Netflix ‘The Weekend Away’ (2022) Movie Recap And Ending Explained – Who Killed Kate And Why?

'The Weekend Away' (2022) Movie Recap And Ending Explained

The Weekend Away,’ a Netflix murder mystery thriller, follows best friends Beth and Kate as they spend a weekend away in Croatia.

Due to Kate’s perseverance, the two of them spend the night at a disco bar, where they are approached by two males. Beth wakes up after a dreamy night to discover Kate has vanished.

As she searches for her friend, Beth comes upon a series of shocking facts that alter the dynamics of her personal life.

The mystery film, directed by Kim Farrant, has a surprising conclusion to its absorbing enigma. Let us share our comments on the film’s conclusion if you’re interested!


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The Weekend Away Plot Synopsis

Synopsis of ‘The Weekend Away’ (2022) Movie

The best of friends As they begin their weekend holiday together in Croatia, Beth and Kate meet. When Kate learns that Beth’s sex life hasn’t been active in a year, she asks Beth about her rocky marriage with Rob.

Beth and Kate go to a disco bar at Kate’s request, spend time with two gorgeous males, and invite them to their apartment.

Beth wakes up the next morning with a hazy recollection of the previous night and discovers Kate has vanished. She asks Zain, a Syrian cab driver, for assistance in finding Kate.

Mateo and Luka, the two escorts that accompanied Beth and Kate, are found by Beth and Zain, who suspect them of being complicit in Kate’s disappearance.

One of them, though, admits that they are not. Beth walks to the police station to report a missing individual. Meanwhile, Rob is on his way to Croatia to help Beth. They soon learn that Kate is no longer alive.

The police have confirmed that the crime is a homicide. Beth takes Kate’s phone and reads Kate and Rob’s texts. Rob had an affair with Kate, she realises.

Sebastian provides the police with information about the affair, and Beth is arrested on suspicion of Kate’s murder.

Beth is released from police custody due to a lack of proof. When she returns to her room, she discovers that Sebastian has installed a concealed camera in each room. She enters his computer room and watches the videos from the day Kate vanished.

Beth recognises Mateo and Luka as robbers, but she observes a taxi car that Kate had rented for the night. She meets Zain to speak with the cab driver, who tells them that Kate was dumped off at the police station.

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The Weekend Away Ending

Who Killed Kate at the End of ‘The Weekend Away’ Movie And Why?

When Beth notices that Kate’s complaint, like her initial missing person complaint, was not documented at the police station, she suspects Pavic is the killer.

When Beth sees the registration plate on Pavic’s car, which matches the plate she saw in Sebastian’s video, she confirms her suspicions.

While Kovac and Pavic pursue Beth and Zain in an attempt to apprehend them, Zain persuades Kovac that Pavic is complicit in the murder, and before Kovac can intervene, Pavic trips over a stone and dies.

Pavic’s previous misbehaviours toward women, as well as CCTV evidence showing a man beating Kate, causing her to tumble into the river and drown, led Kovac to conclude Pavic was the killer.

Beth, meanwhile, returns to London and begins a new life apart from Rob. Beth discovers a bead of the necklace she gave to Kate in Rob’s jacket pocket one day as she departs Aster with her father.

She realises that the assailant is Rob, not Pavic. Rob is concerned about Beth’s trip to Croatia to spend time with Kate. He is nervous as he wonders if Kate will tell Beth about her affair.

Kate runs into Rob when she returns from the police station after dismissing Pavic’s advances. He keeps asking her if she has already told Beth about their romance. Rob asks her not to ruin her friend’s life by sharing anything about them until he finds she hasn’t.

When Kate tells Rob that she is going, to be honest from now on, he becomes enraged, and the two fight. Rob slaps Kate, causing her to misstep and tumble to the stones, where she smacks her head. Kate falls into the river and drowns, resulting in her death.

Rob’s actions result in Kate’s death, despite the fact that he had no intention of doing so. Rob departs the shoreline, believing Kate is dead. Kate, on the other hand, was alive when she fell into the river and drowned.

Rob’s mistaken belief that Kate drowned as a result of a head bang prevents him from saving her.

Did Kate Love Rob

Did Kate have feelings for Rob? Do They Love Each Other?

Kate didn’t care for Rob. When Rob realises Beth is aware of his role in Kate’s death, he begins to confess. He understands he can’t reveal the truth because he’s attempting to mend fences with Beth.

As a result, he fabricates a storey claiming that Kate forced him to leave Beth, sparking a conflict when he made it obvious to Kate that he cannot abandon his wife. Rob, on the other hand, was the one who wanted to divorce Beth and move in with Kate.

Kate makes it obvious to Rob on the night of her death that whatever transpired between them was a rebound fling and the biggest mistake of her life.

Rob feels saddened by Kate’s assurance that he means nothing to her. He’s afraid of losing both Kate and Beth, so he tells her not to tell Beth anything so that his marriage can continue even if she doesn’t want him.

Instead of telling the truth, Rob tries to deceive Beth by claiming that Kate wanted him and that he refused her for Beth’s sake. Despite Rob’s best efforts, Beth knows that he can no longer be trusted and walks away from him as the cops arrive to arrest him.

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Do Beth and Zain End Up Together

‘The Weekend Away’ Ending: Are Beth and Zain Will End Up Together?

When Kate vanishes, Zain steps in to help Beth, who is in a precarious position. He joins her in her quest to learn the truth about Kate’s disappearance. Beth is upset when she learns that Kate died and that her husband had an affair with her best friend.

Even then, Zain is there to assist her. He puts his own life and livelihood on the line to help Beth find Kate’s killer.

Zain advises her to follow her heart and intuition rather than anything else. Beth leaves Croatia, but not Zain’s life, when the police close Kate’s case.

Beth receives a text from Zain shortly before leaving Aster with Rob, informing her that he will see her soon, implying that they are giving each other a chance. Beth’s face is illuminated by Zain’s text, just as his presence and company illuminate her life.

Beth finds herself at a crossroads in her life as she finally terminates her relationship with Rob, and she may have chosen the path that leads to Zain.

His sympathy and reliability could aid her in overcoming the traumatic end to her relationship with Rob.

As Beth enters a new period of her life, their compatibility may lead them to cultivate an outstanding relationship together.