Roger Lamar Motley Murder Case: How Lynda Block and George Sibley Were Executed?

Sergeant Roger L. Motley Murder Case

Sergeant Motley was shot and died after being alerted that a child in the parking lot needed assistance while he was out shopping. In the parking lot, Sergeant Motley discovered an adult guy and the youngster in a car. As he approached the vehicle, the individual pulled out a gun and engaged Sergeant Motley in a gunfight. During the fight, both men were injured.

Roger was still alive when paramedics arrived at the injured officer, but he died from his injuries later, turning the case into a homicide investigation.

Shattered: No Way Out,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, explores the horrible murder and demonstrates how a tragic sequence of circumstances took the life of an upstanding police officer. Let’s delve into the details of this case to see if the offenders are still alive.

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How Did Roger Lamar Motley Die
Sergeant Roger Lamar Motley

What Caused Roger Lamar Motley’s Death?

Sergeant Roger Lamar Motley worked for the Opelika Police Department and lived in Opelika, Alabama. He was regarded and adored by his community for being a trustworthy citizen and law enforcement officer.

Roger’s coworkers also remarked that he would frequently go the additional mile for anyone who required assistance. Roger, in fact, had given his bulletproof vest to another cop who required it on the day of his murder, and thus was unable to defend himself against the armed assault.

On October 4, 1993, Roger was supposed to pick up a few goods for the Opelika Police Department at a local Walmart. When he arrived at the store, a random passerby informed him that there was a car in the parking lot with a child who appeared to be in need of assistance.

The toddler had mouthed the words “Help me,” according to the observer, who believed the entire family was living out of the van. Roger decided to investigate the automobile, parked behind it, and asked the man inside for his driver’s licence.

Instead of cooperating, the man grabbed a revolver and began shooting at the officer indiscriminately. Roger sought to hide behind his car, but a woman approached from behind and fired a shot at him.

Roger was shot in the chest by a bullet, and because he was not wearing a bulletproof vest, he dropped to the ground as the couple escaped in their car. When paramedics arrived, they moved Roger to a neighbouring hospital right away, where he was later pronounced dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

Sergeant Motley had spent 18 years with the department. His wife and four children survived him.

George Sibley
George Sibley

Who Killed Sergeant Roger Lamar Motley and Why?

Roger Lamar Motley was shot in broad daylight in front of a large number of witnesses, who provided investigators with multiple leads to pursue. Eyewitnesses described the culprits’ appearance and provided a comprehensive description of the vehicle in which they were riding.

Officers dispatched a message to all area police stations, requesting that everyone keep a watch out for Roger’s killers.

The killers were eventually apprehended on Alabama’s Wire Road, but cops who approached the vehicle observed that, despite the presence of a child in the backseat, the pair were heavily armed.

The cops opted to take it easy since they didn’t want the situation to spiral out of control. According to the episode, the standoff between officials and the culprits lasted for hours.

Lynda Lyon Block
Lynda Lyon Block

However, the couple eventually gave up and were arrested without incident. The killers were identified as Lynda Lyon Block and her common-law spouse, George Sibley, once they were apprehended.

The couple was originally from Orlando, Florida, but were fleeing the state after failing to appear for an unrelated assault charge sentencing, according to the show. Despite being caught red-handed, the accused were charged with Roger Lamar Motley’s murder.

Lynda Lyon Block was executed in Alabama’s infamous electric chair, nicknamed “Yellow Mama”, on May 10, 2002. It would be the last time the state of Alabama would execute someone by electrocution.

How George Sibley and Lynda Lyon Block Were Executed?

No one could figure out who fired the shot that killed Roger after he was put on trial. As a result, at their 1994 trial, Lynda and George were both found guilty of capital murder and sentenced to death.

Lynda Lyon Block was eventually electrocuted to death on May 10, 2002. On the other hand, according to the show, George attempted to halt his execution by filing a plea in which he claimed Lynda was the one who fired the fatal shot. The petition was refused, and George Sibley was executed on August 4, 2005, via lethal injection.

Watch full documentary ‘Shattered: No Way Out’ (season 3, episode 2) on YouTube TV and Amazon Prime Video.

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