The Andy Warhol Diaries: Who Was Jed Johnson And How Did He Die?

The Andy Warhol Diaries Who Was Jed Johnson And How Did He Die

In the Netflix docuseries ‘The Andy Warhol Diaries,’ acclaimed artist Andy Warhol’s life has been meticulously documented.

The six-episode series, directed by Andrew Rossi, immerses viewers in the artist’s vibrant universe and provides a greater understanding of his connections and views.

His long-term relationship with partner Jed Johnson was one of the highlights of his life. So let’s learn a little more about him right now, shall we?

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The Andy Warhol Diaries Jed Johnson

Jed Johnson: Who Was He?

Jed Johnson was born in Alexandria, Minnesota, on December 30, 1948. He and his twin brother Jay migrated from Sacramento, California, to New York City in 1967.

While carrying a message to Andy Warhol’s art studio, The Factory, he met him for the first time. Jed was offered odd jobs at the studio, such as sweeping the floors and doing errands, by filmmaker Paul Morrissey.

He was quickly appreciated by Warhol’s circle of friends and staff due to his pleasant temperament and peaceful demeanour. As a result, the young man and Warhol had a romantic romance.

Furthermore, the artist began to use Jed as a model for his photographs, and the latter went on to work as an editor for Andy Warhol Films.

Jed Johnson directed the film ‘Bad,’ which bombed both economically and critically in 1977. This irritated him a little at Jed’s conduct, according to Netflix’s ‘The Andy Warhol Diaries‘ and their close pals.

In June 1968, when Valerie Solanas shot Warhol, he almost avoided death but suffered major injuries and health consequences.

Jed moved in with him in his townhouse to look after him, and they shared a bedroom. He also remodelled the townhouse, bringing in specially picked statement items and old furnishings to give it a fresh look.

The Andy Warhol Diaries Jed Johnson And Alan

Jed’s work on the townhouse interiors was well-received, and he went on to launch his own interior design firm.

Jed met young architect Alan Wanzenberg at the office of legendary architect I.M. Pei in 1978, and the two collaborated on design projects for a variety of high-end clients, including Warhol friends like as Barbra Streisand, Richard Gere, Mick Jagger, and Jerry Hall.

However, things began to fall apart at home for Jed and Warhol, as the former desired a more stable and domestic life while the artist preferred a more social and experimental lifestyle.

In addition, Warhol became friends with artist Victor Hugo and began visiting him at the infamous nightclub Studio 54. Victor and Warhol’s new flashy habits were something Jed despised.

When Jed found the collection of nude polaroids that Victor and the artist had cooperated on with a number of queer male models at The Factory, the couple’s feud reached a head. Jed stormed out on Warhol, feeling deceived, and refused to reconcile with him for a while.

According to the docuseries, the relationship deteriorated more over time, and Jed attempted suicide twice as a result of harsh conflicts with his spouse.

According to Jay Johnson, Warhol originally sought to make apologies with him, but he soon became oblivious to Jed’s wants and anxieties.

As a result, on December 12, 1980, their twelve-year romance came to an end, and Jed moved out to a new apartment. Both he and Warhol were devastated by the breakup and struggled to move forward.

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Who is Jed Johnson Now

What Caused Jed Johnson’s Death?

After splitting up with Warhol, Jed fell in love with his collaborator Alan Wanzenberg and began living with him in his new flat on 67th West Street in New York City.

The couple founded Johnson and Wanzenberg in 1982 and quickly rose to the top of the architectural design field.

They were soon allowed to work on important houses for notable celebrities thanks to their hard work and good taste.

The Johnson and Wanzenberg firm was separated into Alan Wanzenberg Architect P.C. and Jed Johnson Associates five years later. Despite the fact that Jed and Alan began working in separate offices, their home life with their dog Gus remained idyllic.

They also bought two properties on Fire Island. Jed extended his involvement with Warhol’s work by joining the Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board in 1995, despite being written out of the artist’s will in 1982.

On July 17, 1996, Jed Johnson, 47, was one of the 229 passengers on TWA Flight 800 when it exploded off the coast of Long Island, New York, killing him.

The source of the explosion was determined to be most likely a fuel tank short circuit. Jed’s body was unharmed by the explosion fire since he was a first-class passenger, and it was recovered from the water a few days later.

In 1996, Jed was inducted into the Hall of Fame of Interior Design Magazine for his contributions to the field of design and architecture.

His brother Jay and his colleague Tom Cashin took over his firm afterwards. Jay extended the business in 2006 by launching Jed Johnson Home, which specialises in luxury fabrics for home interiors.

Jed is still regarded as one of the most groundbreaking artists in the world of interior design.