Super Pumped Episode 2 ‘X to the X’ Recap And Ending Explained

Super Pumped Episode 2 Recap

The 2nd episode of ‘Super Pumped,’ titled ‘X to the X,’ delves deeper into Uber’s wild side, examining the company’s blatant contempt for rules, regulatory agencies, and, most importantly, the status quo.

In the face of mounting regulatory pressure, the firm unveils a remarkable technological innovation, while CEO Travis Kalanick has his sights set on the big prize: New York City.

If the corporation can convince Big Apple to use its app, the door to the rest of the world will be opened (at least according to the CEO).

A deserving prize is on the way, and we’re given to glimpses of a bold celebration that would astound most people.

Let’s have a look at Showtime’s episode 2 of ‘Super Pumped’ to make sure we didn’t miss anything important.


Super Pumped Episode 2 Ending

Recap of ‘Super Pumped’ Episode 2 ‘X to the X’

The episode begins with the company’s operations in Portland in peril. Local governments have begun to use the app to track down Uber drivers, fining them and impounding their vehicles.

Travis responds by ordering the company to start utilising “Greyball,” a hidden code that tracks anyone who uses the app, allowing the company to avoid being picked up by regulators and those attempting to punish its drivers.

Bill Gurley begins to suspect Travis of engaging in potentially unlawful behaviour and attempts to warn the young CEO.

Travis, on the other hand, remains focused on his company’s rapid growth and is unconvinced by the VC’s attempts to persuade or impress him.

Instead, the CEO presents a plan to take on the arduous task of making Uber profitable in New York City, urging his loyal colleague Austin Geidt to rally the drivers.

Travis quickly achieves his historic objective and establishes the ride-sharing firm in the Big Apple, utilising a mix of smart technology and passionate Uber consumers speaking out in support of the company.

A grandiose celebration follows, as promised, to commemorate the company’s achievement of a critical milestone.

Even while Bill Gurley stands on the sidelines, nervously watching, the CEO and his inner circle organise the event, laying down a few vague boundaries that only underline how crazy things are about to go.

Employees are sent a company-wide email with instructions like “no life should begin or end at the party” (relating to the possibility of employees sleeping together or being gravely hurt).

Super Pumped Episode 2 Ending Explained

Super Pumped Episode 2 Ending Explained

Finally, the big night arrives, and Bill is relieved to find that Travis has a public relations team in place to prevent any leaks to the press about the scandalous celebration that follows.

As the episode progresses, we see some essential changes in Travis’ life, beginning with his breakup with Angie and the beginnings of a relationship with violinist Gabi Holzwarth.

Travis’ breakup with Angie is cruel and unpleasant, regardless of how he justifies it to his mother.

Travis is walking down the street in the final seconds of episode 2 when he notices a competitor’s automobiles being welcomed by consumers.

He shouts that he is going to battle, enraged, as a line of Lyft cars passes by.

As a result, it looks like Uber’s CEO is dealing with yet another issue. Lyft is the competitive ride-sharing firm whose vehicles he notices.

What enrages Travis the most is that Lyft customers and drivers claim that the firm is superior to Uber, with drivers who are friendlier and better compensated.

Travis angrily exclaims that his competitors are stealing all of his ideas as he reads over the company’s literature, which explains all of the privileges and benefits Lyft drivers receive.

Given how aggressively the Uber CEO has handled with governmental authorities that oppose his company, it’s easy to envision how far he’ll go against a competitor who he believes is stealing his ideas.

As a result, it appears that Uber is now on the warpath against Lyft, and it will be interesting to see how Travis’ resourceful and devoted crew outplays their formidable opponent.

Super Pumped Episode 2.02

What is Uber’s Strategy for Conquering New York?

While playing video games with his core squad, Travis lays out his plan to “take over New York” (as well as Bill, who is present but remains silent for the most part).

He describes how he plans to capitalise on consumers’ frustrations, such as not being able to get a taxi at rush hour or in certain regions of the city, to popularise the ride-sharing app.

Most notably, he explains how surge pricing would result in more Uber cars being accessible during peak demand, rather than fewer, while still making the concept lucrative for drivers.

Finally, in an action-packed sequence that plays out like a video game, Travis confronts New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio by mobilising the city’s growing Uber customer base, rendering the politician’s threats useless in the face of overwhelming support for the convenient ride-sharing app.

Though we don’t witness exactly how things play out, the tactic appears to work, as we see team Uber celebrating their triumph in New York.

What Was the Theme of the ‘X to the X’ Party?

The “X to the X” party is essentially a celebration of Uber “taking over New York” and therefore earning a revenue of $10 billion.

The “very excited” CEO introduces his passionate employees to the company’s basic values at the Las Vegas event, which is followed by a performance by Jay-Z and Beyonce.

The night’s events are scandalous, and the next morning, Travis and Emil Michael are discussing the fines and expenses incurred as a result.

The celebration will cost in the neighbourhood of $25 million, which the two will immediately conceal from Bill. The amazing path of damage left behind by the celebratory staff, however, is something they can’t disguise from the disbelieving VC.

Travis, on the other hand, calmly justifies everything, claiming that they can now expect a significant increase in productivity.