Sandra Stevens’ Death Or Murder: What Caused Her Death? Who Was Killer?

Sandra Stevens With Her Boyfriend

Sandra Stevens was just in her early 20 and had her whole future ahead of her until she died in December 2014 due to a series of incidents.

What happened in the days preceding up to Sandra’s death has been a source of debate and speculation ever since.

Sandra’s case is included in part of Investigation Discovery‘sStill A Mystery: Guns and Secrets,’ which seeks to explain how the authorities handled the case.

So, if you’re curious about what transpired, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

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Sandra Stevens
Sandra Stevens. Suspect Suicide.

Sandra Stevens’ Cause of Death

Sandra Elaine Stevens, a native of Oklahoma, graduated from high school in 2011. The 21-year-old moved gears after a term at a community college and enrolling in a hair school.

She had recently graduated and was working in a restaurant at the time of the incident. Sandra enjoyed athletics during her school and volunteered to assist with children in addition to painting and modelling.

A 911 call reporting a gunshot at 4:53 a.m. on December 6, 2014, prompted officials to rush to a home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Sandra’s boyfriend dialled 911, and officers discovered her in his room, resting against a wall. A 12-gauge shotgun was by her side, and she had been murdered by a shotgun blow in the face.

The killing was first ruled a homicide by the police, but they changed their minds after speaking with witnesses and scrutinising evidence gathered at the site.

Sandra Stevens House
This house on Thursday, May 4, 2017, in Oklahoma City, Okla is where Sandra Stevens died. Photo by Steve Sisney, The Oklahoman

Sandra Stevens was Killer

When questioned, the boyfriend, an Army veteran, stated that the couple had been bickering because he believed Sandra was cheating.

As a result, he slept on the couch all night before being roused at 3 a.m. when they proceeded to the bedroom to continue their conversation.

The boyfriend then claimed that he was leaving the room for smoking while he heard the gunfire and came back to find Sandra dying.

The boyfriend went on to say that the 21-year-old was drinking, taking drugs, and having emotional issues at the time.

Sandra had cut herself a few days before her death, he claimed, after closing the bathroom door. Despite the fact that the shotgun belonged to the boyfriend, the authorities felt the couple had no history of violence.

Apart from a small amount of blood on his left hand, there was no indication of blood on his clothes. When he tested Sandra’s pulse, the authorities believed this had happened.

Based upon the evidence, it was assumed that Sandra committed suicide. Her family, on the other hand, had a different opinion.

They stated she would never kill herself, and they believed her lover was involved. According to them, Sandra was intending to return home and had told them about his suspecting her of being unfaithful.

In addition, text messages between Sandra and her boyfriend revealed that he was always curious about her whereabouts and used a GPS to follow her.

When it was discovered that one of the boyfriend’s past partners had also committed suicide, there was even more cause for alarm.

Holly Sjostrom, 22, died of a bullet wound in 2011, and her death was deemed a suicide.

In a disturbingly similar situation, Holly’s boyfriend was there & said they had fought earlier, that Holly had taken drugs and had been depressed.

Holly’s family claimed she was going to break up with him when she died in that case as well.

Others who lived at Sandra’s home were also interrogated. The majority of the boyfriend’s statement was supported by a couple who claimed they were awakened by him knocking on their door and informing them of Sandra’s death.

However, Sandra’s roommate, Austin Albright, claimed that she had gone back home earlier that night but returned angry as she had nowhere to go.

On the other hand, Sandra’s family indicated that she had been welcome to return whenever she wished.

Sandra Stevens Funreal
Sandra Stevens. Suspect Suicide.

The boyfriend allegedly informed Austin that he was smoking in the garage when the shotgun was fired, despite previously telling officials that he was in the living room when the shotgun was racked.

While the authorities concluded in 2017 that both Sandra and Holly’s deaths were not the result of foul play, the families’ concerns remained. “I’m going to keep trying,” Sandra’s mother stated. There’s a narrative there somewhere.

There are two young ladies. There are two girls, not just one. This guy, I’m sure he’ll do something else.”

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