Where is ITV’s Series ‘Stonehouse’ Filmed?

Where is Stonehouse filmed

Where is Stonehouse filmed? – Stonehouse is a British TV show about the life of disgraced British government minister John Stonehouse. It was first shown from January 2 to 4, 2023. Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes were the stars of the show, which was directed by Jon S. Baird and based on a script by John Preston.

The series is partly based on facts and partly on fiction. It tells the story of how a well-known Labour politician from Britain, John Stonehouse, disappeared from the beach of a luxury hotel in Miami, Florida, in November 1974. Stonehouse was the former Postmaster General in the government of Harold Wilson and the MP for Walsall North. Stonehouse swam into the sea to make it look like he drowned, but all he left behind was a neat pile of clothes.

Stonehouse had faked his own death in America so that he wouldn’t bring shame on his name. He was sent back to the UK from Australia because he had been spying, forging, stealing, and making up stories to get money.

Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes, who are married in real life, played husband and wife on the show. The cast also includes Kevin McNally, Emer Heatley, Dorothy Atkinson, and Will Adamsdale. Also, the use of different places shows how John Stonehouse’s life has changed, which is sure to raise questions about where the show was actually filmed. If you want to know more about where the movie was filmed, read below.

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Stonehouse Series’ Filming Locations


The main filming for the show’s first season started early in 2022 and continued until April of that year, according to the most recent information. Most of “Stonehouse” takes place in England, mainly in the Birmingham, West, and East Midlands regions. But most of “Stonehouse” was shot in the West Midlands Region. In the county of Warwickshire, they filmed a lot of important scenes for the season. Most of the main production of the show happens in a number of places all over the local government district of Warwick.

Some extra scenes for the show “Stonehouse” are filmed and recorded in the East Midlands Region, which is in England and makes up the eastern half of the Midlands. Even though it looks like the production crew goes to a lot of other cities and towns in the area to film, Leicester is one of the most important places to film for the series.

In March 2022, the cast and crew were seen filming many important scenes in and around the historic Old Contemptibles bar, which is at 176 Edmund Street in Birmingham’s city and metropolitan district. The series takes place in both the abandoned Henley College Coventry on Henley Road in the city of Coventry and Harborne’s neighborhood, southwest of Birmingham.

Avon, which is both a market town and a civil parish, is one of the places where the Sandstone series was filmed. A few scenes were seen being filmed by the crew. Stratford, which most people just call “Stratford,” is a market town and civil parish in England’s West Midlands. It is in the county of Warwickshire. It’s right next to the River Avon. Royal Leamington Spa is a town in the county of Warwickshire in England.

Birmingham is both a city and a borough in the English county of West Midlands. People think of Birmingham as the social, cultural, economic, and business centre of the Midlands. Birmingham is in a part of England called the West Midlands. It is about 100 miles from London. In the Middle Ages, Birmingham was a market town in Warwickshire. It grew during the 18th century’s Midlands Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution, which brought about improvements in science, technology, and economic growth, as well as many innovations that set the stage for many parts of today’s industrial society. In 2021, Birmingham was the third city in the UK that international tourists visited most.

Málaga, Spain

Matthew Macfadyen, who plays John Stonehouse, was recently interviewed by British Period Dramas. In the interview, he talked about what it was like to film in another country with the rest of the cast and crew. “That was filmed in Malaga, which stood in for Miami. It was very cold in the water. Some of us were in wet suits and had cameras. Some of us, like me, don’t have it with a wig and mustache. It was very cold outside. I can swim well, which is a good thing. John Stonehouse was, too. The weather in Spain was terrible. Awful storms.

On the last day of filming, all the sand and dust from the Sahara Desert turned the sky yellow. We shot there for a total of six days, and except for one, no one was allowed in the water because it was too dangerous. Huge waves were coming in. Then we had one day with only a little sun, so we decided to go for it. It should work on the screen. Málaga is a city in Spain that serves Miami. It is where several important scenes in the show take place, including the beach scene where John fakes his death by leaving his clothes on the shore.

Stonehouse based on true story

Is ITV’s Stonehouse is based on Real Story?

The story is based on the incredible rise and fall of British politician John Stonehouse, which happened in real life (Matthew Macfadyen). Stonehouse’s life, which seemed perfect on the outside as a rising member of Prime Minister Harold Wilson’s (Kevin R. McNally) Labour government and devoted family man, falls apart in the early 1970s amid rumours of fraud and espionage. John Stonehouse, Postmaster General in Harold Wilson’s cabinet and Member of Parliament for Walsall North, went missing in November 1974.

No one knows what happened to him. After Stonehouse jumped into the water and pretended to drown, his clothes were all that was left. At the time, people thought the 49-year-old politician had drowned or been eaten by sharks. In reality, he had left his family behind to have an affair in Australia. Stonehouse’s faked death in the United States was a pointless attempt to protect his reputation. After being charged with spying, forgery, theft, and fraud, he was sent back to the UK from Australia.

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