‘Mystery 101: Deadly History’ Ending Explained – Fans are Baffled by a New Hallmark Movie

'Mystery 101 Deadly History' Ending Explained

Another episode of “Mystery 101” has come and gone, making viewers extremely disappointed.

This summer, fans were treated to the seventh instalment of the famous Hallmark Movies and Mysteries series. “Mystery 101: Deadly History” took up where the previous film left off, with a cliffhanger ending.

Fans of the TV movie series were not angry since the mystery of Amy’s missing uncle, Alistair, was finally solved.

So, what has happened?

After solving yet another murder case and reuniting with her Uncle Alistair, Amy and Travis were in high spirits.

After seven movies, Amy and Travis finally said those three little words, “Mystery 101” fans had been yearning to hear them say: “I love you”.

So when the ending came, it couldn’t have been a sweeter moment.

“Mystery 101: Deadly History” Ending Explained

“Mystery 101: Deadly History” sent viewers 11 months into the future in its final minute.

Travis arrives at the crime scene of a murder in the last scene. He observes Amy in the heavy rain and asks his partner, Maria, what she is doing there.

Amy had called it in, and Maria informed Travis. Sam Jameson is the victim, and Maria rhetorically asks Travis if he knows who he is. Travis responds by saying:

“Yes, I am aware. Amy’s fianc√© is him.”

However, the genuine cliffhanger of the film was Travis and Amy eventually professing their love for each other.

However, this sweet bond did not endure long as time jumped forward eleven months, and Amy was now engaged to another guy. Talk about perplexing!

Fans were eager to express their (respectful) displeasure with the narrative twist in Jill Wagner’s Instagram page comments.

As a die-hard “Mystery 101” fan, I can attest to being disappointed and excited by the news. (It’s an ingenious plot twist.)

'Mystery 101 Deadly History' Ending

However, there is more to the narrative than meets the eye, and fans would have to wait to find out what that information was.

Amy, for one, seems unconcerned about Sam’s death, implying that she was not in love with him. So, why was she engaged to someone else in the first place?

The only explanation I can think of is that Amy was forced to marry this Sam guy. Travis appears to be furious with Amy; therefore, he may be unaware that this is a possible ruse.

Or he’s a part of it. On the other hand, Amy wasn’t quite as angry with Sam as when Travis was injured in “Mystery 101: Killer Timing,” so that’s something.

It was hard to¬†believe that Travis and Amy are finally¬†together, “Mystery 101” surprised viewers with this disappointing twist.

Let’s hope that the following film explains what happened and that Amy and Travis are reunited before the end.

Otherwise, I’ll be a little depressed. It’s finally time for Amy and Travis to collaborate as a madly in love and a relationship couple.

 Did you Ever Find Out Who the Killer Was?

Amy’s Uncle Alistair was not kidnapped, as it turned out. Instead, he hid from the woman’s husband he was in love with after unintentionally shooting himself.

However, the murderer in “Mystery 101: Deadly History,” who turned out to be Olly Kent, had genuinely harassed Alistair.

Years ago, Olly killed his sister, Meg, after learning that his father was bequeathing the family fortune to her.

Olly mistook his father’s remark for a reference to Meg, whom he promptly murdered. He was completely wrong.

His father talked about Olly’s secret half-sister from an affair, Jennifer, in a “Gran Hotel” like turn.

What Happened After That

After admitting in front of his grieving mother and suddenly wealthy sister, Olly was handcuffed and taken away.

Olly, farewell! At the very least, Amy and Travis could solve another case before “Mystery 101” threw viewers for a loop.

Here’s hoping for a sequel that explains why Amy started dating someone besides Travis!

Relive prior episodes of “Mystery 101” on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries to relive happier moments between Amy and Travis.

In this charming series, I hope happier times are ahead. As much as I adore “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries,” “Mystery 101” has firmly gripped my Hallmark-obsessed heart.

What Will Amy and Travis’ Situation Be?

If anything separated Amy and Travis, I believe it was the threat of Travis’ work. Graham, Amy’s father, must be troubled for whatever reason.

I’m quite interested to see what happens next. In so many respects, it’s a brilliant cliffhanger. Fans (like me) eagerly anticipate the next episode due to the conclusion.

Jill Wagner and Kristofer Polaha‘s on-screen chemistry is off the charts. Since Hallmark’s “Pearl in Paradise,” I’ve believed this.

As a result, the movie series’ camaraderie is too wonderful not to see Amy and Travis rejoin, and I’m convinced that Hallmark’s sibling network is aware of this.

Unfortunately, fans of “Mystery 101” will have to wait and see if I am correct.

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