Saima Khan Murder: Where is Sabah Khan Today?

Where is Sabah Khan Today

When Saima Khan was found stabbed several times to death inside her family home in Luton, England, the town was terrified. Although the murder scene appeared to be a heist gone awry, the furious nature of the homicide made it seem like an act of vengeance.

Deadly Women: Lover Makes Three,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, explores the horrific murder of Saima Khan and exposes how the investigation led straight to Saima’s own sister, Sabah Khan.

If you’re interested in learning more about this case and where Sabah is right now, we’ve got you covered.

Who Killed Saima Khan
Care worker Saima Khan was found with 68 different injuries in Overstone Road on 23 May last year

What is Sabah Khan’s Background?

Because Sabah and her sister Saima came from a traditional Islamic family, the sisters were very close. Saima was married to Hafeez Rehman at the time of her murder, and the pair had four children together.

Despite the fact that their marriage appeared to be great, Hafeez was having an illicit affair with Sabah. According to the episode, Sabah became fascinated with Hafeez and set up the romance since he couldn’t refuse her.

Sabah and Hafeez were in a relationship for about four years, and they had frequent sexual encounters. According to the show, Sabah became pregnant due to the affair and was compelled to abort the baby to keep the affair hidden.

In fact, Hafeez wanted to marry both sisters but decided against it after learning that his religion barred it. The adulterous affair, on the other hand, strained the relationship between the two sisters, forcing Sabah to leave their family home.

Despite the fact that Hafeez was still seeing both women at the time, living without Sabah made him recognise the significance of Saima.

As a result, Hafeez began leaning in closer to his wife and giving her more attention, which irritated Sabah. She was worried that she was losing control of her guy, so she determined to put an end to it once and for all.

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Sabah was alone at home on May 23, 2016, caring for her sister’s children when she realised she had the perfect opportunity for murder. She then texted Saima’s phone, claiming that her youngest child had requested her mother.

Saima dashed back to the family house, where Sabah stood ready with a knife. She attacked Saima mercilessly, stabbing her 68 times. The victim’s right hand was severed, and she was on the verge of being decapitated.

The stab wounds severed Saima’s arteries and jugular vein, resulting to her death, according to an autopsy.

After the murder, Sabah staged a failed heist, concealed the murder weapon in her room, and shattered the window before calling her parents and alerting them of the robbery.

Investigators quickly resorted to CCTV footage, which showed Saima entering the house about 11 p.m. on the night of the murder. Sabah was also arrested after the murder weapon was discovered in her room.

Sabah Khan
Sabah Khan In Bedfordshire prison

What Happened to Sabah Khan And Where is She Now?

Sabah Khan first maintained her innocence, but after being brought before the court, she opted to plead guilty to the charges.

In 2017, she was sentenced to 22 years to life in prison as a result of her actions. She tried to appeal her sentence after that, but her plea was dismissed.

As a result, because Sabah is still not eligible for parole, we may fairly assume she is still detained in a Bedfordshire prison.