Netflix’s Great Robbery: Where is ‘Raimundo Laurindo Neto’ Now?

Where is Raimundo Laurindo Neto Now

Over 30 people were identified as being involved in the Central Bank theft in Brazil after a lengthy investigation. In a bold endeavour, the criminals constructed an underground tunnel to the vault and took millions of dollars.

The ‘Great Robbery of Brazil’s Central Bank,’ a three-part Netflix docuseries, reveals how the authorities tracked down the burglars using traditional police tactics.

More than a decade after the theft, Raimundo Laurindo Neto, a relative of one of the masterminds, Alemo, was apprehended. So, how about we learn a little more about him?

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Raimundo Laurindo Neto

Raimundo Laurindo Neto, Who is He?

The Central Bank robbery in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil, in August 2005 was one of the most well-known robberies in history. The criminals constructed a tunnel about four metres deep and 70 cm wide after renting a property about a block distant from the bank.

It went from one of the residence’s bedrooms to the vault door. To keep the noise down, the robbers employed chainsaws, drills, and pliers instead of explosives, according to the authorities.

The authorities were tipped off to a similar incident in Porto Alegre, the Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, as they continued to investigate the case. Authorities in Porto Alegre and Alagoas, Brazil, foiled bank thefts as part of the Faço Toupeira operation.

A similar tunnel system was being employed, according to the episode, and Raimundo was caught along with more than twenty other persons. They had previously tracked Raimundo’s girlfriend, Liduina, and had recognised him.

Raimundo, on the other hand, eluded capture and remained a wanted man for more than a decade. Meanwhile, officials focused their attention on the other suspects, including Alemo and Moises Teixeira da Silva, as well as Fernandinho and Paulo Sergio De Souza.

At some point throughout the trial, more than 100 defendants were found guilty of their roles in the crime and sentenced to varied prison terms.

Where is Raimundo Laurindo Neto Today

What Happened to Raimundo Laurindo Neto?

Raimundo was apprehended in Ceará in September 2018. He spoke about how he and his colleague buried the money bags from the Central Bank heist on the side of a road approximately 12 miles from the crime scene, according to the episode.

Raimundo’s sentence for stealing, conspiracy, and money laundering was originally set at 170 years, but it was eventually reduced to 17 years.

He was cleared of allegations of being a member of a criminal organisation and false imprisonment in an unrelated case in September 2021. Raimundo appears to be serving his time at a Brazilian jail facility. He has also been probed for narcotics trafficking in the past.

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