Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 7 Release Date, Spoiler


The sixth episode of ‘Nine Perfect Strangers,‘ which revolves around the major characters eating hallucinogens, is arguably the most strange one yet. Masha, the leader of Tranquillum House, appears to be delving into some deep waters with her clientele while grappling with her own past. Things are heating up, and we can’t wait for the next episode. Are you interested in learning more? Here’s all we know about episode 7 of “Nine Perfect Strangers.”

The seventh episode will be crucial, as it will set the stage for the dramatic season finale. Delilah has expressed her desire to leave Tranquillum House and avoid being more involved in Masha’s dubious experiments. the things will even more chaotic for the Marconi family. Finally, we should expect to learn more about Masha’s tumultuous past.

“Wheels on the Bus” is the title of episode 7 of 9 Perfect Strangers.

Synopsis: Pressure on Masha intensifies, as she juggles the competing needs of her guests, discord amongst her staff, and her absolute commitment to healing the Marconi family.

Release Date for Episode 7 of Nine Perfect Strangers

Episode 7 of ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ will air on Hulu on September 15, 2021, at 12 a.m. ET. Every Wednesday at 12 a.m. ET, new episodes will be available on the site. The miniseries consists of eight episodes, each lasting around 50 minutes.

Where can I watch Nine Perfect Strangers Eps 7?

It will be available to watch on Hulu in the United States and Amazon Prime in other countries. Depending on your location, you can also watch all of the previously published episodes on the corresponding platforms.

Recap of Episode 6 of Nine Perfect Strangers

Masha imagines a young girl eating cake as she bites into Zoe’s leftover birthday cake, only to come to her senses and spit it out because she is allergic to sugar. Then we’re transported to the next morning, where the members of Tranquillum House continue to discuss their bizarre dreams before consuming an even higher dose of hallucinogens. The remainder of the day is a psychedelic fog, with Jessica imagining her nose has fallen off and Frances and Tony sharing an awkward kiss.

Meanwhile, the Marconi family sees strong visions of their deceased relative Zach, who speaks briefly with Zoe and Heather. In the chat Heather had with the apparition of her dead son, he tells her that the drug he was taken had side effects which included a tendency to ponder about suicide, something he claims his mother knew about. Heather becomes inconsolably upset as a result of this, and Masha is forced to sedate her. Things appear to be serious, as Masha, Yao, and especially Delilah are visibly concerned by Heather’s response. Masha then sees a young girl riding her bicycle into an oncoming car, which brings the episode to an end.