Netflix’s ‘Byron Baes’: Are Nathan and Elle Still Together?

Are Nathan and Elle From Byron Baes Together

Netflix’s ‘Byron Baes,’ a reality docu-soap set in the gorgeous seaside town of Byron Bay, Australia, revolves around a group of artists, influencers, and businesses.

After all, it’s the first-ever production to give us a real insight into the lives of Australian content creators, with a particular focus on how their personal lives often overlap with their professional lives.

As a result, there’s always some form of drama, as proven by Nathan and Elle’s scenario —so let’s learn more about their wonderfully unique relationship, shall we?

Nathan and Elle’s Byron Baes Journey

The ‘Byron Baes’ Journey of Nathan and Elle

When we first met Nathan Favro and Elle Watson, they were not only good friends, but also roommates who had been living together for around six months (without any personal concerns).

Yes, they had locked lips in a drunken stupor shortly after starting to live together despite the fact that she had a boyfriend (Stav), but if Nathan’s testimony is to be believed, it never went beyond that.

Even if she acted “lovey-dovey” with him, he allegedly made it obvious later that he wasn’t interested in her in that sense, implying that they remained just friends.

Elle said that she was merely “protective” of her roommate, which was why she didn’t want him hanging out or talking to other girls, but everyone else in their group, including Nathan, finally used the word “jealous.”

It didn’t help matters that she’d made comments and assumptions about Sarah – the newcomer to town who the reality star was truly interested in – before even getting to know her.

That’s when the friends’ feud began, but it never escalated due to their mutual understanding, Stav’s surprising proposal, and Sarah’s return to her hometown of Gold Coast.

Nathan and Elle’s Byron Baes Still Together

Are Elle And Nathan Together?

Nathan and Elle have never been afraid to say that they care about one other, but they’ve also never been undeniably supportive of each other’s love relationships.

This was further emphasised when the former stated in a confessional that he “didn’t know how long” her engagement with Stav was “going to survive,” despite having already congratulated the couple.

According to the Netflix original, Nathan’s misgivings were mostly from what he’d seen or heard from Elle herself, but he was correct because they’ve now split up for real — yet he’s still a vital part of her life.

Even though their online presence indicates that they are still close, we don’t believe Nathan and Elle are dating, especially because he is based in Australia and she travels much for her charitable work.

However, it’s also important to note that she recently made an indirect comment on the rumours about her feelings for her roommate.

When a fan essentially asked if she was in love with the former ‘Bachelorette’/’Bachelor in Paradise’ star (Australian edition) on Instagram, as seen below, Elle just replied, “ha ha ha ha oh honey !!! I don’t know about that 😘😘😘😝😝😝.”

Furthermore, given she once referred to Nathan as “the other half of my Zimmer frame! Always boosting each other up when we need it most,” it’s safe to assume that their friendship is more important to her (and vice versa) than anything else.