Phenomena (2023) Pays Tribute to Paloma Navarrete: Who is She and How Did She Die?

Paloma Navarrete in Phenomena (2023) Movie – Phenomena” is an exciting Netflix movie starring Gloria, Paz, and Sagrario – three ghost hunters belonging to Father Pilon’s Hepta Group who investigate a series of paranormal incidents at an antique shop before things turn dangerous when Father Pilon is killed during a solo investigation. Gloria takes control and works to unmask any hidden truths behind these supernatural disturbances.

The movie manages to wrap up all loose ends in its plot while also offering unexpected twists and revelations related to an earlier case. As viewers discover, Hepta Group has been operating for almost 30 years while paying tribute to Paloma Navarrete (an actual member of Hepta Group and well-known paranormal investigator), who provided Gloria Palomeque’s character as inspiration.

Overall, “Phenomena” provides an entertaining look into the world of paranormal investigations and the Hepta Group’s efforts to uncover unexplained events. The movie offers a satisfying resolution of its narrative while leaving room for further exploration – perfect for fans of supernatural and horror genres alike!

What Happened to Paloma Navarrete

What Happened to Paloma Navarrete?

Phenomena” is an inspired-by-true events horror movie that chronicles the Hepta Group’s investigation of Monk’s Chest in Madrid, an antique shop with paranormal activity. Paloma Navarrete of the Hepta Group served as a model for Gloria Palomeque (the psychic medium in the movie). Navarrete first gained interest in paranormal phenomena from childhood, where she could detect things beyond the physical realm. To hone her abilities further, she sought help from shamans in Guatemala while probing further into mysteries of the mind mysteries.

Navarrete studied extensively within the field of parapsychology, such as psychology, mythology, and numerology. Her vast knowledge of this topic led her to write horoscopes for magazines and appear on multiple television shows and podcasts about it. Through the Hepta Group, she worked on high-profile cases while her passion for the paranormal was manifested through her book entitled Experiencias en la Frontera”.

Paloma Navarrete passed away after an extended illness in July 2022, yet this does not prevent Gloria Palomeque’s character from expanding on who Paloma Navarrete was as an individual; not only was she an investigator for parapsychology investigations, she was also a pharmacist with an avid passion for tarot cards and her faith in an afterlife gave hope that she still exists in some form.

Navarrete took pride in identifying as a witch while taking parapsychology seriously and became one of Spain’s premier parapsychological investigators; her legacy lives on through contributions made towards parapsychology research and inspiration provided to Gloria Palomeque in “Phenomena.”

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