Recap and Explanation of Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 7 ‘Keep the Wolves Close’

ellowstone Season 4 Episode 7 Recap and Review

The fourth season of ‘Yellowstone‘ is all about protecting one’s legacy, and John Dutton’s work has never been tougher.

With dangers like Garrett Randall and Market Equities CEO Caroline Warner ready to seize the chance and steal what is rightfully theirs, John decides to take a risk in the season’s seventh episode.

In the process, John may have created a new foe who will likely prove to be his most dangerous yet.

We’re confident that viewers will have questions about the episode’s events and conclusion.

In that case, here’s everything you need to know about the season 4 episode 7 finale of ‘Yellowstone’!

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Recap of Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 7

‘Keep the Wolves Close’ is the seventh episode of the fourth season of ‘Yellowstone,’ and it begins with a peek at life at the Four Sixes Ranch.

The action then changes to the Yellowstone Ranch, where John advises Carter to iron out his differences with Beth.

Kayce and Tate spend some quality time together at Kayce and Monica’s new home. Monica knows she no longer has to be concerned about the Duttons’ adversaries endangering Tate.

Carter tries to make amends with Beth, but she refuses. Carter considers leaving the ranch, but Beth changes her mind and chooses to give him another chance.

Jimmy joins Emily at the Four Sixes Ranch and assists her in gathering horse sperm. Emily invites Jimmy out to supper after work, and he accepts.

Christina wonders if Jamie will be a good father while spending time with his son. Beth takes over as the Head of Operations at Market Equities and starts working there.

She is, however, taken aback to find that Market Equities is planning a rapid growth in Montana, although it lacks the necessary acreage.

Teeter approaches John and asks if she and Laramie can stay on the ranch. She admits that she has the Yellowstone sign tattooed on her back.

As a result, John grudgingly agrees to let the girls stay at the bunkhouse.

Summer is apprehended by Beth, who focuses her attention on a protest against Market Equities’ airport expansion.

Meanwhile, Governor Perry meets with John and informs him that she is resigning from her position in order to run for Senate.

She considers endorsing Jamie’s candidacy for Governor, but John chooses to run for Governor himself.

Kayce and Mo track down the stolen horses and track them down under the supervision of a sheriff’s officer.

The horses are eventually returned to the Brocken Ranch Reservation. Avery admits to having affections for Kayce.

Governor Perry closes the show by revealing to the media that she is backing John for Governor of Montana.

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Why Is John Running for Governor in Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 7?

Governor Perry makes an unexpected entrance into the show, immediately indicating to viewers that she has some important business to discuss.

Perry isn’t one to mince things, and she makes it obvious that she intends to endorse Jamie for Governor of Montana as she runs for the Senate. John, on the other hand, is opposed to the proposal because he believes Jamie will have too much power.

Jamie, according to Perry, is a good politician who comes from the well-respected Dutton family, making him the ideal choice.

Unfortunately, Perry is unaware of all of the Dutton family’s secrets, including the recent tensions between John and Jamie after Jamie’s adoption was exposed.

Despite this, John believes Jamie should be kept out of the office and decides to enter.

He tries to drop out of the race before it even begins, but Beth persuades him otherwise. She declares that as Governor of Montana, John will have complete authority to deal with any harm to his family or property.

John agrees since the opportunity is too excellent to pass up. On the surface, John looks to be running for Governor to outdo Jamie, but he is evidently working in the ranch’s and the state’s best interests.

Jamie is open to the concept of allowing Market Equities to continue operating in Montana, despite the fact that doing so would jeopardise John’s and the state’s ranchers’ way of life.

As a result, in John’s opinion, he is not a suitable choice. John is a more likeable candidate in the public eye since he wants to safeguard the state’s conservative beliefs and lifestyle.

What Does Lloyd Get When He Goes To The Pawnshop?

Lloyd and Walker have been at odds with each other for the past few episodes. John forces the two guys to fight in the sixth episode, demonstrating that their animosity is trivial and infantile.

Walker and Lloyd appear to have reached an agreement in front of John. However, it shows in the seventh episode that Lloyd still has a grudge against Walker and wants to kill him.

Lloyd visits a pawn shop and exchanges a valuable belt buckle for a mystery item. He slams his belt buckle against a row of revolvers, implying that he intends to procure a weapon with which to put an end to Walker’s life.

Lloyd, on the other hand, returns to the bunkhouse with a guitar instead of a rifle!

Lloyd gives Walker the guitar as an apology for ruining the cowboy’s instrument in the previous episode, much to everyone’s amazement at the bunkhouse.

As a result, Lloyd atones for instigating the feud. Walker sings a song dedicated to Lloyd, and the fight is over!