Seath Jackson Murder: Where is Amber Wright Today?

How Did Seath Jackson Die

Seath Jackson Murder: Where is Amber Wright Now? – The abrupt disappearance of a teenager in April 2011 had the police looking for leads. But they quickly became aware of a troubling development, which brought to a dismal finding. The most recent episode of Lifetime’sSleeping With a Killer” explores what transpired to Seath Jackson in Florida and the cold-blooded scheme to have him killed at a residence. So, we can fill you in if you’re curious about what transpired.

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Seath Jackson Murder

Why Did Seath Jackson Die?

Scott and Sonia Jackson welcomed Seath Jackson into the world in January 1996. He had two brothers. He was regarded as a good-hearted young man who wanted to compete in the UFC. Along with being an animal lover, Seath enjoyed spending time with his many friends and going four-wheeling with his family. Seath had recently split up with Amber Wright, his teenage girlfriend at the time of the event.

On April 18, 2011, Seath’s parents filed a missing person’s report after getting no response from him. The investigation came to a tragic end when the authorities the next day received a tip. They discovered Seath’s burnt remains in paint buckets loaded down with cinder blocks at a flooded quarry in Ocala, Florida. At home near Summerfield, Florida, a burn pit contained fragments of human bones. Before his body was cremated, the detectives found that Seath had been battered and shot in the head with a.22-caliber weapon.

Who Killed Seath Jackson

Who was Seath Jackson’s killer?

Seath Jackson and Amber Wright’s relationship started in December 2010 but ended in March 2011. They had been fighting on Facebook the days before the altercation in front of the public. According to the investigation, Michael Bargo and Amber, who was 15 at the time, started dating. Later, William, Samalot, one of Seath’s pals, claimed that Michael had mistakenly believed that Seath had assaulted Amber. Thus, the two youngsters were at odds with one another.

At the time, Justin Soto, Kyle Hooper, who was 16 at the time, and Michael all resided at Charlie Ely’s home (then 20). Kyle’s sister, Amber, frequently visited. On April 19, 2011, Kyle and Amber’s mother notified the police that Seath had been killed at Charlie’s residence; Kyle had told her. As a result, the police arrived at that house immediately to identify Seath’s killer.

A week before the murder, Michael had made a death threat on Seath, according to the inquiry. Kyle became enraged with Seath after discovering him in bed with a girl he admired. According to court records, Kyle messaged the girl about killing Seath. On April 17, Michael discussed killing Seath with Kyle and the others and came up with a plan. Seath would be attracted to the home by Amber, and then be attacked by Justin, Michael, and Kyle.

On April 17, according to William Samalot, he and Seath were at a friend’s home, but they split up at about 9:15 o’clock when Seath left to go to Charlie’s house. Amber asked Seath to visit under the guise of sorting things out and reuniting, as evidenced by texts they exchanged later that evening. The three of them set out on foot to Charlie’s house after meeting Seath and Amber.

Then it was discovered that Michael had shot Seath with a.22-caliber gun after Kyle had struck him with a blunt item to the head. Amber and Charlie sheltered in another room as an injured Seath fled the house. Then, in the front yard, Justin tackled Seath while Michael reopened fire on the 15-year-old. Seath was brought inside by the three men, where he was placed in the bathtub.

Seath had to have his kneecaps broken for him to fit in a sleeping bag. When Michael realised Seath was still alive, he attacked him and continued to shoot him, particularly in the face. After that, the corpse was burned in a firepit. The following morning, James Havens, Amber and Kyle’s stepfather, drove Michael and Justin to an Ocala quarry. Paint buckets containing Seath’s remains were packed with weights before being dumped into the water.

Kyle had used bleach to assist Amber and Charlie with cleaning up at the home. Evidence yet persisted. After discovering a projectile among the remains, the.22-caliber weapon was identified as the murder weapon by the police. Kyle’s DNA was discovered in a blood mixture containing Seath’s blood in the living room, while Charlie’s DNA was discovered in a blood mixture located in the bathroom. The blood on the kitchen ceiling also included Michael’s DNA.

The remains discovered in the quarry and the firepit were subjected to DNA testing, which revealed they were from the same individual. Then it was determined that the remains belonged to Sonia and Scott’s biological son. Michael had also given different accounts to other persons about getting into a fight, killing a child, and then burning the body. He stated that he committed the act in retaliation for the child raping both his sister and, in a different account, his girlfriend.

Where is Amber Wright Today

Where is Amber Wright Now?

The authorities soon detained all five, and they each received a different punishment for their role. Kyle and Amber were both convicted of first-degree murder in June 2012. Amber did, however, show up for a retrial in early 2016, which also resulted in the same verdict. She was subsequently given a life sentence.

Charlie and Justin were both given life terms; however, the conviction of the former was overturned in 2020, resulting in a guilty plea to a lesser crime and a subsequent release. Because he was the mastermind, Michael was given the death penalty. According to prison records, Amber is still detained at the Homestead Correctional Institution in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

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