“My 600-Lb Life” Deaths: How Many People Have Died from the Show?

my 600-lb life Deaths

“My 600-Lb Life” Deaths: How Many People Have Died from the My 600-Lb Life? – Since 2012, the TLC network has broadcast the American reality television series My 600-lb Life. Each episode follows a year in the lives of morbidly obese people who typically start the episode weighing at least 600 pounds (270 kg) and chronicle their attempts to lose weight in order to maintain a healthy weight. One or more former patients are featured in “Where Are They Now?” update episodes, which pick up a year or more after their initial episodes aired.

Depending on the patient’s success, Houston surgeon Younan Nowzaradan (commonly referred to as “Dr. Now”) may recommend gastric bypass surgery or sleeve gastrectomy to further aid in weight loss after placing the patient under his or her care.

Every time a new episode airs, we take a humorous approach to updating you on the drastic changes the My 600-Lb Life cast members to go through with Dr. Now’s support and tough love. We omit from our discussion the former cast members who regrettably passed away from obesity-related health issues, including both physical and mental ones.

How many My 600-Lb Life contestants have passed away since the show’s inception? Since the commencement of the series in 2012, ten people have regrettably passed away. Learn more about the TLC cast members who have passed away by reading on.

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destinee lashaee my 600 lb life

Destinee LaShaee

Fans of the reality series were familiar with Destinee LaShaee because they were the first trans person to appear on My 600-Lb Life, and they had a successful tale there. Destinee, who debuted on Season 7 of the show with a starting weight of just under 700 pounds, dropped more than 500 pounds and inspired viewers to follow in her footsteps.

Destinee has always been a strong advocate for mental health, talking openly about their experiences with depression both on the program and online. On February 8, 2022, the reality star, who also went by the name Matthew Ventress, sadly passed away, his brother Wayne Compton posted on Facebook. As a point of reference, Destiny was the name of another late sister of Wayne and Destinee.

“Not at all. Bro, I’m sorry. I love you exactly as you are. I accept all of your shortcomings. I apologise if you felt alone. Sorry you thought there was no one else you could turn to. I’m sorry you believed there was no other choice. This isn’t what destiny would have intended. Why do you keep stealing my siblings, Lord? What is my dosage limit?” Wayne wrote, including pictures of the couple with Destiny.

Although the cause of Destinee’s death has not been made public, it is thought to have been suicide.

John King my 600 lb life

John King

James King, who debuted in Season 5 of the TLC hit show in 2017 and made several subsequent appearances over the following few years, was 49 years old when he passed away in Nashville, Tennessee, on April 3, 2020. His cause of death has not been made public.

James was 791 pounds when we first met the father of six on the show. He was up to 840 pounds when a follow-up episode was shot in 2018. James’ wife Lisa, his six children, and his 19 grandchildren are all still alive.

His devoted and large family is in our thoughts and prayers.

Ingrid Krasley my 600 lb life

Gina Krasley

In Season 8, Gina and her wife Beth moved to Dr. Now’s clinic from New Jersey in order to participate in Dr. Now’s weight-loss program. Off the show, Gina revealed that she had lost 300 lbs. by March 2021, although she had struggled to lose the weight that Dr. Now demands of all of his patients in order to be authorised for surgery.

She stated on her YouTube channel, “I did this for myself and only me, and I accomplished this on my own. She sadly sent them an update from her hospital room in April 2021, when she explained that she had gone there after having problems with her mobility, a potential illness, and an eating disorder.

Gina passed away on August 1st, 2021, at the age of 30. In her obituary, Gina was described as having died “surrounded by her beloved family,” although no formal cause of death was given. We are thinking of her wife, sister, and mother, who are still alive.

Coliesa McMillian my 600 lb life

Coliesa McMillian

Coliesa from Season 8 went away in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on September 22, 2020, at the age of 41. Coliesa’s difficulties after weight-loss surgery, from which she regrettably never fully recovered, caused her to pass away naturally, according to the East Baton Rouge Coroner’s Office, as reported by TMZ.

In the show, we saw Coliesa receive treatment from Dr. Now and talk therapy to reach her objective of undergoing a gastric sleeve procedure. After her episode, she remarked, “I feel like I’m doing better than ever.

McCoy Mason my 600 lb life

Kelly Mason

One of the most dramatic episodes of the year was Kelly Mason’s My 600-lb Life episode from 2019. Kelly was 724 pounds when she first walked into Dr. Now’s office, but in only a few short months, she significantly reduced her weight. Dr. Now and Kelly frequently cracked jokes, which gave the impression that he had a soft spot for her. He also strongly committed to supporting Kelly at every turn of her path.

Sadly, she died in her sleep from a heart attack around the ninth month of filming, just after she had said she felt like she was “in a new planet” because of her rapid transformation. In a phone conversation to Kelly’s distraught father, Dr. Now explains, “I want to let you know that Kelly tried very hard and fought all the way to the end.” She is motivational. In addition, Kelly was one day away from turning 42.

Henry Foots my 600 lb life

Henry Foots

Fans who have been watching My 600-lb Life on TLC since the beginning adored Henry, who was the second guest ever appearing on the program. He was attempting to lose weight in preparation for his high school reunion when he made an appearance on the show at 750 pounds.

Henry reached a weight of 275 pounds after working with Dr. Now to reduce more than half of his body weight. Henry even briefly passed away on the operating table during his excess skin removal treatment before being revived. He informed the cameras, “There was the light to lead me to Heaven. I wasn’t prepared because I still have so much to accomplish on earth.

A little more than a year after his episode aired, he tragically passed away. Henry “went home to be with the Lord,” according to his obituary.

McGee Milliken my 600 lb life

McGee Milliken

Sean, who was featured on the TLC program when he weighed more than 900 pounds, successfully shed more than 400 pounds under Dr. Now’s supervision and weight-loss surgery. At the age of 29, he passed away in February 2019.

Sean experienced a string of catastrophes in the years following the filming: His mother died suddenly at first, and then he found out that Hurricane Harvey had flooded his Houston condominium. Sean’s father claimed that an infection-related problem caused his death. According to TMZ, Sean’s dad wrote on Facebook that “Sunday, he was having issues breathing. They were able to resuscitate him and a little time after, his heart stopped.” We are praying for Sean’s family and friends.

Jessica Fleming my 600 lb life

Jessica Fleming

Three characters from Season 6 have tragically passed away after the end of their season, Lisa is one of them. When we first met her, she weighed over 700 pounds and needed seven paramedics to transport her outside of the house. Although Dr. Now was able to assist Lisa in losing 200 pounds through weight-loss surgery, she got sick and her body couldn’t recover.

When Lisa passed away, her daughter Danielle wrote on Facebook, “I am truly at a lost for words right now.” “I sat and held your hand for four hours this morning even though I knew that nothing I could have done would have brought you back to me. Anyone who knows me knows that I gave my mum everything I had! I’m relieved you’re no longer in discomfort and bound to that bed.” Lisa was fifty years old.

LB James Bonner my 600 lb life

James “L.B.” Bonner

Just a week before his co-star Lisa passed away in August 2018, the Season 6 character LB committed suicide. Many fans who liked LB for his optimism, social media accounts (on which he gathered an unheard-of following for the TLC show), and weight-loss success were shocked to learn this. LB was able to shed more than half of his 650-pound starting weight.

But on the evening of August 2, LB, who suffered from despair, declared, “It’s time that I face my demons head on.” The following day, at the age of 30, LB committed suicide.

My 600-Lb Life Richard Buchel

Richard Buchel

In Season 6, Sadly, Robert was the first cast member to pass away while My 600-Lb Life was being filmed. The native of New Jersey sought the assistance of Dr. Now when he weighed 840 pounds; with the celebrity bariatric surgeon’s assistance, he lost 340 pounds.

However, Robert also struggled with a painkiller addiction, and when Robert was filming his TLC episode, he passed away from a heart attack. Season 6, Episode 8 of his narrative aired four months after his demise.

His distraught fiancée Kathryn said at the time, “I lost my best friend and the person I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with.”

We send our condolences to the departed cast members of My 600-lb Life’s family, friends, and fans.

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