Sarma Melngailis’ Mother ‘Susan Toye’: What Was Her Financial Loss to Anthony Strangis?

Sarma Melngailis Mother

Do you want to know how much money Sarma Melngailis’ mom Susan Toye lost to Anthony Strangis? Let’s find out.

Netflix’s latest fascinating true-crime documentary, Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives, has already piqued the interest of viewers. The film chronicles the rise and collapse of Sarma Melngailis, a restaurateur who ran Pure Food and Wine in New York City, a popular vegan cafe frequented by celebrities.

There’s no disputing that Sarma Melngailis was once regarded as the best vegan in the world, but her entire world was wrecked after she married Shane Fox or Anthony Strangis.

After all, he dumped her out of millions by convincing her that he’d fulfil her every wish as long as she didn’t question his weird requests or views, as revealed on ‘Bad Vegan.’

The oddest thing was that it featured not only a discussion of ethereal entities and money transfers, but also promises of clearing her debt and immortalising her beloved pet dog. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Anthony somehow managed to drag her mother into his alleged fraud, making things even worse.

So, if you want to learn more about her, we’ve provided you with the necessary information.

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Who is Sarma Melngailis’ Mother

Who is the Mother of ‘Sarma Melngailis’?

Sarma Melngailis was born on September 10, 1972, in Newton, Massachusetts, as the youngest of two daughters of John Melngailis and Susan Toye, who divorced when she was nine years old.

Both of her beloved parents remarried after their divorce, with John marrying Michaele Weissman and Susan marrying Bob Jasse in 1981, but it appears that they actually remained friendly.

More crucially, even after Susan H. Jasse moved to New Hampshire, the Melngailis girls seemed to have no trouble obtaining affection from either mom.

It was there, in Walpole, that she and her new life partner built Alyson’s Orchard, an apple orchard that overlooks the Connecticut River and offers views of Vermont’s mountains in the distance, in the early 1980s.

Susan, a Notre Dame Academy and Miami University graduate, is the one who started The Orchard’s Wedding/Events division, which has apparently done wonders for the company.

To get to where she is now, she has held the positions of CEO and President since her husband’s death in 2008, which means she still owns and administers the lovely estate, Susan hasn’t retired.

Anthony Strangis

Susan Toye Lost how Much Money to Anthony Strangis?

Sarma Melngailis introduced Anthony Strangis to her mother around Thanksgiving 2012, according to the Netflix original, and he fully and utterly charmed her.

That’s why Susan consented to assist out financially as well as engage with him via e-mail anytime he started a dialogue, especially because she assumed the money was solely going towards her daughter’s overall well-being.

Susan “started to believe based on what he was saying that if he didn’t obtain the money for Sarma, she would have a nervous breakdown,” according to a report, because her daughter was bulimic, on heavy anti-depressants, and had had an abortion.

Thus, Anthony was able to obtain approximately $450,000 from Sarma’s mother over the course of a few months, all of which she had taken out of trust, charges Susan’s former son-in-law has rejected through his counsel.

The Netflix original show Bad Vegan: Fame, Fraud, and Fugitives is now available to stream.

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