Patricia Newsom Murder: Who Killed Her? – A Cold Case Story

Patricia Newsom Murder Who Killed Her

Patricia Newsom Murder – Crime Junkie podcast’s episode on Patricia Newsom’s murder case unfolds over decades in its episode titled ‘Murdered: Patricia Newsom.’ As we dive in deeper, this real-life mystery captures the listener’s attention en masse. Here, we explore its many layers, uncovering victim identity and circumstances surrounding murder as well as investigator efforts and pursuit for justice.

As we delve deeper into this captivating narrative, we will unravel the life and events surrounding Patricia Newsom’s murder, along with its investigation and any challenges ahead. Much like an unfolding television series, searching for answers regarding Patricia Newsom keeps us on the edge of our seats – eager to uncover its mystery! Let’s embark on this voyage together as we try to understand who Patricia Newsom was before she tragically passed away.

Who was Patricia Newsom

Who was Patricia Newsom?

Before delving deeper into this investigation, let’s get acquainted with Patricia Newsom, the central figure in this mystery. Patricia met an untimely death that would puzzle investigators for years after. Patricia lived with her family in Idaho during the 1960s before moving with them to Philadelphia. By 1972 she had attended a Sullivan County boarding school but abruptly left, leaving no trace of herself behind with anyone knowing. Her family would later lose all contact with her due to this escapade in 1973 and run away from it on their own accord.

Patricia comes from a complex past, filled with stories and gaps which only her sister Maryann Collette can fill in; thus making Maryann an integral character of this tale.

Patricia Newsom Murder Case

Patricia Newsom Murder Case

On a humid and rainy August morning in 1975, a truck driver stopped at Bradlee’s Shopping Center in East Haven, Connecticut for delivery purposes. Something in a nearby drainage ditch caught his attention: the body of a young woman covered by a tarp and gagged with black antennae wire was discovered there.

Patricia Newsom had been subjected to an unspeakably cruel crime. Bound and gagged, she had been left bound in water containing a large drainage pipe until heavy rainfall dislodged her body, revealing the shocking secret hidden beneath the surface. An autopsy determined she died due to asphyxiation by smothering, making this death officially classified as a homicide; her age was estimated between 18-28.

Patricia Newsom remained unknown despite undergoing an autopsy that provided valuable information. She had undergone a rhinoplasty procedure, suggesting she hailed from a middle-class or affluent background; dental and orthodontic work indicated this possibility as well. Investigators could not link Patricia to any missing persons reports nor identify her via a removed section of pubic bone.

Evidence at the crime scene, such as a tarp with white paint droplets and the item used to gag Patricia, indicated a local connection. It appeared the murderer was someone intent on keeping Patricia’s body hidden away for as long as possible.

Investigators were stumped by the mystery surrounding Patricia Newsom despite its wide media attention. Multiple potential matches from missing person reports proved futile; Glen Askeborn emerged as a possible suspect but denied involvement in Patricia’s case.

As time passed, Patricia Newsom lay in an unmarked grave at State Street Cemetery in Hamden, Connecticut in a metal casket intended for shipping remains; her identity remained an open and pressing mystery that required answers.

Investigation and Arrest for Patricia Newsom Murder

Investigation and Arrest for Patricia Newsom Murder?

Identification of Patricia Newsom marked an important first step but was only the start of a renewed hunt for justice. With Glen Askeborn now deceased, investigators faced the daunting task of reconstructing events leading up to her killing and looking for potential accomplices.

Chasing Shadows: Glen Askeborn, a Person of Interest

Glen Askeborn (also known as Samantha Glenner), who had long been under suspicion by investigators, had long been on their radar screen. Initially charged with murdering 51-year-old Amelia Cave from Hancock, Maine – this connection eventually led investigators to link him with Patricia Newsom’s killing; Amelia Cave’s body had been discovered near a shoreline similar to East Haven, where Patricia Newsom’s had been discovered.

Glenner was widely suspected in the Patricia Newsom murder case, yet he denied all responsibility. His record had already been stained by his conviction in Amelia Cave’s killing, for which he served 25 years of incarceration.

After Glen Askeborn died in October 2022, further complicating the case, investigators faced the daunting challenge of filling in gaps left behind by his absence.

Maryann Collette: The Hero in the Shadows

Maryann Collette, Patricia’s sister, stands out in this case because of her unwavering dedication and use of modern technology to locate her sister’s story and unravel its details. Without Maryann’s efforts alone, Patricia may well have remained hidden forever.

Maryann created a NamUs profile for Patricia in 2021, offering invaluable assistance to investigators. Through GEDmatch, Maryann submitted her DNA sample – this move eventually led to Patricia being identified and became a source of hope for many families searching for their missing loved ones.

Maryann was inspired to act by her love for her older sister and used every available resource to uncover the truth in this case. Maryann is a testament to the strength of familial bonds as she utilized every available tool in search of answers.

Unearthing Patricia’s Remains: A Complex Task

Tracing Patricia Newsom was only part of the challenge. Locating her remains in State Street Cemetery in Hamden, Connecticut, proved more daunting; due to its state of disrepair and absence of records, this task proved complex and time-consuming.

Tony Griego played an invaluable role in connecting Captain Joseph Murgo to the family responsible for maintaining the cemetery, with whom they attempted two exhumations operations – each time with great anticipation and uncertainty.

In June 2022, their first attempt was a disillusioning disappointment – not Patricia they found; rather it was someone unidentified. Additionally, they discovered a cemetery full of unmarked graves, which seemed even stacked atop each other, further complicating matters.

Investigators persisted, however. By July 2022, they returned with ground-penetrating radar from the U.S. Agriculture Department and were successful in locating Patricia’s resting place and exhuming her remains; this step proved crucial in solving her murder mystery.

A Testimony to Perseverance and Modern Technology

The Patricia Newsom murder case highlights both perseverance and modern technology’s role in solving cold cases. If it weren’t for Maryann Collette and law enforcement agencies’ collaboration in solving it together with advances in forensic science, this 48-year old mystery could still remain unresolved today.

As investigations progress, one cannot help but wonder what new revelations may surface. The Patricia Newsom murder is more than a historical mystery; it represents determination, resilience and the pursuit of justice that continues even today – proof that some mysteries can be unlocked after nearly 50 years have passed.

Patricia Newsom Murder Case Solved or Not

Patricia Newsom Murder Case Solved or Not?

As soon as Patricia Newsom was identified, attention shifted toward solving the murder mystery. While there has been progress made towards discovering the truth. There remain significant obstacles along the path towards uncovering it all.

One significant development is that Glen Askeborn (also known as Samantha Glenner), one of the people suspected in Patricia’s murder, passed away in October 2022. Although suspecting himself of involvement in her demise, he insisted on living in East Haven during that time and denied all involvement with Patricia’s demise.

Now, investigators seek to unearth missing puzzle pieces in order to reach a resolution. Maryann Collette – Patricia’s sister who played an essential part in identifying her – remains central in their search for answers; thanks to her tireless commitment and modern technology she brought Patricia’s tale out from under the shadows.

Yet many questions still abound regarding Patricia’s life between her escape from boarding school in 1973 and her death in 1975; investigators are seeking information regarding whereabouts during those crucial years.

Detectives are reaching out to anyone who may have known Patricia across several regions, including Sullivan County, New York; Maine, New Jersey, Connecticut; Philadelphia; and Idaho, where her family had connections. Even as time passes and witnesses fade from memory, they remain determined to uncover all aspects surrounding Patricia’s untimely demise.

The Patricia Newsom murder case serves as an illustration of the power of perseverance and collaboration, using modern technologies in conjunction with individuals like Maryann Collette and investigators to bring justice for a long-forgotten victim.

Now, as the case moves to center stage, let’s remain patient and hopeful that more pieces will fall into place, eventually unveiling the truth about Patricia Newsom murder. Her tale remains ongoing.

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