Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC’: Is Alex Hall Dating? Who Was Her Ex-Husband?

Is Selling the OC’s Alex Hall Dating

Is Selling the OC’s Alex Hall Dating? Who Was Her Ex-Husband? – The new Netflix Selling Sunset spin-off, “Selling the OC,” promises to feature just as much drama, glitz, and, of course, breathtaking real estate as the original series.

While the ensemble of Selling Sunset includes actors like Mary Fitzgerald and Chrishell Stause (as well as Christine Quinn before she left), the cast of the new show consists entirely of ambitious real estate agents.

In an effort to sell even more multimillion-dollar luxury residences, the new stars have joined Jason and Brett Oppenheim’s organization, The Oppenheim Group, as they expand to Orange County, California.

Adam DiVello, the creator of reality program, Selling Sunset and The Hills, Laguna Beach, and other television series, created the spin-off.

If there’s one thing that realtor Alexandra “Alex” Hall’s character in Netflix’s “Selling the OC” makes plain, it’s that she’s just as diligent as she is competitive, combative, and strong-minded. Even though the Laguna Niguel native has never spoken openly about her parents or siblings, it is clear from her children that she has a family to support and will go to any lengths for them. They actually seem to be the main reason she switched from interior design to real estate back in 2013, and she quickly became one of the “top tier” agents in the whole region.

Alex worked at every firm until joining The Oppenheim Group in late 2021, including First Team, Christie’s International, H.M. Sotheby’s International, and Pacific Sotheby’s International. Her abilities as a negotiator, businessperson, and visionary have significantly grown since then, improving the quality of her personal and professional experiences.

After years of practice, Alex joined The Oppenheim Group in November 2021 as a Real Estate Agent with a license. According to her Oppenheim Group profile,

“With a background in Interior Design she is able to give her clients an unsurpassed advantage when it comes to selling homes for record setting prices. Her personable and professional character allows Alexandra to build and maintain solid friendships, long-term clients, and a wealth of business relationships within the community.”

“Alexandra is young and ambitious, but she also brings wisdom of real estate knowledge that garners a charismatic sense of confidence in negotiating any type of real estate transaction.”

So now, if you just want to know more about Alex’s personal life, including her previous marriage, her two lovely children, and her potential love life right now, we’ve got you covered.

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Children and Ex-Husband of Alex Hall

Alex has purposefully avoided disclosing the names of her children as well as the identities of her former spouse since she likes to keep her private life private. In light of this, all we know about her is that she was married to her husband for seven years in the 2010s, during which time she joyfully brought “two lovely children” into the world: a daughter and a son. Although the reason for their divorce is still unknown as of this writing, she doesn’t appear overly angry about it because she was pleased with her family; it has allowed her to grow over the years.

Alex frequently shares photos and videos of both of her children on her public Instagram feed. She has even referred to her now-preteen daughter as her “best friend.” She acknowledged in the Netflix original that “it takes a lot of work to make this look easy,” despite having flexible hours, given her speciality as a full-time working mother. Since she loves her children with all of her heart, as was stated in the previous post, she works tirelessly to ensure their standard of living, well-being, and future opportunities.

Is Alex Hall Dating or Not?

Alex has actively started dating again after the ups and downs she undoubtedly experienced with her ex-husband. Still, it has been challenging because she already has a lot on her plate.

On “Selling the OC,” she admitted, “I used to think it was some great thing to do, and now I know it’s just another job I don’t need. Even if a day only has so many hours, I’m trying. She is picky about the people she lets into her life because she “wants to avoid experiencing what I went through again.” It also doesn’t help to say, “I don’t want to get divorced because I have kids involved.”

The time and work needed to start it all are often much more than Alex had ever anticipated, but she admits that she loves being a wife and hopes to play this position again in the future. She once said, “I’m either working or with my kids,” she stated at one point. “My career is growing, my business is growing, my kids are growing, and it’s all really good, but I want to share it with somebody… Well, it’s not, probably right now. Too much going on.”

Alex is still optimistic. She said, “hopeless romantic, or a hopeful romantic. I love love. I love being in love. I love the idea of love, and… I have hope.”

She even continued to meet new people after going on a dinner date with entrepreneur, singer, and director of film, Jeremy Finlay. Alex is currently single, although she did have a brief spark with Jeremy and that they appear to have stayed in touch, at least via Instagram.

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