Severance Episode 4 ‘The You You Are’ Recap And Ending Explained

Severance Episode 4 Recap

The 4th episode of ‘Severance‘ Directed by Ben Stiller, continues Mark Scout’s descent into Lumon Industries’ corporate secrets. The thriller series follows Mark as he tries to figure out what his position at Lumon really entails.

Mark, on the other hand, has remained sceptical of all the signs offered to him by Petey, his coworker. Petey’s death is likely to intensify Mark’s hunt for an answer, and the fourth episode lays the groundwork for it.

However, the episode closes on a dramatic cliffhanger that demands answers about the fate of a key figure.

Allow us to answer all of your questions about Apple TV+ ‘Severance’ episode 4 if you’re likewise perplexed by the program’s conclusion!


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Severance Episode 4 Ending

Recap of ‘Severance’ Episode 4

‘The You You Are,’ the fourth episode, opens with Helly resuming her time in the break room. Helly is only permitted to depart once Mr. Milchik is convinced by her apology.

Helly’s annoyance with Lumon grows after being released from the Break Room. Mark, on the other hand, is trying to figure out what to do with Petey’s phone. Mark hides the phone after inspecting it for information, rather than discarding it.

Helly discovers the map that Mark is keeping hidden at Lumon, sparking a heated argument among the squad. Mark tosses the map out the window and tells everyone to get back to work.

Burt, the head of the Optics & Design Department, pays a visit to the Macro Data Refinement team and hands out the new handbooks ahead of time. He also extends an invitation to Mark’s team to explore his department.

Irving pays a visit to the Optics & Design Department, where he becomes friendly with Burt while discussing Lumon’s culture and the Eagan philosophy. Ms. Cobel is also under pressure from the board and has to deal with Petey’s death, which has gotten a lot of coverage.

When Mark hears about Petey’s burial, he chooses to go. Mark runs to see Mrs. Selvig at the funeral, and the two talk about Petey.

June, Petey’s ex-wife and daughter, is also introduced to Mark. During the service, Mrs. Selvig carefully takes the severance implant from Petey’s lifeless body.

Mark is distressed by the funeral and seeks solace from a tree in the middle of nowhere. Helly requests a video conversation with her outie the next day at work. If she is not allowed to do so, she threatens to cut off her fingers.

Ms. Cobel agrees to let Helly make a film of herself for her outie in order for her to resign. Helly, on the other hand, returns to Lumon with a different video disc. Helly’s outie explains that she is unable to leave the job since workie Helly is a fictitious character.

As a result, she has no say in the matter. Ricken’s book is discovered on the severed floor by Mark, Irving, and Dylan, who begin reading it. In the end, Helly resorts to yet another desperate ruse to get out of her work.

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Severance Episode 4 Ending - Is Helly Dead

Is Helly Dead in ‘Severance’ Episode 4?

Ms. Cobel made up a meeting for Mark with Ms. Casey, the wellness counsellor, in the final seconds of the episode. Ms. Cobel is aware that Mark is upset about Petey’s death. As a result, she may have planned the meeting with Mark’s best interests in mind.

Mark is going over the session with Ms. Casey while Irving is talking to Burt. Dylan and Helly remain in the workplace until it is time for them to leave. Helly says his goodbyes to Daryl as he prepares to return.

Dylan continues reading the self-help book Mark has stowed away after she departs. Helly, on the other hand, does not truly exit the building, but makes another frantic attempt to depart Lumon.

Helly’s plot to kill herself in outie form to escape the Lumon labour ethic is revealed in the final scene. As we cut to the titles, she hangs herself in the elevator. Helly’s destiny is left unanswered at the end of the episode.

Helly, on the other hand, is likely to live. While Helly prepares to hang herself, Dylan uses voice-over to read a poem on fate. Helly may not be able to avoid working at Lumon just yet, based on the words.

Furthermore, we still don’t have a complete understanding of the elevator’s true nature or how the severance operation works. As a result, there could be a number of things that unwittingly save Helly.

Finally, severance creates a separate persona at work, therefore Helly’s actions could have a significant impact on her outie. Lumon may have predicted such an occurrence and put in place protections to prevent deaths on the separated floors.

Mr. Graner has previously been seen intervening when someone tries to tamper with the elevator so that he can reach in time to save Helly.