Sex Psitols: Is Steve Jones Bisexual or Straight?

Photo of Steve JONES and Johnny ROTTEN and SEX PISTOLS
UNITED KINGDOM - OCTOBER 21: Photo of Steve JONES and Johnny ROTTEN and SEX PISTOLS; Johnny Rotten (John Lydon), Paul Cook & Steve Jones performing live onstage at Dunstable's Queensway Hall (Photo by Chris Morphet/Redferns)

Is Sex Psitols’ Steve Jones Bisexual, Gay or Straight? – Stephen Philip Jones is an English rock guitarist and radio DJ who was born on September 3, 1955. He was a member of the Sex Pistols as a guitarist. He established the Professionals with former bandmate Paul Cook when the Sex Pistols disbanded.

He’s also collaborated with Johnny Thunders, Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, and Thin Lizzy, and released two solo albums. With members of Guns N’ Roses and Duran Duran, he founded the short-lived supergroup Neurotic Outsiders in 1995. Jones was placed #97 in Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” list, which was released in 2015.

Pistol‘ chronicles the growth and demise of the Sex Pistols, a legendary British punk band, as well as the group’s chaotic inner workings. The story begins with Steve, the band’s founder and vocalist, who has transitioned to a guitarist. Steve leads a promiscuous lifestyle, as one might expect from a punk rock guitarist.

We see him with a few men in addition to a series of women. In a flashback, Steve is shown as a teenager on a train becoming rowdy with another boy. Much of what is described in the FX miniseries is based on Steve’s memoirs; thus, much of it is accurate. Here’s everything we know about whether Steve Jones is bisexual or heterosexual in real life.

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Is Steve Jones Gay

Is Steve Jones Bisexual, Gay or Straight?

Steve has several sexual connections with women in ‘Pistol,’ including Chrissie, Nancy, and even (briefly) Pauline. He also recalls experiencing oral sex from another youngster when he was a teenager in flashbacks. The series’ depiction of Steve’s sexual escapades turns out to be very true. Steve talks about his interactions with men and being molested by his stepfather in his memoir, ‘Lonely Boy,’ on which the performance is based.

Steve revealed in a Rolling Stone interview that being assaulted by his stepfather when he was ten years old perplexed him about his sexuality for years. He became a “kleptomaniac and sex addict” as a result of it. Steve, on the other hand, confirmed that he is “100% not gay at all.”

Steve has spoken up about his sexual involvement with men and women throughout his teenage years in earlier publications and in his memoir. Steve performed sex activities on another man in exchange for money shortly after being molested by his mother’s companion. On another occasion, a child in a closed-off area of a train performed sex acts on Steve in exchange for 50p.

Steve has noted, however, that despite his male-centric sexual introduction, he was always confident in his sexuality and preferred women. The Sex Pistols guitarist also admitted to engaging in excessive sexual activity when he was younger, saying he “generally had sex in a cupboard or a toilet or an alley around the back of the theatre.”

According to a source on Contact Music, Steve once requested sexual favours from Megadeth’s vocalist Dave Mustaine in exchange for performing on their record. For appearing on the 1988 album ‘So Far, So Good… So What!,’ Steve allegedly sought $100 and “some suction.” However, it appears that no sexual favours were exchanged.

Steve appears to be straight on the surface, and at least part of his sexual interactions with males can be traced back to his problematic background. Steve became a “sex addict” as a result of the incident, according to him, and has been unable to settle down with anyone.

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