Recap and Explanation of Dexter: New Blood Episode 7

Dexter New Blood Episode 7 Recap

The predator becomes the protector in ‘Skin of Her Teeth,’ the seventh episode of the revival series ‘Dexter: New Blood.’

As Angela (Julia Jones) asks the former Miami Metro forensic expert to discover out what happened to her friend, Jim Lindsay (Michael C. Halbecomesome Dexter Morgan once again.

Harrison’s (Jack Alcott) Dark Passenger continues to appear, and he tells his father certain things.

Kurt (Clancy Brown) is apprehended, but the case against him begins to crumble the instant he confesses.

Angela and Molly (Jamie Chun) begin to suspect Dexter is doing something strange. Meanwhile, a familiar face from the first season of the ‘Dexter‘ series makes a return, albeit in a flashback scene.

Here’s all you need to know about the seventh episode of ‘Dexter: New Blood.’


Recap of Dexter: New Blood Episode 7

Episode 7 picks off where the previous episode left off. Dexter enters the caves and dons surgical gloves, thereby turning back the clock.

Iris was still alive when she was buried beneath the rocks, and he tells Angela. He also discovers a bit of skin lodged in one of the deceased’s teeth.

Still, He tells Angela not to get her hopes up, as the DNA test on the skin is unlikely to yield any meaningful results, considering that the sample has been exposed to the environment for the past 25 years.

Later, he debates executing Kurt with Conscience Debra (Jennifer Carpenter). Debra, for the first time, tells him that he should do that.

Her clothing is suddenly soaked in blood, reminding Dexter of what occurred the last time he trusted the authorities to bring a murderer to justice.

Audrey begins to avoid Harrison at school, perhaps realising that his proclivity for violence is far more serious than she can grasp.

Angela already has Kurt’s DNA samples, which he submitted to the cops freely while they were still looking for Matt.

The samples taken from the caves come back with a match of more than 60% to Kurt’s.

Kurt, on the other hand, speculates that his controlling father murdered Iris, effectively providing a plausible explanation for the test results.

And Angela has no choice but to relinquish control and let him go.

Dexter New Blood Episode 7 Recap

Who Attacks Dexter at the Final Moment of Dexter: New Blood Episode 7?

After intervening to break up a confrontation between Harrison and the child’s friends whose arm he shattered, Dexter attempts to communicate with his son, who opens up to him.

However, there is yet another misunderstanding between them, and Harrison departs. Dexter gets ambushed from behind by a man just before the episode concludes.

This character appears several times throughout the show. He offers Harrison money in exchange for his assistance in unloading his truck.

He hands the youngster an envelope for his father before they part ways. He discovers a titanium screw inside when he opens it.

This man’s name is Elric Kane, and he’s most likely a hired murderer. Dexter discovers an identical envelope to the one he was sent while searching through Kurt’s office.

This one, however, has a $5,000 check for Elric Kane. Kurt has discovered that Dexter murdered his son.

Dexter knows from personal experience that killing a serial killer’s family member is never a good idea.

And it appears that he was correct. Kurt has hired professional to kill him.

Did Dexter Kill the Trinity Killer

Is Dexter the Trinity Killer’s killer?

Yes, in ‘The Getaway,’ the fourth season finale of the original series, Dexter killed Arthur Mitchell or the Trinity Killer.

He sedates Arthur and transports him to Arthur’s fallout bunker, where the kidnapped boy is hidden.

Dexter collects Arthur’s blood sample, and Arthur is appalled, explaining that he never enjoyed murdering people.

He also alleges that he tried to stop himself multiple times and appealed to God for someone to intervene.

It’s clear that Kurt believes Dexter is that person. Dexter returns home after killing the Trinity Killer to find Rita dead in the bathtub and Harrison sitting in his mother’s blood, just like he did when Harry found him all those years before.

Does Harrison Remember What Happened to His Mother

Is Harrison Aware of His Mother’s Death?

Harrison eventually remembers what happened to his mother, Rita, in Episode 7. It used to give him nightmares.

All of the memories came flooding back after listening to Molly’s podcast. After killing Rita, Arthur actually spoke to him, softly telling him that his father would be home soon.

Harrison becomes convinced that his father has always suspected that something is seriously wrong with him and that this is why he left.

Harrison flees by grabbing a ride in the car of one of his new buddies before Dexter can correct him.

What Happened to Iris

Iris, What Happened To Her?

Kurt’s first kill, according to reports, was Iris. At the time, he had only recently begun driving trucks.

He saw Iris one night and offered her a ride. He informed her that he would take her home when he realised she was fleeing.

Kurt grabbed her as she attempted to exit the van, forcing Iris to bite his hand. That’s how his skin ended up in her teeth. He grabbed his hunting gun and shot her as she leaped out.

This became a part of his routine later on. If Kurt hadn’t lied to cease the hunt for Matt, Angela would never have discovered Iris’ remains.

He knew it would eventually bring them to the caves, revealing the secret he had been keeping for the past quarter-century.

Where Can I Watch Dexter: New Blood Episode 7 Online?

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