Outlander Season 6 Episode 3 ‘Temperance’ Recap and Ending Explained

Outlander Season 6 Episode 3 Recap

The aftermath of Henri-birth Christian’s is the subject of the third episode of Starz’s historical series Outlander‘ season 6. The dwarfism of the infant alters the dynamics of Fergus’ marriage to Marsali, driving the latter to despair. Tom Christie has surgery to correct a problem with his hand.

Claire is wary of Tom’s history because of his strange behaviour toward her. When Malva’s father undergoes surgery, Ian joins her. In the meantime, Fergus makes a life-changing decision, only to be stopped by Jamie. We took a close look at the episode’s ending because we were intrigued by the tensions that erupted towards the end.

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Outlander Season 6 Episode 3 Ending

Recap of Outlander Season 6 Episode 3

The third episode of season 6, titled ‘Temperance,’ begins with a bunch of kids putting Henri-Christian in a basket and letting him float in the river to see if he’s a demon. Jamie summons the kids to his house and orders them to touch either a scorching poker stick or the baby as a form of punishment for their misbehaviour.

When the kids touch the baby, they realise he’s not a burning demon boy. Fergus confides in Claire his concerns about Henri-future Christian’s as a dwarf. He drinks too much and blames himself for the baby’s dwarfism. He storms out of their house when Marsali asks him to quit consuming alcohol.

Tom Christie meets Claire and informs her that his left hand has healed sufficiently for him to proceed with the right-hand surgery. When Claire urges him to take the ether she created, he refuses and goes through the procedure without anaesthesia. When Malva visits her father’s enterprise from the outside, she runs into Ian.

Ian visits Malva at her home, and the two begin to form a bond. Malva tells Ian that her mother was hanged because of witchcraft charges. Tom spends the night with the Frasers after the operation so Claire can keep an eye on him.

Claire inquires about Tom’s strange behaviour toward her, and Jamie confirms that he was in Ardsmuir prison when Malva was conceived. Despite Jamie’s initial belief that Malva is Tom’s daughter from a second marriage, conceived shortly after his arrival in the New World, Jamie begins to have doubts when Malva tells him that she was born in Scotland.

Outlander Season 6 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

Why Does Fergus Attempt Suicide in Outlander Season 6 Episode 3?

Fergus and Marsali’s sweet connection is jeopardised as Fergus begins to believe that he is to blame for his family’s misery as a result of Lionel Brown. Guilt begins to build up in his heart, eventually leading to alcoholism.

Despite this, Fergus fights his sadness in order to be with his newborn kid, only to be stunned when he learns that his boy is a dwarf. He believes he failed to protect his wife from enemies who assaulted her, causing their son to grow into a dwarf.

Despite Claire’s assurances that his son’s dwarfism had nothing to do with the occurrence, Fergus’ guilt refuses to leave him.

Fergus is profoundly upset when Marsali tells him that she killed Lionel Brown for the harm he had perpetrated on their family. He bemoans his incapacity to safeguard his family and begins to feel ashamed of his wife’s protection.

After offending Marsali, he succumbs to drunkenness once more. His presence on the Quarter Day disgusts the new inhabitants on Fraser’s Ridge, prompting him to retaliate. He tries to commit suicide because he believes he is incapable of protecting and providing for his family as a man.

Fergus chooses to die rather than live under his wife’s protection, feeling guilty for failing to defend his family and child. He slashes his nerves, causing them to bleed to death.

Jamie, on the other hand, spares Fergus from death. Fergus’ adoptive father informs him that his family requires him more than he can provide. Jamie also reminds Fergus of the hardships he has endured in order to protect his family, as well as the potential he has to change his life.

Fergus learns from Jamie’s remarks that he must transcend the remorse he feels for no reason. He also recognises that he bears no responsibility for his family’s troubles. After coming to terms with his realisations, he reconciled with Marsali by swearing that he would no again drink alcohol.

Outlander Season 6 Episode 3 Recap

Do the Cherokees Get the Guns? Is the Revolutionary War Going to Start in Next Episode?

Yes, Governor Milton gives the pistol to the Cherokees. When Jamie recognises that he needs to give the Cherokees a fighting chance to defend themselves, he suggests that the governor be given the weapons they seek. As the Indian agent, Milton transfers the guns through Major MacDonald to Jamie, who will hand them over to the Cherokees.

When the Boston Tea Party occurs, the British Crown realises that rebels may soon wage war against Britain’s independence. In the wake of the impending war, Milton gives the Cherokees weaponry in order to persuade them to become possible military allies.

The Governor recognises that ignoring the Cherokees‘ demand will lead them to align with the Rebels, putting the Crown and Loyalists in jeopardy. In the meantime, Claire informs Jamie that the Boston Tea Party marks the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

Claire’s remarks serve as a warning to Jamie, who intends to abandon his allegiance to the Crown in order to fight for the Rebels in the War. Jamie may warn the Cherokees about their fate and the result of the War, which he already knows about thanks to Claire and Brianna.

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