarita campus in Shanghai after the school saw a significant increase in enrollment and popularity.

In the BBC piece, Sarah stated that Martha Stewart served as her inspiration and thought Martha provided advice for the contemporary American homemaker. “I want to deliver the same to the modern Chinese woman,” the Mind Your Manners host added.

While there doesn’t currently appear to be a method for Sarah’s international followers to enroll in her completing classes online, the Mind Your Manners host kindly shares frequent etiquette advice on her Instagram, along with sporadic Instagram Live Q&As.

We also know that Mind Your Manners’ six episodes are currently available on Netflix.

According to the Netflix reality show casting website, Mind Your Manners does not appear to have received a second season renewal at this time.

But if thousands of people didn’t sign up for a chance to study from the master of manners for a potential second season, we’d be stunned! To that, we’ll raise our pinky fingers!

Season 1 of Mind Your Manners is currently available on Netflix.

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