Mixed By Erry Ending, Explained: How Did The Police Convict The Frattasio Brothers?

Mixed By Erry Ending, Explained and How Did The Police Convict The Frattasio Brothers

Mixed By Erry Ending, Explained – Mixed by Erry and directed by Sydney Sibilia, The Repercussions centres on an intriguing drama revolving around an individual who, due to certain circumstances, finds himself caught up in illegal activities, leading to consequences due to his involvement. This compelling narrative engages viewers by cultivating empathy for an underdog character, prompting us to root for them while justifying morally dubious tactics. Unfortunately, Erry ultimately becomes responsible for his own downfall. Although Erry never got to show his talents, his repeated disregard for the law leaves no room for excuses. The film delves into how Erry rose to prominence only to experience an abrupt and devastating collapse; through this tale, we unravel all of his complex character traits and those which ultimately contributed to his demise.

Mixed By Erry (2023) Plot Summary

Mixed By Erry (2023) Plot Summary

Erry and his brothers Peppe and Angelo came from humble roots, growing up in low-income families where their father sold counterfeit liquor to make ends meet. Erry worked as a sweeper at a record store, but his talent for mixing music caught Don Ferdinando’s attention as the record store’s owner. Meanwhile, Peppe found employment within Naples’ mafia clans smuggling cigarettes into Naples.

Erry discovered his natural talent for music mixing during this time, as customers increasingly preferred his mixes over those from original cassettes. Although coming from a small town, Erry harboured aspirations of becoming a DJ, though the chances were bleak. After encountering rejection from every club in Milan, he approached; his confidence was severely shaken when one club management informed him he lacked “internationality”. Disheartened, Erry returned home, abandoning any hopes of becoming a disc jockey.

Erry never expected his life would take an unexpected and unwelcome turn; police arrested Angelo after defending Erry from an attacker, while Peppe’s affiliation with the mafia came to an end after its organization was dismantled by Officer Fortunato Ricciardi and even Don Ferdinando gave up on resisting and eventually sold his shop and retired from active involvement.

Under these circumstances, Erry made a brave move: opening his own record store where he could legally duplicate and remix music before selling it to the public. Though initially met with resistance from Peppe and Francesca Frattasio as well as Francesca herself, their idea eventually caught on when they discovered technology to produce copies quickly; within days, the brothers needed multiple laboratories as their “Mixed by Erry” cassette sales outshone sales of originals!

Mixed By Erry Ending Explained

“Mixed By Erry” Ending Explained

Erry became aware of Captain Ricciardi’s surveillance and devised a plan to divert attention by creating a decoy. He thought following him to the Sanremo music festival would expose an informant who provided illegal downloads. To test his theory, Erry attended intentionally, placing calls from public booths with hopes they’d lead back to an informant; much to his dismay, Captain Ricciardi discovered they went directly through to Erry’s mother instead – further underscoring his lack of acquaintanceship at that event.

Undeterred by these setbacks, Erry devised an alternate method for recording songs from TV with a slightly inferior quality compared to cassette or CD duplications. Yet, despite this setback, his brothers managed to sell these recordings in the market. Unfortunately for Erry, his success was short-lived when Arturo Maria Barambani revealed Erry and his brothers’ illegal business operations to authorities as a means of avoiding legal consequences himself; this led them to conduct an intensive investigation that covered every aspect of Erry’s enterprise from purchase orders to locations of studios.

Subsequently, the court found both brothers guilty of various charges, such as criminal conspiracy, possession and smuggling of music tapes, counterfeiting, etc. Their sentence totalled nearly four and a half years of incarceration; upon their release, Angelo anticipated retrieving illicit funds hidden at a tennis court following its purchase by him; however, due to ambiguities within the film’s conclusion, these funds remain unknown as no definitive account can be provided regarding what transpired with them.

Responding quickly, the Italian government took swift action by creating a regulatory agency and reforming criminal justice procedures to avoid similar instances in the future. A Federation Against Music Piracy was then formed to monitor developments related to intellectual property rights.

Erry was clearly motivated by something other than money alone; were it not for his encouraging brothers, he may have found contentment working at a record store and sharing his stellar mixes with customers. Unfortunately, however, his “Mixed by Erry” cassettes brought him into contact with individuals willing to exploit his talent illegally. Although Erry could have pursued legal channels by negotiating with record labels instead, his refusal to rectify illegal actions led him down a path leading directly to his downfall.

Why did Law Enforcement Target Mixed By Erry Record Label

Why did Law Enforcement Target Mixed By Erry Record Label?

When Arturo Maria Barambani became aware that the Frattasio brothers had ordered one billion lire worth of empty cassettes, he quickly orchestrated an arrangement that saw him become their sole supplier. Realizing the potential increase in profit potential from working exclusively with one vendor, they made the switch and established a profitable business partnership with Arturo; unfortunately, their enterprise included copyright violations without proper permission – though intellectual property rights at that time still lacked an authoritative body to address such matters directly.

Erry was acutely aware that his activities straddled the legal threshold. If authorities collected enough evidence against them for being unlawful, Erry knew he would face arrest. Yet somehow, their operation remained largely unchanged by police searches of their “laboratories”.

But Mixed by Erry took an unexpected and serious turn when record label owners banded together against music piracy following significant financial losses, Arturo informed Erry. Meanwhile, the Frattasio brothers found an easy method for copying songs off Compaq CDs without being apprehended by authorities; Captain Ricciardi from Naples Police Task Force led this force. Believing there wasn’t sufficient evidence against them, Erry maintained his composure and proceeded cautiously.

Erry’s decision to release tracks from the Sanremo music festival before labels surprised Ricciardi, as she expected them to possess them first. It is likely that this move by “Mixed by Erry” caught Ricciardi’s eye initially and led her to consider his album more closely.

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