Netflix’s Lou Ending Explained: What Happened to Lou and Hannah?

Lou Movie Ending Explained

Netflix movie Lou Ending Explained: What Happened to Lou and Hannah? – Anna Foerster is the director of the upcoming American action thriller movie Lou. The cast members are Allison Janney, Jurnee Smollett, Logan Marshall-Green, Ridley Bateman, and Matt Craven. A neighbour’s little daughter is abducted during a storm, forcing a mystery loner battling the weather and her own troubled past to leave her calm life with her dog.

However, dark secrets from Lou and Hannah’s past are revealed; as a result, linking the two of them in an unforeseen way. Here is everything you need to know about Netflix movie “Lou’s” conclusion if you’re wondering how Hannah and Lou are related and whether they are successful in their search.

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Lou movie plot synopsis

Plot Summary for “Lou” (2022) Movie

The title character, an elderly woman who resides in the woods on a big estate, makes her first appearance in the “Loumovie. She gives Hannah, a woman, a trailer park to rent. Lou hardly interacts with anyone in the community and just has her dog, Jax. Lou is getting ready to transfer control of her estate and Jax’s responsibilities to an unidentified person after unearthing a box of paperwork buried in her yard. Hannah is compelled to be ready for the storm as it approaches.

Vee, her small daughter, is distressed due to her father’s absence in the meantime. Chris, a friend of Hannah’s, visits the mother and child to ensure they have what they need to withstand the storm. Chris is slain on his way home by an enigmatic man who hails a ride during a downpour. The man soon arrives at Hannah’s house and diverts her attention. He takes advantage of the chance to abduct Vee.

Hannah discovers a postcard after finding out Chris is dead and Vee has been kidnapped. She concludes that her husband Phillip is responsible for the kidnapping. Hannah, however, believes that Phillip passed away three months ago. Lou gets ready to commit suicide elsewhere after leaving a message and burning the papers. Hannah, however, shows up at her door before firing the gun. Hannah reveals that Phillip has abducted Vee. The women cannot call the sheriff for assistance due to a lack of radio or phone signals.

Lou begins a search for Phillip and Vee after hurriedly gathering his supplies. Her dog, Jax, and her military training will be used to find the kidnapper. Lou soon makes it known that she was a CIA agent in the past but had to leave the organisation due to a failed operation. She consequently lives secretly on the isolated island. Lou is forced to battle and murder two of Phillip’s allies after he and Hannah run into them. She finds out, however, that Vee is being taken to a lighthouse on the island’s beach by Phillip. The rest of the plot revolves around Lou and Hannah’s ability to locate and save Vee.

Lou Ending Explained

Lou Ending Explained: Why Was Vee Kidnapped by Phillip?

Viewers learn more about Phillip and Hannah’s complex connection as the story continues. Lou is in charge of finding Vee and tries to comprehend Phillip’s intentions in the hopes that it will provide her with some hints. Lou, though, is keeping a secret of her own. Hannah admits that she married Phillip even though she knew about his psychological issues. His mental health negatively impacted their marriage, and despite her best attempts, Hannah was powerless to influence his actions. Hannah was compelled to run away from Phillip to shield Vee and herself from his mistreatment.

Lou and Hannah eventually reach Phillip and Vee. Lou discovers overnight camping in a rough area. So, without telling Hannah, she moves forward to confront Phillip. At gunpoint, Lou forces Phillip to talk about their horrible past. Lou’s mother is revealed to be Phillip during the chat. Lou was given a task in Iran when she was a CIA agent. The individuals Lou was making payments on kidnapped Phillip after he was born during the expedition. Lou declined to save Phillip to maintain her secret. Instead, she sought assistance from the CIA to free Phillip from the thugs.

The experience left Phillip traumatised, and he carried resentment toward his mother for leaving him. Therefore, Phillip’s reasons for kidnapping Vee are clearly related to his traumatic history. Phillip stabs Vee with an axe before Lou can help. He instructs Lou to take Hannah to the lighthouse as they take off together with Vee.

After finally catching up with Lou, Hannah discovers the truth about Phillip’s past. She is enraged with Lou and knows Phillip left the postcards for Lou. Lou also says that she planned the circumstances to get Hannah and Vee to the island to keep them safe from Phillip.

Do Lou and Hannah Find Vee

Does Lou Kill Phillip at the End?

The unexpected discovery that Phillip is Lou’s son creates a dramatic confrontation between the two protagonists. Additionally, Hannah and Lou must devise a method to protect Vee from Phillip’s risky scheme. Vee and Phillip shelter inside a lighthouse, which Phillip has bombed. He intends to kill his family and completely destroy the lighthouse to forget his past suffering. But before going to the lighthouse, Hannah contacts the sheriff and enlists his assistance.

Lou stops the explosion by attaching the remote to the bomb in the meanwhile. Hannah diverts Phillip, giving Vee a chance to get away. Lou steps in and starts a battle with her son, ending in death as Phillip tries to attack Vee and Hannah. Near the shore, during their altercation, Lou is badly hurt by Phillip. Lou succeeds in impaling Phillip with a rod, though. The CIA shows up in a helicopter after Phillip gives them Lou’s location. Phillip is killed in the shooting as the chopper shoots at the mother and son. The waves pull Lou and Phillip away after falling into the ocean.

Lou ultimately gives her life to save her grandchild and daughter-in-law. She feels compelled to kill her kid after realising that he cannot be saved. Lou had already admitted that she was aware of Phillip’s duplicitous tendencies. Therefore, she kept Hannah and Vee near her to keep an eye on them. The last shots show that Lou has decided to give Hannah her house and Jax. The hunt for Vee prevented Lou from committing suicide and instead brought her closer to her family.

After making peace with her past transgressions, Lou dies bravely. In contrast, viewers witness Hannah and Vee on board a ship in the final seconds as a pair of attentive eyes watch them from a distance. Jax appears to identify the individual, suggesting that Lou is still alive. Because Lou has important documents about the mission in Iran, the CIA wants her.

Consequently, her life is in danger. Lou, therefore, pretended to die to get away from the agency. Therefore, Lou is undoubtedly still alive and keeps an eye on Hannah and Vee. Lou resolves to stay concealed because her presence might risk the mother and daughter’s lives. She nonetheless keeps watching after her family in silence.

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