Recap and Ending Explanation of Landscapers Season 1 Episode 2

Landscapers Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

The terrible 1998 murder of William and Patricia Wycherley, an elderly couple living in Mansfield, is the subject of Ed Sinclair’s ‘Landscapers.’

With its stylish cutting, dark humour, and breaking of the fourth wall, the HBO true-crime limited series principally centres on the Wycherleys’ daughter and son-in-law, Susan (Olivia Colman) and Christopher Edwards (David Thewlis).

The show’s first episode introduces us to the Edwardses, who are fiercely devoted and hide horrible secrets.

Details of the couple’s crime begin to emerge after the police discover two victims buried in Mansfield; Susan and Christopher decide to return to the UK to face the authorities.

We learn how the Edwardses communicate with the police in the second episode, as well as what version of the truth they believe in.

Here’s a breakdown of ‘Landscapers’ episode 2’s recap and conclusion.

Release Date and Time for Landscapers Episode 2

Landscapers Season 2 Episode 2 will premiere on HBO on December 13th, 2021, at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Because there are only four episodes in the mini-series, it will be over in less than two weeks.

Recap of the Landscapers Season 1 Episode 2

The episode begins with a flashback of Susan as an adolescent. The focus then shifts to William and Patricia, who are both playing the piano and drinking alcohol.

The programme continues to repeat Christopher’s parting advice to Susan, which he gave her just before they were separated for questioning.

“Simply and gently explain our narrative.” There’s no need to make something up. He says, “Just tell them the truth.”

Susan’s lawyer, Douglas Hylton, then advises her to offer “no comment” when the cops question her.

Furthermore, he reminds out that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) only has until the end of the night to provide enough evidence to win a trial or secure a postponement.

Susan tells him her side of the tale, which he records for the cops.

Susan is being interrogated by Emma and Paul. Susan responds to a series of inquiries by saying “no comment,” and Douglas recounts her statement from the night of the Wycherleys’ murder.


Meanwhile, DCI Collier discovers that the Edwardses have shady financial dealings and were friends with French actor Gérard Depardieu.

We get flashbacks of Susan and Christopher’s first date throughout the episodes; she meets his loving mother, and he later walks her back home.

Meanwhile, Christopher refuses to hire a lawyer, opting instead to meet with the cops on his own. His account of that tragic day in 1998 is identical to Susan’s.

He says he wanted to talk to the police about the Wycherleys’ killings but couldn’t because his wife is “extremely delicate.”

Susan formed a joint account with her mother the next working day after the Wycherleys died and moved all the funds from her parents’ account to it, according to Sandra Winters of the forensic financial department.

The police become upset because they lack hard evidence against the Edwards that would allow them to upgrade their manslaughter charge to a double murder charge.

Susan and Christopher’s interviews are handled by Emma. As Emma manipulates Susan and Christopher, the carefully phrased storey they’ve been repeating all day begins to show cracks.

When Susan becomes concerned about what her husband has disclosed, she offers a comprehensive narrative of what transpired the night of her parents’ deaths.

Meanwhile, we get flashbacks of Susan confessing the same to Christopher at the start of their relationship as she exposes alarming truths about her relationship with her father.

We see glimpses of Susan’s traumatic childhood and youth, and we learn that Christopher witnessed Susan’s parents’ cruelty when they locked her out of her own house on her first date.

landscapers-season 1 episode 2

Later, Paul adds that, in light of the new information received from the Edwardses, the police will be requesting more custody time.

When the end credits begin to roll, we see clips from old news headlines discussing Susan and Christopher’s account to the cops and how the authorities refused to believe it.

In the newscasters’ voice-overs, the terms “manslaughter” and “provoked” are highlighted.


What Story Do Susan and Christopher Tell the Cops at the End of Landscapers Episode 2?

Susan’s head is filled with Christopher’s litany of “Just tell our storey” throughout the programme.

She gives a very thorough account of what transpired in May 1998, including even minor details like the fact that she caught the route number 450 train from Victoria Coach Station to Mansfield.

“I am not responsible for my father’s death,” she says in her statement. “I believe he was shot by my mother.”

“I did shoot and fatally injure my mother, but only after considerable provocation from her,” it adds, explaining Patricia’s death. At the time, I was in a really vulnerable mental state.”

Susan claims that she only told her husband about the murders a week after they happened.

landscapers-episode 2

Meanwhile, Christopher continues to tell the same storey, emphasising how the Wycherleys were reverently buried a week after their deaths.

He claims that he provoked his wife into shooting her mother. The police are sceptical of the couple’s tale, and they are right to be suspicious of why the Wycherleys died after Susan paid them a visit after more than a year of silence.

How do Susan’s and Christopher’s Stories End Up Being So Different?

Susan and Christopher are both accidentally revealed facts they had previously opted not to tell as a result of Emma’s skilled linguistic and psychological manipulation.

Emma hunts for flaws in the couple’s statements, knowing that they will falter if they can’t interact with one other and substantiate their accounts.

Susan, who is clearly the weak link in the relationship, falls prey to Emma’s tricks almost immediately.

Susan is initially startled when Emma informs her that Christopher is collaborating with the authorities.

“You said he wouldn’t talk!” Susan yells angrily at Douglas. Susan’s father was abusive, and her mother was an occasional alcoholic, Christopher says later. Susan couldn’t have shot her father, he claims, since he had too much power over her.

According to the authorities, William and Patricia were both shot by the same perpetrator. It becomes clear that the Edwardses are concealing information.

Christopher describes how he first met Susan on Tuesday (following the bank holiday weekend) and then accompanied her to her parents’ house on Friday.


They stopped for fish and chips on the way home and sat down to watch television. Christopher gets heated up when Emma asks if he can smell the Wycherleys’ decomposing carcasses, which have been stashed in the upstairs bedroom.

“Susan is sometimes economical with the truth,” Christopher admits when Emma questions Susan about her plan to open a joint bank account.

“Susan has always had much bigger things to worry about than money,” he continues.

Emma, on the other hand, records their chat about Susan being a “mercenary” and uses it to prod Susan into divulging facts.

According to the police, Christopher revealed to Susan that Patricia confessed to something the night of her death. Susan, who is crying, then relates what happened.

We witness a staged situation around the Edwardses whenever they recount their version of the event, in which the actors on the screen (Susan, the police, Christopher) appear to be experiencing the storey in real time.

The background goes black when their stories falter. The warped nature of the reality that the Edwardses believe in is highlighted by such visual cues and backdrops.

What did Patricia Wycherley Tell Susan On The Night Before She Died?

The police encourage Susan to talk about her parents when Christopher admits that Susan’s parents were abusive and that Patricia confessed something to Susan the night of her death.

Susan describes how her parents were frequently arguing and how she awoke to the sound of gunshots over that tragic weekend in May 1998.

Susan describes how she witnessed an inebriated Patricia standing close to her father’s body, holding a revolver.

landscapers-Patricia Wycherley

Patricia then allegedly pointed the revolver at her and called her husband a “grabby little man,” according to her. Susan picked up the gun after she flung it on the bed to be on the safe side.

Patricia exclaimed, “God knows why you’d care [about William’s death]…after what you’ve been through,” and Susan realised her mother was aware of the abuse.

As a result, we learn that Patricia was aware of William’s sexual abuse of Susan while she was a child.

“For years, I despised him. “I despised you as well,” Patricia said to Susan. “I’m well aware of what he did to you. Susan burst into tears as she stated, “I knew, and I just let it happen.”

“He didn’t want me at all… He couldn’t even pull it up after that!” her mother raged.

Susan attempted to contact Christopher, but her mother informed her that he was only interested in her for sex and would not assist her.

Susan’s final straw came when Patricia told her, “He [Christopher] doesn’t love you.” Nobody cares about you. I tried my hardest, but it’s difficult to love you.

If you hadn’t been born, it would have been better for all of us.” Susan is then shot twice in the chest by a weeping Susan. The provocation that the Edwardses keep bringing up is this.

Patricia Wycherley-Reveal-Death

The Wycherleys’ murder and Patricia’s confession are mixed with flashbacks from Susan’s first date with Christopher in a stylized manufactured scene (with props and sets).

After years of torture, it’s clear that only Christopher could make her feel safe. Susan also admits that burying the dead was Christopher’s idea because he wanted to keep her safe from the cops.