Season 10 of The Blacklist: Renewed or Cancelled?

Season 10 of The Blacklist Renewed or Cancelled

The Blacklist,’ created by Jon Bokenkamp, is a crime drama that premiered on September 23, 2013.

It centres around Raymond “Red” Reddington, a high-profile criminal who surrenders to the FBI with an intriguing idea.

He is willing to supply sensitive information on some of the world’s most sought criminals in return for his freedom.

While the relationship between Red and FBI agent Liz Keen is the show’s pivot for the first eight seasons, the storyline of season 9 takes a huge turn.

Due to its gripping storey twists and James Spader’s excellent portrayal of Red, the long-running drama has gained a large fanbase.

Viewers were apprehensive about the influence Megan Boone’s (Liz Keen) departure might have on the show’s popularity.

Despite this, it appears that Season 9 of the crime drama has managed to keep viewers captivated.

People have already begun speculating about the possibility of a tenth round, given the fascinating developments in the current season. So, that’s everything we have to say about it!

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The Blacklist Season 10 Plot Synopsis

The Release Date for Season 10 of ‘The Blacklist’ TV Show

Season 9 of NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ premiered on October 21, 2021. There are nine episodes in the ninth season, each lasting 40-45 minutes.

Here’s the deal with the tenth season of the show. Neither NBC nor the show’s creator has made any future intentions public.

Amir Arison’s (Aram Mojtabai) social media post implying that he was back on set of the programme sparked a lot of enthusiasm among fans in early January 2022.

This generated speculation that a season 10 could be in the works. Arison’s post, on the other hand, was most likely about the team resuming filming for Season 9 after another production hiatus.

Furthermore, Season 9 is currently airing, so it’s too early to predict whether or not a tenth round will be held.

After all, the current season’s ratings have been shifting, and the show’s broadcast times have changed a few times.

However, the show has been a consistent performer for the network and has a devoted fan base. As a result, the NBC crime drama is likely to return following its 9th season.

So, if the programme is renewed shortly and follows its typical schedule, season 10 of ‘The Blacklist’ will premiere in last quarter of 2022.

Season 10 of The Blacklist Cast Details

Who Could Be in Season 10 of The Blacklist: Full Cast Details?

Because Raymond Reddington, aka Red, is the show’s central character, we may expect James Spader to reprise his role if the show returns.

  • Diego Klattenhoff (Donald Ressler),
  • Harry Lennix (Harold Cooper),
  • Amir Arison (Aram Mojtabai),
  • Hisham Tawfiq (Dembe Zuma), and
  • Laura Sohn (Alina Park).

However, depending on the fate of the characters in season 9, there may be some adjustments to the cast lineup.

Despite the fact that Megan Boone is no longer a part of the show, her onscreen character Liz Keen remains a vital aspect of the plot.

On the other hand, there is a chance that season 10 will feature some new faces.

What Will Be The Plot of Season 10 of The Blacklist?

The ninth season begins two years after Liz Keen’s death. The current season focuses on everything that happens in the lives of the main characters throughout that time period.

Red’s true identity, on the other hand, remains a mystery. Red and the others work together to solve some difficult cases while dealing with the ups and downs of life.

So, if Season 10 is announced, we may expect more suspenseful drama. And, maybe, we’ll learn more about Red’s true identity.

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