Succession Season 4 Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained

Succession Season 4 Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained

Succession Season 4 Episode 9 Recap – HBO’s Succession‘ follows the Roy family as they engage in an internal power struggle between Logan Roy and his children, all vying for his approval and validation. As Season 4 comes to a close, an unexpected twist unfolds, removing Logan from the narrative. Episode 9 portrays Logan’s funeral ceremony while political maneuvering occurs behind the scenes, leading to broken promises and shattered alliances.

In Episode 4×09, Shiv, one of Logan’s daughters, plays a crucial role in her character development and storyline. She maintains her friendship with Lukas Matsson while attempting to win over Jeryd Mencken. Shiv’s strategic moves become crucial when considering her journey within the series. The outcome of Episode 9 will have lasting consequences on Shiv’s trajectory. The episode concludes with unforeseen revelations and decisions that will significantly alter the course of events.

Succession Season 4 Episode 9 Recap

Succession Season 4 Episode 9 “Church and State” Recap

Shiv watches TV coverage of the aftermath of the Presidential Election, where ATN prematurely declares Jeryd Mencken as the winner, even though official results have yet to be announced. Meanwhile, Roman remains composed while writing Logan’s eulogy, and Kendall calls him to discuss Mencken’s significance in maintaining control over Waystar RoyCo. Later, Kendall receives a call from Rava, who advises them to leave New York due to protests against ATN and Mencken.

Shiv and Lukas Matsson collaborate in their attempt to take over Waystar but encounter difficulties when they discover inflated subscriber numbers. With media attention focused on the Presidential Elections, Shiv suggests disregarding those numbers. Kendall learns that his children won’t attend their grandfather’s funeral and confronts Rava about it. Despite Kendall’s legal threats, Rava keeps the children away. Tom can’t make it in time and asks Greg to save him a seat and inform Mencken that they have decided, hinting at Tom’s future as the company’s President.

On their way to Rava’s funeral, Shiv informs Kendall and Roman that Rava has taken their children away. Roman mentions their mother’s invitation for a vacation, but his siblings quickly dismiss the idea. After Shiv reveals her pregnancy to Roman, inappropriate comments lead to an argument between the two. Kendall reminds them both of the seriousness of the situation. As they continue their journey, Kendall receives word from Jess about an upcoming march that the Roy family must avoid.

Kendall instructs Jess to arrange a meeting with lawyers so he can secure his parental rights, but she surprises and angers him by telling him she is leaving work. Hugo informs Kendall about GoJo’s subscription numbers being released, but the election coverage overshadows this news. Connor volunteers to give the funeral eulogy, but Shiv refuses as it could jeopardize their legal position as a family. Greg arrives at the church hoping Roman can introduce him to Mencken, but Roman assigns him as security instead.

At the funeral, Kendall, Shiv, and Roman bid their final farewell to Caroline, Logan’s current wife. Marcia Roy, Logan’s wife, and Kerry Castellabate, his secretary, also pay their respects. Matsson compliments Shiv for successfully concealing GoJo’s subscription count controversy with election news. Still, he expresses concerns about finding ways around Mencken and potential regulatory obstacles that could hinder their acquisition of Waystar RoyCo.

During Logan Roy’s funeral, his brother Ewan delivers an emotionally raw eulogy. Roman breaks down in tears during his turn, prompting Kendall to step in with an emotionally powerful tribute that also captures Logan Roy’s essence and honor, Shiv. As Tom is unavailable, Greg is chosen as a casket carrier. Kendall, Connor, Roman, and Shiv pay their respects at Logan’s grave before accepting his passing and continuing their power game against each other.

Succession Season 4 Episode 9 Ending Explained

Succession Season 4 Episode 9 Ending Explained

After the funeral, the Roy family and their guests gather for a gathering, each person striving to advance their own agenda. Cousin Greg, for example, wants to ensure Mencken understands his involvement in influencing the election results. Kendall seeks advice from Mencken on preventing GoJo from acquiring Waystar RoyCo, while Connor wants to discuss potential ambassadorial duties.

Shiv intervenes and rescues Mencken from those pursuing him, presenting him to Matsson. Shiv’s plan involves Matsson taking control of the company and proposing Mencken as CEO from within the United States. However, Matsson fails to win Mencken’s support and ultimately suggests Shiv for the position. He proposes that GoJo can acquire Waystar without following proper procedures. However, Mencken fears that Shiv may reject him and his political beliefs.

Shiv assures Mencken of her flexibility and informs him that she will consider his offer later. After Hugo informs Kendall about Matsson and Shiv’s scheme, Shiv confers with Roman to devise a countermeasure. Roman believes that Mencken will support their cause and departs just moments before an online video of his emotional breakdown goes viral.

Mencken accepts their proposal, prompting Matsson to call Shiv with the good news. Shiv then takes charge of her brothers, further increasing tensions between the Roys and Matsson and setting the stage for heightened conflict as the season ends.

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