Recap and Ending Explanation of Yellowjackets Season 1 Episode 5 ‘Blood Hive’

Yellowjackets Season 1

The story deepens in ‘Yellowjackets’ at the halfway point of its first season. ‘Blood Hive,’ the fifth episode, is named.

Coach Scott’s apparent attraction to Misty (Christina Ricci as an adult and Sammi Hanratty as a teen) took a strange and hazardous turn in 1996.

Lottie’s (Courtney Eaton) schizophrenia increases as her medication run out. Except for Shauna (Melanie Lynskey as an adult and Sophie Nélisse as an adolescent), all of the females had their periods at the same time.

Jackie (Ella Purnell) continues to struggle in her situation. Her latest attempt to raise the spirits of her employees by staging a séance backfires.

In 2021, Taissa (Tawny Cypress as an adult and Jasmin Savoy Brown as a teenager) makes crucial campaign decisions, while Nat (Juliette Lewis as an adult and Sophie Thatcher as a teenager) and Misty discover that there was someone else in the barn where Travis died beside them.

Here’s all you need to know about the fifth episode of ‘Yellowjackets.’


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Recap of Yellowjackets Episode 5

Shauna’s remorse over betraying Jackie returns when she realises that all of the girls’ periods synced except hers in 1996.

She tries to disguise the fact by displaying a deer-blood-soaked cloth, but Taissa discovers. Jackie is having trouble keeping up with the rest of the gals.

Shauna confronts her buddy and tells her the truth, giving her the confidence she had before the plane tragedy.

Yellowjackets Episode 5

When the girls begin to wonder if the cabin is haunted, Jackie persuades the others to have a séance.

Taissa and Laura, on the other hand, have decided not to attend. Laura Lee, a genuine Christian, chooses to stay downstairs for religious reasons, while the former does so because she thinks the whole thing ridiculous.

Coach Scott is poisoned by Misty in the meantime. While it isn’t enough to kill him, it does make him aware he is in danger.

He tries to rein her in by telling her that he understands how she feels but can’t do anything about it because she is a minor and he is a teacher.

Travis and Misty exchange a kiss, while Taissa and Van’s secret relationship is revealed.

The séance gives the girls some levity at first, but then strange things start to happen, and Lottie’s conduct becomes unpredictable.

Yellowjackets Episode 5 Recap

Laura Lee takes it as a sign when Coach Scott pukes, so she climbs up to the attic and throws the Bible at Lottie, jolting her out of her trance.

Callie discovers that her mother has been unfaithful in 2021. When she tries to blackmail Shauna, the latter makes it obvious that doing so will result in mutually assured destruction.

Someone set candles beneath Travis in the barn to form the shape of the mystery symbol Misty, and Nat discovers. Taissa believes her son Sammy scribbled the word “Spill” in blood-red on her door.

When she questions him about it, he replies that the woman who he claims is following him wrote it.

Taissa considers abandoning politics briefly before accusing her opponent for vandalism in front of the press.

Yellowjackets Episode 5 Ending

Who Is Blackmailing Taissa and Nat in Yellowjackets Episode 5?

Nat contacts Taissa after learning that someone else was there at the location where Travis allegedly committed suicide.

Nat and Misty appear to be as astonished as the latter. They both receive a message on their phones demanding $50,000 in cash and instructing them not to contact any of their friends as they discuss the recent events.

Taissa and Nat, on the other hand, resolve to call Shauna right away. Misty has hidden a camera in Nat’s motel room and has been watching and listening to their whole chat, which neither of them is aware of.

The individual who demands the ransom is almost certainly the same one who delivered the postcard. Jackie died during those 19 months.

Therefore she isn’t one of the survivors who has gone off the grid, and she isn’t the one sending the postcards, according to this episode.

Shauna gives Jackie her heart-shaped pendant necklace from 1996 in episode 6 and tells her daughter about the girl who was her best friend in 2021.

It’s still possible that one of the survivors, possibly one of the protagonists, sent these postcards.

Misty has a reputation for being a suspect. And it’s becoming evident that she enjoys inciting violence and turmoil and then watching it unfold with delight.

We shouldn’t rule out the possibility that she sent the postcards and messages only for her own entertainment, then claimed to have received one herself to distract attention.

Yellowjackets Episode 5

Is Shauna expecting a child? What is the Father’s Name?

Yes, Shauna is expecting a child, and Greg is most likely the father. Before she departed for Seattle, they had spent some time together.

No one notices when she skips her period, except Taissa, who informs her of something she may already know: if they stay in the Ontario wilderness long enough, others will find out.

For Shauna, this means Jackie, who will undoubtedly find out who the father is.

This child is most likely not Callie; the dates do not match. So, whatever happens to this child in 2021, it will not be a part of Shauna’s life.

Interestingly, Lottie thinks “it” is within Shauna during the trance. This suggests that whatever occurred to the youngster has something to do with Lottie’s psychotic illusions.