NCIS Los Angeles Season 14 Renewed: Release Date, Plot and Cast Details

NCIS Los Angeles Season 14 Renewed Release Date, Plot and Cast Details

NCIS Los Angeles Season 14: Renewed or Cancelled? – What is NCIS Los Angeles Season 14 release date? Let’s find out. The NCIS-Los Angeles unit is tasked with apprehending dangerous and elusive criminals who constitute a security threat to the United States. Special Agent “G” Callen (O’Donnell) is a chameleon who infiltrates the criminal underground, while Special Agent Sam Hanna (J), his colleague, is a former Navy SEAL. 

Operational Manager Henrietta “Hetty” Lange (Hunt); Special Agent Kensi Blye (Ruah), the brilliant daughter of a slain Marine; Marty Deeks (Olsen), a seasoned LAPD undercover detective; Middle East specialist and cryptologist Fatima Namazi (Rahimi); and former FBI Agent Devin Rountree (Castille) make up the team.

Retired Admiral Hollis Kilbride works with the squad and keeps them on their toes (McRaney). This close-knit team is often deployed into life-threatening circumstances and relies on one another to do everything it takes to preserve national interests.

NCIS: Los Angeles has a 0.52 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 5.39 million viewers in its 13th season. In the live+same-day ratings, that’s a 13 percent drop in the demo and a 5% drop in viewership compared to season 12. (including DVR playback through 3:00 AM). 

The series averaged a 0.76 in the demo with 7.45 million viewers in the live+7 day ratings, with 45 percent and 38 percent, respectively.

NCIS: Los Angeles,’ created by Shane Brennan, is a component of the ‘NCIS’ franchise. Special Agents Sam Hanna and Grisha “G.” Callen of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s Los Angeles section star in the action series. Both are members of the Office of Special Projects, and they work covertly to investigate issues in the City of Angels.

Since its inception on September 22, 2009, the action-packed drama has maintained a strong viewership. While many viewers believe that the thirteenth season’s writing does not hold up as well as its predecessors, the series nevertheless has a significant fan base.

Fans of the show are naturally curious as to whether it will be renewed for season 14. We’ve got your back if you’re in the same boat!

NCIS Los Angeles Season 14 Release Date

Release Date for NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14

Season 13 of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ debuted on CBS on October 10, 2021, with the final episode showing on May 22, 2022. Each of the 22 episodes of the second season of the show lasts 42-44 minutes.

We have some exciting news for fans of Season 14 of the show. The procedural show has been renewed for a second season! The show’s renewal was announced on March 31, 2022, over two months before the thirteenth season ended. Given the show’s huge viewership and more than 6 billion social media impressions at the time, the renewal was expected. The series’ best case in its favour, though, is that it is the most-watched scripted show in its time slot.

“placing Densi on a shelf for three months before we come back to your beautiful hug in season 14,” actress Daniela Ruah (Kensi Blye) wrote on Instagram in April 2022. This means that the cast and crew will reunite in July 2022 to film Season 14. Furthermore, every year in September, new seasons begin. So, assuming everything goes according to plan, season 14 of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ will premiere in September 2022.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 14 cast details

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Expected Cast Details

The parts of Grisha “G.” Callen and Sam Hanna are most likely to be reprised by Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J, respectively.

In addition, Daniela Ruah will reprise her role as Kensi Blye in season 14.

We can also expect Eric Christian Olsen to reprise his part as Marty Deeks, and Medalion Rahimi to reprise his role as Fatima Namazi. Caleb Castille (Devin Roundtree) and Gerald McRaney(Retired Admiral Hollace Kilbride) are two other actors who could appear in the fourteenth season of the show.

Given the recent Callen narrative, actress Sasha Clements could reprise her role as Katya Miranova. Linda Hunt, who played Henrietta “Hetty” Lange throughout the first twelve seasons of the show, has a smaller role in season thirteen.

Fans will be happy to learn that she will almost certainly return as a full-fledged series regular in season 14. The audience will undoubtedly applaud any new or familiar faces who appear in the future edition.

What is the Plot of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14?

Given the multiple twists, both good and bad, the season 13 finale left viewers on a cliffhanger. The NCIS team is frantic to rescue Callen from Katya’s trap. The various deepfakes, on the other hand, continue to deceive the trackers in their search for the seasoned officer. While the crisis unfolds, Kensi and Marty hear some excellent news regarding their adoption.

Will Callen fall for Katya’s scheme, and if not, how will the crew track him down? Regardless of the outcome, the NCIS team will not rest until Katya is apprehended. Meanwhile, the joyful news of Kensi and Marty becoming parents will undoubtedly cheer up admirers. Hetty will be the focus of another intriguing arc in season 14, which viewers will be able to see.

The 13th season appears to have already planted the seeds for the arc. In an interview with Parade, showrunner Scott R. Gemmill said, “We’ve put her a little bit against Callen in terms of what he went through as a child, so that’s something we’re extremely keen to explore and have fun with.” “We saw a glimpse of that showdown earlier this year, but she vanished before they could fully have it out.” When we return in Season 14, that will be our main focus.”

Will Kensi and Marty finally be able to have the child they’ve always wanted? If that’s the case, how will they balance being new parents with their demanding careers? What will become of Hetty’s relationship with Callen, especially in light of Callen’s recent altercation with Katya? These are just a few of the numerous reasons why we can’t wait for Season 14 to begin!

What are your thoughts? Have you been watching the CBS show NCIS: Los Angeles? Do you think this action series should be revived for the 14th season?