What Happened at the End of ‘The Family That Preys’?

What is the Movie 'The Family That Preys' About

“The Family That Preys” Ending Explained: Tyler Perry’s 2008 drama film “The Family That Preys” revolves around two families – one wealthy and the other working class – and how their lives interconnect as they face challenges in their daily lives. The movie explores greed, loyalty, betrayal, forgiveness, and redemption themes. The ensemble cast includes Alfre Woodard, Kathy Bates, Sanaa Lathan, Rockmond Dunbar, Tyler Perry, and Cole Hauser. While critics had varying opinions about the movie, it was a financial success, grossing over $37 million worldwide.

What Happened at the End of 'The Family That Preys

What is the Movie ‘The Family That Preys’ About?

“The Family That Preys” chronicles two families: Cartwrights and Evans. At its center is Charlotte Cartwright’s attempt to arrange the marriage between Andrea Bennett and Chris Evans – two construction workers. Four years later, Andrea’s sister Pam works at their mother’s cafe while caring for Andrea’s son; Chris wants to start his own construction company with Ben, but Andrea ridicules this idea; Chris then discovers that Andrea has been secretly depositing funds into an unknown account, believed by Chris to be her bonus from William whom she is having an affair.

William is determined to take over his mother Charlotte’s company, hiring Abby as COO. During a road trip, Charlotte divulges to Alice her early-onset Alzheimer’s disease; later on, Jillian and Abby discover William’s affair with Andrea at a company gala; William then fires Chris and Ben; Andrea rejects Abby’s advice as she believes William will protect her from its consequences; later still Chris and Ben withdraw money from their secret account to start their own construction company.

The story continues with Andrea revealing that William is the father of her son, leaving Chris and Andrea unresolved regarding paternity. When Chris begins working with Ben on their business venture together, Andrea becomes depressed and jobless. In the end, however, William and Jillian manage to save their marriage while Alice sells off the diner before leaving town in Charlotte’s car; and regular customer Nick offers Alice financial advice based on knowing William.

Overall, the film depicts the struggles two families face, their interactions, and their consequences. Its plot is complex, with various subplots involving business takeovers, infidelity, illness, and illness treatment; its resolution stresses relationships, forgiveness, and redemption as key themes of importance in real life.

Movie 'The Family That Preys Ending

‘The Family That Preys’ Ending Explained

The author of this piece expresses their surprise over Charlotte’s untimely demise in the movie while admitting they don’t fully comprehend why their reaction was such. Alice and Chris’s failed relationship is typical of other films where romance cannot be saved; however, William and Jilliam’s unexpected reunion leaves the author baffled, given William’s role in his affair with Andrea. Andrea, who receives child support from Chris, lives in an unconventionally modest home, prompting questions about her financial standing. While the author expresses reservations over William’s redemption in this film, some viewers may view its conclusion as fair and just. Furthermore, the author speculates on karma’s influence over events.

In a formal and straightforward tone, the author expresses their surprise and bewilderment over what has transpired in the film. They compare Alice and Chris’ relationship to William and Jilliam’s unexpected reconciliation despite his infidelity with Andrea. The author raises ethical and financial questions concerning Andrea’s financial circumstances, given she receives child support from Chris but lives modestly. Although they disagree about William’s redemption, they acknowledge that some viewers may perceive it as morally sound. Their reflection on how characters choose and act carries over into their critique of the film plot.

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