Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton star in the sixth season of Outlander

Outlander Season 6

Everyone is waiting for the Outlander season 6 on Starz, so why not have fun while we wait?

Fortunately, this is exactly what the network’s new video below is for. In this clip, Richard Rankin (Roger) and Sophie Skelton (Bree) engage in a spirited and amusing discussion about how well they genuinely know each other.

The end result is every bit as entertaining as you might expect! It works out for the two of them now and then. Unfortunately, there are also times when it falls down a cliff quickly.

While we understand that this film will be about the questions and answers for some, that is not how we see it. Instead, it serves as a reminder of Richard and Sophie’s amusing connection!

Outlander Season 6 photos

When you work long hours on location, the most significant thing you can hope for is a good working connection with some of your coworkers; it appears that they have that and more.

This may or may not be season 6 footage, but it’s most likely one of the several short videos Starz shot during the show’s production.

They are well aware that they require small bursts of information to assist cover the gaps; this is one of the network’s most popular series, with a global fan following!

If you’re wondering when an entire season 6 trailer will be published, we anticipate seeing more when we attend New York Comic-Con in a few months.

The difficulty there is, of course, in waiting that few months to get to it! Nevertheless, season 6 will present challenges to all Frasers as we prepare for the start of the Revolutionary War.

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